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Sal and Cynthia are the best of the best when it comes to treating my clients and myself to a beautiful dress finding and buying experience!!! Definitely recommended.

Profile Picture Jessi, 4/21/18, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Alterations, Bridal Belts, Bridal Gowns, Hair Accessories, Jewelry, Plus Size Gowns, Shoes, Tuxedo Rentals, Undergarments, Veils, Bride

They have an amazing selection of wedding dresses & from what i could tell at very reasonable prices. My dress was only $1000 & alterations are looking like $450

Profile Picture Brittany, 4/15/18, 9 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Bridal Belts, Bridal Gowns, Veils, Alterations, Bride

WORST customer service I've received in my entire life at this store. I was super exited to visit this store. They are open on Sundays for appts only. I had already had my heart kind of set on a designers dress that they did not carry however I was still very open and excited to look at other possibilities.
It started out as a normal appt when we arrived. We were set up with a worker. I can not remember her name. She was super sweet with blue dyed hair. She was the only positive I can take away from my experience. I was open and honest with her as she helped me pick out dresses about the fact that I did already have my eye on something else but nothing was set in stone. I think we chose 10ish dresses and I set down as my 3 bridemaids began trying them on.
Heres where ish went down hill! Once my maid of honor was finished trying on her dresses she noticed they had a room fully of poofy dresses. She couldn't help herself and grabbed a dress and went to try it on. Our helper did not say anything so we didn't see it as a issue. I know my bridesmaid was in the wrong but we were honestly just having a little fun on this day. The manger came over and began scolding is for trying on the dress. She then began lying to us and told us the store closed in 10 min. After asking her why this was not brought to my attention when the appointment was made she stated well I meant we are closing in 20 minutes and walked away.
2 minutes later she returns and says to us "why are you even here when there is another dress that you are buying anyway." Are you Kidding me!! That's when I snapped back. The whole point of shopping is being allowed to look at multiple locations and find what you love. At this point we began gathering our things to leave. She continued to yell at us accusing us of treating the woman assisting us like a slave when the whole time we were chatting & helping rehang the dresses. I asked our helper and she said we were nice and that's just how her manager is.

Profile Picture Cliff & Lindsay's, 10/28/17, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

I had a terrible experience at Bridal and Veil. I did not make an appointment with them so I was a walk-in and they treated me as if I was an inconvenience. It was the first time I tried on a wedding dress and I was unsure of what I wanted so I tried on several dresses. The consultant seemed very annoyed and said "you are hard to please". She continually tried to pressure me into buying a dress and told me "I should have bought a dress yesterday" even though I was still seven months out. I had a terrible experience and would not recommend this place to any one especially first time dress shoppers who do not know exactly what they want.

Profile Picture Rebecca, 7/8/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

I got engaged in May and we booked a venue at the beginning of October... so I was on a strict and stressful timeline. Even though this was not the first place I visited, I am SO THANKFUL I came here. This store has SO MANY OPTIONS!!! No matter what other stores you visit in San Diego, you will find triple the amount of options for your budget here, and they have so many quality dresses to choose from. Only took me one weekend to find my wedding dress and I bought it here at Bridal & Veil!

So, I purchased my dress in June for a wedding in October. I was worried I was only going to get my dress in 1-2 weeks before my wedding so I was advised to get rush shipping, which I did, and I got it in mid-July! Perfect!

Paid for the alternations and press package. Mojgan, my alterations lady was AMAZING. She was so kind and quick and gave me great feedback and what I should do with the hem line, bustle, my belt that I brought in, etc. etc.

Anyways, I had a very successful experience with my wedding dress. Several other family members came here for their wedding dress and had the exact same experience as me. =)

Profile Picture Angela, 10/2/16, 6 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Alterations, Bride

I visited quite a few different bridal shops before I decided which dress I wanted to wear on my wedding day. I found a beautiful designer gown at Bridal and Veil and the 'try on process' was pleasant. I even was able to get a discount on the dress I wanted. They showed me many gowns within my price range and were very helpful when I wasn't sure what style I wanted. I paid for 1/2 of the dress upfront. I ordered 6+ months in advance and the dress came in on time. I paid off the dress when I went to try it on. I ended up needing a few alterations and I'm glad I let their seamstress alter my dress. The alterations were reasonably priced and the quality of the work was wonderful. The only thing they could have done better would be to call the customer when their dress comes in. Otherwise I have no complaints. The girls were really nice and I found my perfect dress (within my budget as well) here.

Profile Picture Ursula, 6/11/16, 4 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Bride, Bridal Gowns, Alterations

Just come here first. I went to 3 other places before I came here and while they had pretty dresses, I only found one at the other stores that was a contender. Yes, I was a picky bride haha but when I tried on dresses here, I loved them all! And the one that I liked at the first place? Well, Bridal and Veil also had it so I was able to compare with all the new dresses I was trying on. They have the best and largest selection and the ladies that help you are so nice! The only negative was kind of the seamstress. She did a good job on my dress but I did not like the way it was bustled. It looked odd and during my fitting appointment she seemed stressed out by my dress because it was head to toe lace and beading. I know it was a difficult dress because of all the layers, lace and beading but her stress caused me to stress even more. Either way, I would definitely recommend this place for finding "the one".

