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Andes Honeymoons

The world’s longest mountain range offering a variety of pristine wilderness to explore.

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Andes Honeymoon

There is so much to explore when visiting the Andes in South America, which spans across Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. First, cruise leisurely at one of the many luminous lakes at the Torres del Paine National Park for panoramic views of Andes mountains and glaciers, a perfect scenery for happy honeymooners. Then, trek or ride a horse for a different view of the park’s incredible sceneries. Ride a bike or kayak at Chile's Lake District. Next, explore the Villarrica National Park, famous for its attractive snow-capped volcanoes and lush rainforest. For an adventure of a lifetime, climb to the summit of the smoldering volcano and have your sandwich near the crater’s rim! For some romance, catch the sunset over the valley Valle de la Luna, the famous Moon Valley. Spot a llama while you are there. Stay in a Chilean vineyard that overlooks the Andes Mountains at the Viña Vik Hotel. Lastly, enjoy a delectable cuisine paired with the right wine at its lovely garden.  

Adventurous couples will love a honeymoon in the Andes, full of breathtaking scenery and incredible experiences.

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When to Go

To maximize your outdoor activities, the best time is from October to March. The quiet time starts from April to August but great for skiing. The crowd slowly return in September as the days get warmer.

Top Sights and Activities

  • Torres del Paine National Park: Many wonderful mountains, glaciers and rivers
  • Chile's Lake District: A long stretch of Andean foothills filled with a variety water sports
  • Villarrica National Park: Valdivian temperate rainforest and sanctuary for pumas, hawks and chillas
  • Villarrica Volcanoes: Snow-capped active volcanoes
  • Valle de la Luna: Desolate moonscapes of the Salt Mountain Range, dunes and unique rock and sand formations
  • Atacama Dessert: A plateau and the world's driest desert
  • Viña Vik Hotel: A luxurious hotel within a vineyard, featuring a splendid garden for the public at Chile's Millahue Valley
  • Pumalín Park: Conservation areas with rich biodiversity for ecotourism
  • The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter: Works Ghost town of former saltpeter mines listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Lauca National Park: High plains and mountain ranges with important archaeological sites
  • El Parque Natural Aguas del Ramón: Experience nature on a trail covered by trees to a waterfall.
  • Portillo Ski Resort: Outstanding big yellow hotel for accommodation and a boutique ski experience

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