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There are not enough words to describe how grateful my new husband and I are for the dedication, love, and support from Eunice and the Sage Team for our June wedding.

We booked Eunice for her Month-Of-Planning package. My only regrets with booking Sage was 1) Not booking them for full on coordination because they are just that amazing 2) Not booking them earlier in the planning process because they are just that amazing.

Eunice is so accessible sometimes I forgot she is running this business and has a family of her own. She's a superwoman for being able to balance it all. Our wedding was challenging to plan because of our guest count (300 guests) and the fact that our venue did not provide anything but the grounds (ie: we had to bring in tables, chairs, serve ware, even drinking water and a pop-up kitchen!). Eunice did an amazing job reassuring me through the process, helping me make better decisions, giving the best advice, and basically being the greatest friend a bride could ask for through the planning process. Calling her, emailing her, even texting her felt like I was texting a good friend for sound wedding advice.

// ORGANIZATION // Eunice is the dream. The week before the wedding, she made sure all our family members, wedding party, and vendors knew what was expected of them and was so incredibly organized. She was able to follow my millions of crazy frantic emails, texts, and calls and make sure all of the details were in place. It was not easy to coordinate the sheer amount of vendors we had due to the DIY nature of our venue, but she handled it with such grace and finesse.

// DAY OF THE WEDDING // The day of our wedding, I woke up the most relaxed I had in months knowing that Eunice and her team had everything under control. When we arrived at our venue, her and her amazing team went above and beyond to make sure everything was how we had envisioned.
*TIP: Book Sage now! It will be your best wedding decision!

Profile Picture User6837989, 2+ years ago, 8 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Day-Of Coord., Partial Planning

Eunice and her team coordinated my wedding flawlessly!

Sage Events coordinated my best friend's wedding and after seeing her team work so hard and diligently, I just had to have them for my own wedding! Eunice was so incredibly sweet throughout the whole planning process. She really helped me plan and sort all the ideas in my head. Whenever I felt nervous about a design idea, she would reassure me that her and her team would take care of it. I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work her and her team put forth, because let's just say, I gave them a LOT to do! My wedding day was completely stress free for me, which is so important for the bride! And everything was organized and decorated how I envisioned. It was utterly perfect.

Thank you Sage Events!

Profile Picture Katherine, 3/5/16, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Day-Of Coord.

Eunice was basically our full time wedding coordinator for our wedding this past May. We can't recommend her enough, at first we weren't sure if we wanted or needed to hire a full time coordinator but it was well worth it and we are so glad we went with Eunice.

We decided to go with Eunice because she was recommended by our venue, she had really great reviews online, and she was a little cheaper and seemed much more personal and hands on compared to the other options.

She was great throughout the process, her suggestions and advice was really priceless and saved us so much stress and money ultimately. I really don't know what we would've done without all of her suggestions, probably spent hours upon hours of googling and asking around until we finally felt good about each and every decision. With Eunice, it was so much easier because she always had great feedback and great advice, we could trust that we didn't have to go scouring across the Internet to make a final decision!

Also, she was so calm and professional about everything leading up to the wedding in the last few weeks and on the day of. She took care of putting together a detailed timeline for us and we could always really count on her to note down any and every request or small tweak that we had without worrying or thinking twice about it.

On the day of, she brought 4 additional staff members to the wedding to help assist with everything, and just knowing that she was on top of everything made it easy for my wife and I to relax about everything and just enjoy the day. Our wedding went perfectly and Eunice and her staff were quietly working their magic behind the scenes while we and our families had a wonderful and memorable night. Go with Eunice and Sage, you won't regret it!

Profile Picture Lijen, 5/16/15, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

The Sage Event Planning team did my day-of coordination for my wedding last month. I knew Eunice and her team would be perfect for the job because I saw her in action 9 months prior when she coordinated my cousin's wedding and did an excellent job of helping things flow and provided quick on-the-spot troubleshooting.

Eunice was always professional, easy to get in touch with and offered honest and helpful advice every step of the way.

She has a great list of wedding/party vendors to recommend too. When I was having the worst time trying to lock down a florist, she recommended me to the florist who did her wedding and I ended up hiring her.

