Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs)

Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs)

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About Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs)

We don't just DJ, we help you PLAN and so much more!

We are the highest rated DJ Company in Northwest Ohio!

We are the Highest Rate DJ company in Northwest Ohio for a reason... Because Our Clients are HAPPY!

Your Wedding Should Be FUN!

Don't settle for less! There are many "Wedding DJ's" you can choose from. Choose the company that will make it the most memorable. We know how to read the crowd in order to match the energy levels of the room. Our DJs play the most up to date and appropriate music for young and old. Our play lists are based on YOUR WEDDING. Your guests will be raving about how much fun they had!

We are the only TEAM DJ Company in the area.

That means we meet weekly, we make sure we are always up to date on the latest trends, and our DJs work together to be the best. All of our clients can contact anyone on the team for an answer to ensure your process is stress free.


We are the only company that makes sure you get to meet your DJ months prior to your big day. We do that to remind you that you won't have to stress about our services. All of our DJs have their own email address and you can add anyone from our team on social media. One of the major reasons our clients love us is because of our personalities.

We are the most modern, up to date, fun, and professional DJ Company you will encounter on your journey of selecting your entertainment for your big day.

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Regions serviced: Toledo, San Diego

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We used Book That DJ as it was recommended by a family member. Bryce was our DJ for both our wedding and ceremony, with Andrew to assist him. Bryce was so helpful and professional in the planning leading up to the event and then again the day of our ceremony and reception. Bryce was very flexible and open to changes with timeline and requests during the planning process. I also had fun planning with him too! We received numerous compliments from guests about the music played during the ceremony and reception. We had so many people say to us after the event that the music was great! We felt that way too and barely left the dance floor all night! Bryce also made sure that the transitions between the activities of the evening went smoothly. At the end of the reception no one wanted to leave the dance floor. Thank you to Bryce of Book That DJ for making our wedding such an amazing experience and party. We wanted all of our guests to have a fantastic time and you helped to ensure that!

Profile Picture Nicole, 3/3/18, 1 Review
Category: DJ

I can not rave enough about our wedding! Jason made it a 12/10! He makes everything run so smoothly, makes sure the couple is having a blast and can pump up any crowd!!! I have been to several weddings he has dj’d and everyone has been AMAZING thanks to Jason’s skillz. Please go book him noand at you won’t regret it!

Photo of Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs) in Perrysburg, OH
Profile Picture sara, 1/20/18, 1 Review
Category: DJ
Services Used: Consultation, Do-Not-Play List, MC, Photobooth

We loved working with Book That DJ and specifically our DJ Bryce. Book That DJ as a company was very organized, thorough, passionate, and cared a lot about creating the best experience possible for our wedding. We absolutely LOVED our DJ Bryce and felt very comfortable working with him. He provided us with a lot of confidence that our reception would run smoothly, we would have a great time, and the music we really wanted to be played would be played indeed :) Bryce was caring, patient, prompt, intuitive to the crowd as well as what my husband and I wanted the night of our reception, and overall just really great to work with. We would recommend him and Book That DJ without reservation.

Profile Picture Maren, 12/16/17, 1 Review
Category: DJ

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Professional Network & Endorsements

What a great company to work with. We highly recommend them for your wedding!

Book That DJ is one of Nazareth Hall's favorite DJ services! We appreciate the professionalism and love their enthusiasm!!

This guy and his staff deliver exactly what they promise. When there are many other DJ's in the room I see event organizers going to this guy to keep the room going.

A great company to work with. We highly recommend. Thank you Solace Weddings LLC

Top Notch DJ Service. When I am unavailable for your event, Book that DJ is great option



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