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About Matteo Cuzzola Photography

I capture those unique ‘once in a lifetime’ moments and emotions of your wedding day.

I am a vastly experienced and professional Italian photographer, who is also most fortunate to be an international wedding photographer based in Milan, near the stunning Lakeside area of Como.

My enduring passion for photography ensures that I am always on the move and I am happy to travel to wherever my valued clients wish to be photographed.

I am proud and honoured to pursue my love of wedding photography and gain immense satisfaction in immortalising the emotional intensity and sheer beauty of weddings throughout Italy but also further afield.

My work takes me principally to the most glamorous and picturesque regions of Bel Paese, including Venice, Tuscany and The Italian Lakes… especially Lago di Como, Lago Maggiore and Lago di Garda. I am also regularly invited to Italy’s most historic and cultural cities, from the Eternal City of Rome, the timeless city of Florence, to the beautiful south, including Sorrento and it’s surrounding islands.
The European fashion capitals of London, Paris and Madrid are home to many of my favourite destination weddings memories…

I look forward to chronicling your Big Event in the most unobtrusive way possible and to helping you tell your own personal romantic story… and to framing you both.

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Regions serviced: Italy

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Matteo è semplicemente il migliore.
Gentile sin dal suo primo approccio, ci ha fatto sentire subito a nostro agio e il giorno del nostro matrimonio è stato trasparente come un fantasma, ma allo stesso tempo presente e attento: nessuno si è accorto di essere stato fotografato, eppure ha immortalato tutti gli istanti più preziosi, raccontando la nostra giornata con cura, partecipazione emotiva e raffinatezza.
Veloce nella restituzione del risultato finale, ci ha fatto commuovere quando abbiamo ammirato il suo lavoro. E' stato come catapultarsi di nuovo nel vortice di emozioni di quel giorno, cogliendo anche particolari che ci erano sfuggiti.
Le sue foto non sono come tutte le altre. Sono opere d'arte. In cui il protagonista sei tu.

Profile Picture ilaria, 10/28/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

He is an amazing photographer. Everything went great with him. He flew to Belgium to photograph our wedding and results are perfect! He is very punctual and easy to work with. Overall we feel very luck that we found him as our photographer.

Profile Picture Seda, 10/22/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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220x220 sq 1520254712 9740af462b676887 1520254710 ecba999c4a523815 1520254708138 4 engagement portrai
220x220 sq 1520254814 36332a0c36e3b949 1520254813 472856f7c9484b9f 1520254811884 10 portrait photogra
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220x220 sq 1520254818 f9613b1d6cf4451c 1520254813 b682828874019d9c 1520254811886 14 portrait photogra
220x220 sq 1520254815 abae398fa51d00dc 1520254814 f68f98db91bcb551 1520254811887 16 portrait photogra


Professional Network & Endorsements

I learned a lot form Matteo and not only in the photography field. He is a great photographer and an amazing human being: polite, discrete and with a great eye.

Matteo is very professional, he do amazing shoot and he is creative. If you want the best photographs to remember your special day, this man is the photographer for you.

Matteo and his talent, His incredible skill at being always in the right place at the right time are the essential requirement for a professional who will sign the unique and unrepeatable memories of the "big day." To my misfortune I met him after I was married but I had the good fortune to work with him and to appreciate fully its extraordinary sensibility, a wonderful marriage with him becomes perfect!

Matteo is not only a highly creative and skilled photographer but he is also an extremely deep and considerate person If you hire Matteo you will not be disappointed!


Milano, 20017 Italy   See On Map
328-446-6508 (phone)
All day
Matteo Cuzzola Photography is a wedding photographer from Italy servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Lake Como, Amalfi Coast, and Venice. Matteo Cuzzola Photography is a professional photographer that has been part of the italian wedding industry since 2007 specializing in weddings, engagements, elepements.