One week before the wedding, she created a very detailed timeline, along with all important phone numbers that included the wedding party, key family members and all vendors to keep everyone organized and able to reach each other easily. My other vendors were blown away and happy to know that everyone was on the same page.

The day before my wedding, she led the rehearsal and made sure everyone was comfortable and aware of their duties.

My wedding consisted of two locations - an outdoor ceremony and a ballroom reception with 300 guests and short vendor set up times. Eunice and her team were on top it, quickly setting up the reception hall decor and dessert bar, then headed to the outdoor ceremony site to manage the ceremony activities. After the ceremony, within a blink of an eye the team moved quickly to tear down and transport all items to be re-purposed at the reception hall.

I'm a totally worrier, but on my wedding day, I didn't have a fear in the world, because I knew that Eunice would make sure everything was perfect and it was!!! I was able to enjoy my wedding day to its fullest! My husband and I both agree that Sage Event Planning was the best vendor we hired!

Profile Picture Sandy, 6/15/14, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

My wedding venue did not have an in-house coordinator so we hired Sage Event Planning to assist us with our wedding decor set up and tear down for the day of our wedding. The Sage Team was worth every penny!
Not only did they set up everything perfectly, they also were available during the event for any random thing that came up. They also continued to assist where needed during the reception and were always moving. They worked well my with my other vendors and helped keep the day calm. They packed everything back up neatly and without any breaks or damage. Best of all, the entire team was always happy, positive and wearing smiles. Eunice is professional, organized, efficient, reliable and was my go-to gal. She is also one of the sweetest people I have met and from the moment I met with her, felt like we were longtime friends. She also offered suggestions and insights based on her prior experience to help us finalize the decisions.
We would definitely recommend Sage Event Planning!

Profile Picture brittany , 4/25/14, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

When I began researching rates for a day-of coordinator, it seemed absurd to hire someone for one day of service. Boy, was I wrong! Although I hired Eunice as the "day-of" coordinator for my early November wedding, she began helping me immediately upon retention in early September.

During our first meeting she figured out exactly what I was still missing, and forwarded me recommendations for vendors. Once we were a little over 2 weeks from the big day, Eunice and I met to construct a day-of timeline. We went over everything, inclusive of how the families would enter the ceremony, how my bridal party would stand, and the venue layout. Immediately after that meeting, Eunice sent the most spectacularly detailed day-of timeline to each of my vendors, bridal party, family members, and helpers. Most importantly, Eunice stressed that no one was to contact my husband or I on the day of the wedding.

Eunice directed our rehearsal the night before our wedding, expertly dealing with family members with a million questions. Then, on the BIG DAY, she was all over the place - eye-signaling me during the ceremony to shift over to the right to center myself under the arch for photos, communicating to our MC exactly how I wanted my first dance to be announced seconds before entry, politely ushering guests away from the sweetheart table so we could eat dinner, saving the top tier of our cake to freeze for our 1 year anniversary, and loading up all the decorations in my dad's car.

Eunice was the glue that made my dream wedding come together seamlessly. Thank you, Eunice! And thank you to her lovely assistant Hannah too! No amount of words or money could adequately express my gratitude.

Profile Picture Yunnie, 11/2/13, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Anyone getting married, check out Sage Event Planning! Eunice is professional, nice & friendly. A somewhat last minute decision on our part, but it was the best wedding decision we could have made. Our wedding took place on 10/25/13 & we contacted Eunice early September 2013. Since our wedding was very DIY, we had already done a lot of the planning, etc, ourselves so we mainly required her 'month/day of' service. But she does have a list of vendors/services she can refer if you are in need. Without Eunice & her assistant Hannah we would have been a lot more stressed & a lot less organized. From the first moment we contacted Eunice until weeks after the wedding, her correspondence was prompt. She coordinated with all our vendors as well as the bridal party on timelines & other issues. Since we were at our venue early for photos, we were able to see Eunice & Hannah trouble shoot certain decor issues quickly & efficiently. Most of all, just knowing there was someone we & our guests could go to for questions was a great peace of mind. Her services were well worth the value. Please consider Sage Event Planning for your wedding, or any event. Bonus, she gives you a great day of emergency kit that is full of all kinds of things you may need, which came in handy not just for myself but for my bridal party & various guests as well.

