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About More Than Entertainment DJ Jaybird

Let us provide a DJ, photobooth, and uplighting and be more than entertained at your wedding!

More Than Entertainment DJ Jaybird is a wedding DJ company based in Louisville, Kentucky. They offer wedding DJ services, decor, and lighting services, throughout the areas of Lexington and Bowling Green. The company’s team of DJs plays suitable music for any wedding theme, and also, interacts with couples and their guests to ensure that they are enjoying the celebrations.

Services Offered
More Than Entertainment DJ Jaybird plays a variety of music genres, including club, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, country, international, oldies, R&B/Soul, and top 40. They offer the following services:

  • MC/Bilingual MC
  • Consultation
  • Do-not-play list
  • Karaoke
  • Liability insurance
  • Video projection
  • One event per day

Other Services
More Than Entertainment DJ Jaybird provides equipment, such as flat screens, photo booths, sound/PA systems, microphones, projectors, and uplighting. They also provide decor items, including backdrops, trinkets, and signage as well as the following services:

  • Lighting services
  • Accents
  • Audiovisuals
  • Dance floor
  • Monograms
  • Pin-spotting
  • Wall Wash
  • Event design
  • Event planning
  • Set up

Categories: Wedding DJ

Regions serviced: Lexington

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Jay was amazing! He was easy to communicate with and get in contact with, listened to all of our needs and wants and did an AMAZING job!!! The music was perfect, up lighting was awesome!!! He did our ceremony, cocktails and was all perfect and he was SO FUN! Great pricing! HIGHLY recommended!

Profile Picture Shannon, 11/19/16, 2 Reviews
Category: DJ, Lighting & Decor

Jay was a terrific DJ and Master of Ceremony for my daughter's recent wedding and kept things constantly moving. He had our guests out on the dance floor every single song! One of the best things about him is that he also has a photo booth service and does uplighting. We took advantage of both of those services. The lighting really made our venue come alive and look beautiful. His assistant did a wonderful job in the photo booth area and our guests loved his fun, creative props! I would highly recommend Jay! My only reason for 3 stars on responsiveness is because sometimes back and forth communications could be slow. But, that is not a reflection of the great job he did as a DJ!

Profile Picture User7330844, 1+ year ago, 1 Review
Category: DJ, Lighting & Decor

My husband and I booked Dj Xavier with More than Entertainment. Short version, unprofessional, unprepared, rude, and beyond unsatisfactory. Xavier missed are first planning meeting and gave us conflicting excuses over a text message and didn't think to call until I sent an email to him and Dj Jaybird. Thankfully he was on time for our wedding, unfortunately, he was beyond unprepared and blamed his unpreparedness on Dj Jaybird. He had none of the music I sent him downloaded for our ceremony. Roughly 15 minutes before the ceremony our coordinator came upstairs where I was getting ready and asked if I was walking down the isle to a "My Little Pony Song." I had her send Xavier up and asked him why he didn't have the recording I sent him, he said it wasn't in the drop box folder. So to remedy the situation, I pulled up a youtube video, listened to it and wrote down exactly where to play and where to stop. The ceremony started roughly 10 minutes late because Xavier was still downloading music. With that said, he played the wrong Ave Maria and it was the worst recording possible song for the bridal party to walk to. Long story short, because he played the wrong youtube video, I ended up walking down the aisle to my prelude music instead of a Haydn piece I sent him and also set up on youtube for him. Btw, he argued with me that he was playing the right song , right before I walked down the aisle. He played Michael Buble instead of Jerry Vale and Dean Martin at dinner. Didn't speak any Spanish when we specified we wanted everything bi-lingual since my husband is Puerto Rican. He also didn't play the Tarantella since my family is Italian and it's a traditional wedding dance. He also didn't have a special song I recorded for the groom, thankfully my mother had it on her phone. The services were beyond unsatisfactory and when we contacted Xavier and Dj Jaybird about our disappointment both have ignored our calls and emails.

Profile Picture Michelle, 4/30/16, 7 Reviews
Category: DJ, Lighting & Decor
Services Used: Bilingual MC, Microphones

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Professional Network & Endorsements

First time working with Jay and let me say....He is great! Really knows how to work the crowd and had every selection the bride and groom requested. Great compact set up with lighting and panels! Really enjoyed working with him.

Check these guys out for a high quality and professional DJ experience!

These guys were very professional and lots of fun. I coordinated and was the maid of honor for my friends weddings, and I was very impressed with them. I'm not really one to give up control, but when I had to wear only the maid of honor hat, I was totally confident that they would keep things running smoothly.


1600 carlimar ln, Louisville, KY 40222   See On Map
502-413-5609 (phone)