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Adjoining people with their memories!

Adjoining you with your memories...


Jessie and Brian met at BGSU in 2002 in a photography class, Jessie was a VCT major coring in Photography and Brian was an Architect student. Already their lives centered around photography. Jessie went on to do some interning at AM photography and Brian was her second shooter. After  college Jessie went on to do Senior photography at Woodard Photographic until 2007 when they had their first son Gavin. That`s when they took the big plunge to use everything they had to open their dream Adjoin Photo. The name came from the thought Adjoining two things together like people with their memories. Jessie and Brian are also members of Professional Photographers of Ohio and the BG Photo Group where they never stop continuing their education. Time went on and Adjoin Photo started doing a wonderful wedding business but Jessie and Brian wanted to have a Studio to call home so that is what they did (literally lol) In 2012 they found a house in Elmore`s Historic Downtown location with an apartment upstairs they knew could be a beautiful studio space some day and a year later had Braxton. In July 2015 they moved the studio from one room to the new expanded space. They did a studio in their home to save on overhead because Jessie came from a single mom family and also at her time working with Woodard saw the look on faces when they could not afford all of their photos. (or none at all) so with that in mind working with little overhead helps them do what they set out to do: Adjoin people with their precious memories professionally and afford-ably. 

Thank you for learning a little bit about us and why we do what we do. We LOVE our customers and have met so many wonderful people on our journey! 

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Regions serviced: Toledo

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Jessie and Brian were awesome! We loved working with them. They were very easy going and made sure we were happy with everything. I definitely recommend them!!!!

Profile Picture Megan, 10/14/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Jessie and Brian are fantastic!! Our pictures were beautiful! They were super nice and accommodating. I would definitely use them again for pictures. My wedding was perfect and the pictures are just unbelievable. Use them! You won't regret it!

Profile Picture Amanda, 9/9/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

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220x220 sq 1472762078812 floriana 6711
220x220 sq 1472757425548 mcclung 172 m
220x220 sq 1472757419443 kreag 92 m
220x220 sq 1472763455416 krea 5011   copy
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220x220 sq 1472757515938 ruth 28 m
220x220 sq 1472757479153 pawlicki 97 m
220x220 sq 1472757493071 pawlicki 222 m
220x220 sq 1472757498801 pawlicki 246 m
220x220 sq 1472757506536 pawlicki 255 m
220x220 sq 1472757392143 bender 180 x2
220x220 sq 1472757521068 ruth 36 m
220x220 sq 1472757536990 ruth 42 m
220x220 sq 1472757550171 wolfe 12 m
220x220 sq 1472757564461 wolfe 32 m
220x220 sq 1472757557610 wolfe 27 m
220x220 sq 1472761099470 2
220x220 sq 1472761161841 4
220x220 sq 1472761373437 mg00913
220x220 sq 1472761415898 3   copy
220x220 sq 1472761453627 4
220x220 sq 1472761493543 5
220x220 sq 1472761532318 6
220x220 sq 1472761565991 cali21 3411
220x220 sq 1472761606470 cali21 55   copy
220x220 sq 1472761645123 chagolla 2051   copy
220x220 sq 1472761687053 chagolla 2191   copy
220x220 sq 1472761720329 chagolla 2221
220x220 sq 1472761748730 chagolla 2271   copy
220x220 sq 1472761788997 chagolla 2591   copy
220x220 sq 1472761817715 chapman 87   copy
220x220 sq 1472761839407 chapman 92
220x220 sq 1472761859721 chapman 156
220x220 sq 1472761888977 conrad 63
220x220 sq 1472761916066 conrad 68
220x220 sq 1472761937585 conrad 72
220x220 sq 1472761957725 conrad 307   copy
220x220 sq 1472761981815 davlinw 51
220x220 sq 1472762015363 davlinw 1682
220x220 sq 1472762046573 davlinw 1725
220x220 sq 1472762114453 floriana 11711
220x220 sq 1472762150772 floriana 51011
220x220 sq 1472762185623 floriana 52211
220x220 sq 1472762222348 floriana 54911
220x220 sq 1472762261270 hanzel 19
220x220 sq 1472762305195 hanzel 28
220x220 sq 1472762339479 img0067
220x220 sq 1472762370825 img02151
220x220 sq 1472762399413 img02201
220x220 sq 1472762425643 img02271
220x220 sq 1472762457338 img02571
220x220 sq 1472762493038 img02741   copy
220x220 sq 1472762524376 img05815   copy
220x220 sq 1472762546132 img05881
220x220 sq 1472762568052 img06011
220x220 sq 1472762599003 img10299
220x220 sq 1472762632052 jordan 70
220x220 sq 1472762658464 katie 501
220x220 sq 1472762690645 katie 981
220x220 sq 1472762722387 katie 106
220x220 sq 1472762755666 katie 194
220x220 sq 1472762780697 katie 247
220x220 sq 1472762804720 katie 4301
220x220 sq 1472762831745 katie 4411
220x220 sq 1472762861697 katie 450
220x220 sq 1472762889346 katie 452 copy
220x220 sq 1472762913388 katieeric 167
220x220 sq 1472762944003 katieeric 168
220x220 sq 1472762972667 katieeric 174
220x220 sq 1472763002103 katieeric 186
220x220 sq 1472763032412 katieeric 189
220x220 sq 1472763055916 kbvan 192
220x220 sq 1472763083806 khul 170
220x220 sq 1472763115008 khul 448 1copy   copy
220x220 sq 1472763146754 khul 1472
220x220 sq 1472763174473 khul 4012
220x220 sq 1472763194761 khul 4171
220x220 sq 1472763233447 khul 4510
220x220 sq 1472763263378 khul 4612 copy
220x220 sq 1472763296304 khul 4618
220x220 sq 1472763326944 khul 40010   copy
220x220 sq 1472763349231 king 81
220x220 sq 1472763367878 kinge 23
220x220 sq 1472763387963 kinge 36
220x220 sq 1472763414507 krea 1108
220x220 sq 1472763438558 krea 1612   copy
220x220 sq 1472763479549 mm119
220x220 sq 1472763508157 mcginnis w 2
220x220 sq 1472763539880 mcginnis w 171
220x220 sq 1472763568042 mcginnis w 176   copy
220x220 sq 1472763596691 mcginnis w 295
220x220 sq 1472763621624 mcginnis w 305   copy

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Adjoin Photo is absolutely incredible in every way! I've worked with them many times on headshots and couples shoots, they are incredibly professional and really build a wonderful relationship with their clients! I would highly recommend them!


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