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Do not use this company! I would rate our experience zero stars if I could. It was terrible and caused more stress than it was worth. It started with our driver calling me two hours before pick-up time to get directions, because she didn't have GPS (who drives a party bus without a way to get around??). I had to use my phone GPS all night, and I still had to sit up front to provide turn-by-turn directions, because our driver didn't know how to use it. The AC was also "going out" (per the driver), and she told us the owner said not to leave the air running while we were inside each stop (otherwise it would apparently stop working altogether). It was super hot each time we got back on! The check engine light was on the whole night, and I was so nervous/stressed it was going to break down on us. We had to provide our own AUX cord for music, because "someone stole theirs" (again, per driver). We ended up getting a new bus and driver halfway through the night after I called the owner twice, but then it screwed up the rest of our plans for the night. Our group ended up and PNL and had no way to get our coolers back to the original location, because our time was up, and we were told it would be $125/hour for extra time. We ended up hiding our coolers in the bushes. Also, the website states there is free cover charge at PBR for using this company, and that wasn't the case at all. It was $10 cover for each of us. I called the owner to complain again, and he hung up on me and won't call back. Spare yourself the stress and go with a different company!

Profile Picture Courtni, 8/11/18, 1 Review
Category: Transportation

We had used Kool-Nites many times before and knew they were the ones to call. Great service and very dependable.

Profile Picture Tammy, 6/22/13, 7 Reviews
Category: Transportation

HORRIBLE - didn't even show up but still cahrged us. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!

Profile Picture User2769166, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Transportation

We rented a trolley from Kool Nites that took us from the wedding, to the photo sites, to the reception. They were on time and we had no issues at all. This was definitely one of the least stressful parts of the wedding planning/day and the driver (happily?) put up with our wild bridal party. We would recommend Kool Nites and will use them again in the future.

Profile Picture Lauren, 9/10/11, 5 Reviews
Category: Transportation

Kool Nites Limo did a great job. The only reason they get a 4 for value of cost is because it was a bit expensive. We did get the biggest limo that they have though that could actually carry all of the bridal party and their guests comfortably, so we can't complain too much. Other than that, they were very accommodating to us and the driver did everything that we asked.
We would use them again and definitely recommend them.

Profile Picture Amber, 8/7/10, 6 Reviews
Category: Transportation

We used Kool Nites limo to provide transportation for our wedding guests. We called twice the week of the wedding to confirm the route we wanted them to take, and the driver still ended up getting lost (it was basically down Main Street, not at all difficult to follow). It wouldn’t have been so bad except the trolley did not have AC, and being a June wedding our guests were drenched in sweat by the time they arrived. Not the best, but still not enough to really get us riled up. However, when we were leaving after the wedding we ran about 20 minutes late. My husband told the driver he would be happy to bring him a check on Monday, or they could charge any additional fee to the credit card they already had on file for him that we’d used to pay (and we’d spent well over $1,000 for the service at this point). The driver said he wouldn’t depart from the venue without $100 cash in his pocket. Being in our wedding clothes and not anticipating the need for money, we needless to say didn’t have any cash on us. The trolley car was full of guests, and he said they’d all have to get off and he’d leave if we didn’t give him $100, cash, right there. This was pretty embarrassing for us, and finally our guests pooled money and paid him so we could get back to the hotel, which was mortifying. I was flabbergasted that a professional we had already paid quite a bit of money would behave in this manner. I’m sure it went straight into his pocket, but it was a pretty terrible way to end what had been a wonderful wedding evening. I’d never, ever recommend them.

Profile Picture Megan, 6/19/10, 6 Reviews
Category: Transportation

Overall they were very good. I did have some trouble in booking with them, but it was minor. It was very fun to ride around on a trolley after the ceremony with friends.

Profile Picture Nicole, 4/26/08, 5 Reviews
Category: Transportation