Profile Picture scarlett, 10/25/13, 1 Review
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Wedding Planning

To ensure I don't stress and become a bridezilla and could actually enjoy my wedding, my fiance suggested we hire a day-of wedding coordinator. We found Eunice with SAGE through our DJ/MC and got her "Goethe" package (which actually covers the day-of and month-of).

Eunice was great! She was very professional, responded quickly to emails during any time of day, very responsive and accommodating to our needs. She helped me think of things that I hadn't planned or anticipated during the entire planning process, which I really appreciated. And what I liked was that she was honest with her feedback, giving me suggestions based on her experience.

We did a very DIY wedding (due to the casual/garden wedding theme and tight budget) so had a ton of things for Eunice and Hannah (her assistant, who was great too, btw!) to set up the day of. And she did an AWESOME job with the set up. Everything was perfect. And even when little glitches happened that were beyond our control, she somehow improvised with her creativity and made things work! Amazing.

Eunice checked in with me periodically to make sure I was okay and to see if needed anything the day of. I never imagined I could feel so stress-free and relaxed on my wedding way. I was actually able to enjoy it, eat dinner, have a drink and take things in.

We even had certain family members we were concerned about, and she kept her eye on them to make sure we didn't have drama either, which was a HUGE help and gave us reassurance.

I may be a little biased, but our wedding felt PERFECT. Eunice is good at understanding what you want and makes sure everything turns out just that way.

Hiring her was one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. Go, SAGE!!!

Profile Picture Linda, 10/12/13, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

There are no words to describe how amazing Eunice is at her job! She goes above and beyond what a wedding coordinator (or a normal person) would do, and on top of that, she does everything with an amazing amount of patience and grace.

Since we were on a tight budget, we hired Eunice only as a day-of coordinator, but she still contacted me throughout the entire planning process, checking up to see if I needed any advice, suggestions, or needed help making decorations or crafts. Since she knew my wedding was mostly DIY, she even offered to take some big projects off my hands so that I can focus on other things (such a sweetheart!!).

I am terrible at planning/organizing, so my wedding would've been a complete disaster had not Eunice been there to save the day multiple times! (please see my more detailed review of Sage Events on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/sage-event-planning-fullerton-2#hrid:7hLdrQ-865rpgeHiAsPmOw) There were so many things that I had missed/forgotten, but Eunice calmly faced the issue, came up with a solution, and turned things around without us even knowing! I only found out about all the work she had done through a friend who had also helped us during the wedding. Eunice went so far above and beyond during our wedding that even our guests noticed how hard she was hustling! Everyone was impressed by her work ethic and the future brides at our wedding all asked for her business card.

Eunice is such an amazing person through and through. She is 100% giving, unbelievably hard working, composed in the face of seemingly impossible situations, and does NOT complain one bit! Most importantly, despite the hell I put her through (look on Yelp for the gruesome details), she made it her top priority to make sure I was stress-free, happy, and simply enjoying my wedding day, which I absolutely did!

I can't praise Eunice enough for everything she did! If there wasn't a max character limit, I'd go on and on! Bottom line: hire them!!

Profile Picture April, 9/28/13, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Even as an organized bride, I know this day would not have run as smoothly as it did without Eunice. She even took on the challenge of working with a bride with the same name -- there is no topping that! Eunice is passionate about what she does and will work with you as if this was her own wedding. It is more than just a "job" for Eunice, and that is a quality that I highly value. I would not have entrusted such a day to her or to anyone else had I felt otherwise. I never once felt badly about emailing last minute updates or details -- Eunice makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Most importantly, many if not all brides would agree that even with careful, detailed planning, there are sure to be those unexpected moments popping up the night before or on the day of that require extra flexibility -- Eunice provides that flexibility. A wedding involves and brings together so many people, vendors, friends, and family, and it is such a significant day. I am so grateful to have had Eunice journey with me!

Profile Picture Eunice, 8/10/13, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Eunice is an absolute doll! I was super bummed she wasn't available for my son Elliot's first birthday party. Although she can't do the event, she's been so helpful and willing to let me pick her creative and talented brain. Eunice has great experience and a knack for details. She's been a great resource for practical ideas and local vendors. Although she can't celebrate with us, Elliot's party is going to be amazing because of her help. I hope I get to work with Eunice in the future!

