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Birch Leaf Chapel is a wedding venue located in Ester, Alaska. Situated northeast of Anchorage, beyond the Denali National Park and Preserve, this distinctive woodland venue is nestled on the crest of old tailing piles. Gold miners abandoned the site many years ago, and today, it sparkles with a different kind of beauty. Here, in this place that love and friendship built, couples are invited to find peace and inspiration in the treasured moments that life provides.

Facilities and Capacity

Birch Leaf Chapel is available for wedding ceremonies and vow renewals. The chapel is a charming, cozy space with seating for up to 30 people. The building is approached by lovely stone steps, flanked on both sides by iron railings and stylish light fixtures. Visitors to the chapel are sure to note its striking roof, which is shaped like a pair of overlapping birch leaves. The textured wooden door is similarly designed to resemble a cluster of birch leaves. Inside, the floor of the chapel is made of light timber. The walls are lined with wooden benches. At the rear of the chapel stands a tall stove, imported from Germany. The front of the chapel features magnificent stained glass windows, each representing one of the four seasons and all unified by a floor-to-ceiling birch tree.

Services Offered

Birch Leaf Chapel can be rented for up to three hours. The venue does not have running water, but it does offer a heated outhouse and parking facilities. Additional chairs, tables, and a piano are also available for use. The throwing of rice, birdseed, confetti, and similar materials is not permitted. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises, except by special arrangement. Candles, incense, and open flames must be housed in suitable containers and approved by the venue’s staff before they may be used. Couples are welcome to bring their own music. The chapel is equipped with a sound system, and all utilities are included in the rental cost.


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