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Fregate Island Honeymoons

For the height of exclusivity, you can jet off to the tropical paradise of Fregate Island.

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Fregate Island Honeymoon

Honeymooners looking for the height of luxury in private island environment must consider Fregate Island in the Seychelles. Given that accommodation is no less than $3,500 per night and doesn’t include the transfer from Mahe International Airport ($1,000 or more each way), Fregate is going to be one of the most exclusive options honeymooners could consider.

Once on island, you will be ensconced in the best luxury and privacy that money can buy. With only 16 villas on the island as well as the option to book the whole island to yourself, you will feel as if you’re the only people on the island.  You’ll be assigned a butler who can handle any requests and bookings, and the chefs will accommodate almost any culinary request to dine anywhere on the island – in your villa, the restaurants, on the beach, the treehouse, or somewhere in the jungle!  The activities are consistent with a beach destination – fishing, surfing, swimming, diving, kayaking, and so on. The resort keeps an extensive supply of gear and can arrange other options on request. 

The exclusive quality of the island, the beautiful scenery, and the resort’s willingness and capacity to meet and exceed guest expectations will make your Fregate Island honeymoon spectacular and unforgettable.

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When to Go

Fregate Island enjoys a consistently warm climate with temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees. October to March (the warmest months) range see the most rainfall, while the cooler July to August see the least. Peak season here differs somewhat from the greater Seychelles. The highest demand is over the holiday season from late December to mid-January, followed by Easter. A high season generally lasts from October through June.  Low season is July to September.

Top Sights and Activities

  • Beaches: There are seven pristine beaches on the island on which you can relax during your honeymoon.  
  • Nature Walks: Conservationists will take you on a guided walk around the island to explain the ecosystem and the conservation efforts to preserve it.
  • Hiking: The winding mountain trails are perfect for hiking!
  • Mountain Biking: For added excitement, consider hitting the trails on a mountain bike.
  • Stargazing: You’ll find that the remote location of the island and the lack of light pollution makes it perfect for stargazing.
  • Deep-Sea Fishing: The resort keeps a game bank, and they can arrange for you to go out with local fishermen for a glimpse into Seychellois life.
  • Surfing: The waters of the Indian ocean in this area are great for catching waves.
  • Sailing: Fregate has sailing craft to hitch a ride on the trade winds.
  • Windsurfing: The winds around the island are also great for windsurfing.
  • Rock Spa: The waters around the Florida Keys are home to numerous dolphins, and boat tours to see them are easily found on the Keys.
  • Island Trips: The resort can arrange day trips to the other islands of the Seychelles.

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