Profile Picture Annie, 5/18/13, 1 Review
Category: Favors & Gifts, Party Supplies, Unique Services (Other)

Eunice was so wonderful in helping us plan our son's first birthday party. It was a fairly big event and I was very nervous about all the details, but Eunice helped reassure me that everything would turn out fine. All her creative ideas and talents helped make it such a wonderful party. She helped us with everything from the theme, to the invitations and centerpieces to the dessert table and so much more. I would not have been able to pull this off without her. All the attention to detail and organization helped put my worries to rest. She always made herself available to meet or talk about details and I was so happy with all her creative ideas that she came up with even with the tight budget we gave her. I would definitely recommend Eunice for an event!

Profile Picture Esther, 9/22/12, 1 Review
Category: Unique Services (Other)

Eunice was absolutely amazing! We realized (really late in the game) we needed someone desperately to help us with coordinating and decorating the tables for our reception. She met with us a few times to get a feel for what we wanted (flowers for the tables and for our wedding party, table decorations, candles, etc). We were worried about spending too much on fancy flowers and she totally addressed our concerns and took excellent care of us. She personally went shopping for flowers and brought us these amazing bouquets and boutonniere for us! They were amazing!

When we finally saw all the decorations at the reception, we were thrilled at how all the tables looked! She coordinated our volunteers and was able to make sense of the chaos we had started. Our only regret was that we didn't contact her earlier in the process. (Although the short time didn't seem to phase her much) We would definitely recommend her to anyone needing an event planner!!!

Profile Picture Brian, 9/8/12, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Flowers

Eunice is an absolute pleasure to work with and is a lovely person inside and out! It was her professionalism, reliability, creativity, and commitment to detail that made my wedding perfect and exactly how I had always imagined it. Eunice always made herself available to discuss plans and meet with vendors, which was something I really appreciated because of my busy work and school schedule. On the actual day of, she orchestrated all aspects of the reception and went over and beyond her call of duty. She played a major role in coordinating details between the various vendors and helped to make sure my DIY decorations and centerpieces came out just right. This is where I need to mention her beautiful dessert bar which was the hit of my reception! Definitely something all brides should consider to make their reception unique and memorable for their guests. Finally, as someone mentioned before, there will inevitably be problems that come up that are beyond the bride's control. Of course, I was a happy and stress-free bride on my wedding day because Eunice had immediately taken over, resolved all those problems, and made sure I did not find out! I highly recommend Eunice's event planning and day of coordination. From the beginning to end, she can definitely be trusted and will not disappoint!

Profile Picture Grace, 8/25/12, 6 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I hired Eunice base on interview of 5 coordinators in the area. Eunice informed me details with clear communications. She was calm & confident. She had great knowledge on wedding situation. I didn't know all that process can be so break down to science, yet smooth out the event so artfully. The Photographer also raved about her. I heard vendors usually fear coordinators because it's hard to tell if coordinators are professional or bride's friends. And they often getting on their case with unnecessary details and not prioritizing what is important. She seems understand what to expect from each vendor and help do their job.

Overall, I loved the wedding and we give Eunice big credit.
Good work Sage!

Profile Picture johan, 7/7/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

I can't say enough good things about Eunice and the service she provided my wife and I. Our situation was a bit different and somewhat difficult because my wife was at the time, in New York, so it was difficult to prepare for the wedding initially. Eunice worked with our needs at the time and planned out everything that needed to be done and even gave us constant reminders if we started lagging on a couple items. I believe her best attribute is communication. People can be quite difficult to work with or get a hold of. This is not a problem with Eunice as she was always available and seemed like she never slept. Whether by text, e-mail, or a simple phone call, she was always there to help. She worked well within our budget and helped us to keep the costs down by showing us our options with vendors that might provide better value. As with every wedding, a couple unexpected things happened but she was able to adjust and improvise so that our wedding still went without a hitch. In our case, our parents brought an extra 20+ unexpected guests but we were able to accomodate all of them. Highly highly recommended.

Profile Picture Tae, 5/26/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning