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Every Dream Wedding Begins With a Dream Destination

Placed snugly within the majestic mountains of Northeastern Tennessee - is the Sugar Hollow Retreat. The Appalachians’ most prized possession! This hidden gem offers 300 acres of the most serene wildlife and serves as a breathtaking backdrop for your special occasion. (Definitely worthy of a desktop wallpaper.)

Sugar Hollow Retreat provides several ‘sweet spots’ for your DREAM WEDDING:

Overlook Deck - Ideal for small, intimate weddings, the Overlook Deck provides space for you and up to 125 of your guests. Nothing says ‘dream wedding’ like reciting your vows over the sparkling waters of Watauga Lake.

Outdoor Amphitheater (Whitetail Stage) - Whether you prefer a quiet place for your special morning or a thrilling ceremony with all the bells and whistles, the amphitheater provides a prime location. It seats up to 250 of your family and friends and is fully equipped with wiring for any lighting and/or PA system.

Watauga Conference Center - For a cozy ceremony, the Conference Center makes for an excellent location - offering ten tables and seating up to a 100 people. The fully heated and air-conditioned facility provides you with everything you need for a simple, genuine wedding.

‘The Meadow’ - Just a slice of God’s green Earth! Sugar Hollow’s endless green pastures surrounding the lodge make for a perfect nature-infused wedding. (Wildflowers make for beautiful decorative pieces.)


See what “majestic” looks like:        https://sugarhollowretreat.com/gallery/



Full Facility Booking = $2,500- $5,000/per night

Partial Facility Booking (section 1) = $2,500/per night

Partial Facility Booking (section 2) = $2,500/per night

Outdoor Amphitheater = $1,000/ per 24 hour period


Check out our complete pricing options:       https://sugarhollowretreat.com/pricing/


Our wedding guests find that the elegance of Sugar Hollow fits perfectly with the beauty of marriage. Weddings at Sugar Hollow have been described as "personal and romantic" - reminding us all the importance of spending such occasions surrounded by nature and loved ones.


Call us:    (833)-869-6011

Contact us directly:     https://sugarhollowretreat.com/contact-us/  






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Regions serviced: Knoxville

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We had a fantastic weekend with Sugar Hollow. They were so accommodating but also flexible. Our guests had a great time, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to Sugar Hollow for their next retreat of any kind, whether wedding, family reunion, or anything else!

Profile Picture Stephanie, 6/17/17, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

The venue is incredibly beautiful and versatile for whatever style wedding you'd like to have! Marty has been extremely helpful every step of the way. I was in my best friend's wedding at Sugar Hollow and my fiance and I decided it was the perfect fit for us as well! I highly recommend using this venue and their wonderful staff.

Profile Picture Sarah, 5/12/17, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Accommodations, Parking, Indoor, Uncovered Outdoor

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Kate Wedding

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Natalja Wedding

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197 Elk Ridge, Butler, TN 37640   See On Map
800-957-1776 (phone)
Sugar Hollow Retreat is a wedding venue from Butler, TN. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Johnson City,, Kingsport, and Boone, NC. Sugar Hollow Retreat is a professional wedding venue that has been part of the Tri Cities/Western North Carolina wedding industry for 12 years. We specialize in weddings and events.