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The timeless beauty of this region will charm you during your French Riviera honeymoon.

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French Riviera Honeymoon

The French Riviera spans 70 miles of coast along southern France and Monaco and includes cities, towns, and countryside. Your French Riviera honeymoon can be anything from a leisurely exploration of rural France to glittering resorts that have entertained European aristocracy and US celebrities. The usual French Riviera honeymoon does tend towards the latter, and prices on the ground bear that out. Honeymooners planning with a larger budget will have significantly more options in their choice of accommodation, shopping, dining, and so on. 

The options available allow for innumerable permutations of a final itinerary. This place focuses on the options out of St Tropez, Nice, Cannes, and Monaco, arguably the largest destinations in the Riviera. The two most famous events include the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix, which would make for the experience of a lifetime if you attended. The cities together offer world class dining, shopping, arts, and culture venues. Their coasts feature the calm azure Mediterranean waters, perfect for swimming, parasailing, diving, and yachting. 

Whether you spend your time on the water, viewing old masters, or indulging your inner gourmand, a French Riviera honeymoon has something for you!

When to Go

The high season for French Riviera honeymoons and travel is the summer, particularly July and August. The crowding can be extreme in the most popular locations (eg St Tropez). Certain events such as the Cannes Film Festival (mid-May) will also draw crowds and mark up prices.  

Top Sights and Activities  

  • Cannes Film Festival Held annually in mid-May, this event is a lifetime must-do for film-lovers
  • Les Allées des Étoiles The "Walk of the Stars" is where you'll find the handprints of various celebrities.
  • Covered Market The covered market of Cannes is a gourmand's paradise - you'll find it the best variety of options in the city. 
  • Cannes Old town As is typical of old Europe, there are narrow winding streets and alleys, and the view from the castle ruins on the hilltop is incredible.
  • Grand Casino Monaco's premier casino features stunning art and architecture as well as a chance to try your luck with the world's rich and famous.       
  • Monaco Grand Prix Held towards the end of May, this is one of Europe's top races and social events. 
  • Beaches The Riviera is lined with beautiful, honeymoon-perfect beaches. In certain areas (eg Nice), the best beaches will be private.
  • Yacht charters Unsurprisingly for a playground of the rich and famous, the Riviera is an excellent place to charter a yacht to explore the Mediterranean at your own pace—the ultimate luxurious French Riviera honeymoon experience. 
  • Colline du Chateau 'Castle Hill' in Nice does not feature much more than the crumbling outer walls, but the hill commands the best views over Nice.
  • La Colombe d'Or This restaurant / hotel occupies a special place in the region, as the family amassed a significant collection of fine art by trading food and lodging in exchange for a work of art. A meal here would be an extra-special touch for your French Riviera honeymoon.  
  • Parasailing / Paragliding Honeymooners looking for some higher octane fun will enjoy parasailing and paragliding - have a look at the offerings in St Tropez. 
  • Promenade des Anglais Possibly the most famous attraction in Nice, this walkway along the shore provides great views, beach access, shopping, and dining options.
  • Villa & Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild This Rothschild mansion and garden are an amazing example of a palatial Gilded Age residence.

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