Profile Picture Denise, 5/7/16, 10 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Bridal Gowns, Bride, Alterations

My experience at Bridal and Veil was pretty good. Francelli was the sweet young lady who was helping me find my perfect dress. She pulled so many dresses for me to try which was fantastic. After countless try-ons though and nothing seemed to be working (not for a lack of trying on Francell's part), the last dress I tried on was THE ONE! So beautiful, perfectly me. And to think that I almost gave up at that point! Bridal and Veil has a great selection of dresses. It happened to be the very first store I went to on my dress hunt and I was super stoked to find my dress at the first stop. Ask for Francelli, she's great!

Profile Picture Sallie, 4/3/16, 5 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Bridal Gowns, Alterations, Bride

Bridal and Veil made my wedding dress dreams come true! Not only did they have the perfect dress for me, but also the most Lovely staff. Sal and his team know how to meet a brides needs. They are accommodating and will do what it takes to make you happy. THANK YOU Bridal and Veil, I will cherish my wedding gown forever!

Profile Picture robin, 2/21/16, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Bridal Gowns, Veils, Bride, Alterations, Cleaning

They have a huge selection of bridal dresses from many different designers and a variety of different styles. Before discovering them I had gone to 4 other bridal dress shops but couldn't find the perfect dress. Compared to other bridal stores they had a much larger selection that I instantly found my wedding gown. I purchased it the same day and they gave me the veil for free. I will say I constantly had to call them to check on the status of my dress because they don't update you. You literally have to keep insisting to get any updates. It would help them to hire more staff because those poor girls seem like they just have too much work on their hands. My dress finally arrived two weeks before my wedding and they ordered me a size too small. Not what I had ordered. I was devastated thinking nothing could be done. I stressed that whole week because of my dress. However they offered to make dress alternations to fit me for free. After all that's the least they could have done considering they had ordered the incorrect size. Thank goodness wedding gowns actually have some space to make them larger, something I didn't know. I did have to go back two other times for alternations. It was a little frustrating considering it was a long drive for me and I was super stressed that it wouldn't fit nice. My dress was ready exactly two days before my wedding and it was adjusted nicely. I do have to say the girls who work there were very sweet and helpful at all times.

Profile Picture Christy, 9/5/15, 3 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Alterations, Bride, Bridal Gowns, Veils

Kesenia was so helpful, I didn't have an appointment and just walked right in and told her the style I was looking for, SHE NAILED IT!! She found EXACTLY What I envisioned and was within my budget. I'm so glad I stopped by this store after going across the freeway to Demetrios, which was alittle over my budget. Thank you kesenia for your outstanding customer service!!

Profile Picture User4620254, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

My stylist was wonderful... the owner of the store is not so wonderful. He made it all very awkward and uncomfortable had it not been for my glorious stylist Cynthia I would have walked right out.

Profile Picture jahziel, 2/28/15, 9 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

Went in to shop for wedding dresses...5 dresses later I said YES to the dress!

Profile Picture Kristine, 11/23/14, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

I have to be honest my expectations were pretty low. I had read other reviews online that ripped this place to shreds. But my experience was great. I was looking for a very specific dress so I called, asked if they had it, they gave me the price over the phone, I came in, tried it on and bought it. And because I did it that same day, they threw in the veil for free! My stylist was so nice, very helpful, not pushy, and let me take photos of my dress, which according to other reviews (and the sign on the mirror) I was not allowed to do. When we placed the order, my dress came in within the time frame they gave me, in the correct size, and it was perfect. I ordered my veil the day I picked up my dress which also came in within the time frame they promised and was perfect. I will say I did not have my alterations done there and if I had to critique them, I would say that I probably could have ordered the dress a size smaller which definitely would have saved me on the alterations. It also was not the quintessential bridal experience that most brides want and I was okay with that because I wasn't expecting it, but a congratulatory glass of champagne would have made this a 5 out of 5 for me.

Profile Picture Alyssa, 10/4/14, 6 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

Sandra, the store manager, is by far what this review is all about. She takes you under her wing and makes sure that you feel the prettiest you possibly can. She always had the right words to calm me down when I had a panicked phone call for her. She looks out for her brides, from start to finish!

Profile Picture Jenn, 8/2/14, 7 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

Bridal and Veil has the worst customer service I have seen in a long time! I decided to buy my wedding dress through them (big mistake). While in the store we asked our helper if we could have some champagne, she said yes. 15 min later a manager came by with this disgusted look on her face while I am saying yes to my dress, and said "I know that your helper told you yes to drinking but you can't drink in here and need to put it away" ( 1. Why are you speaking to us and not to your employee when you know your person said we could 2. You don't need to be rude about it). Then while saying yes to my dress, I thought I needed a belt to spice it up and they tried to sell me one for $300. I thought that was pricy so I decided to look around. Come to find out my dress comes with a belt for no charge (1. Why were they trying to sell me a belt for $300 when it came with a belt, 2. When ordering my dress why didn't they call me and say " it looks like it comes with a belt what color would you like?" (because that's real customer service)! When I called to ask them these questions they told me they found the pink belt in the back that goes with that dress and I could have it, I told them I didn't want a belt they found in the back and I wanted the same color as my dress, and for them find out what they ordered and to make sure it is ordered correctly. They called me back left a message, when I called back no one knew anything about it. I Had to tell the entire story again to now the owner Sal who said he would call me back Monday. We talked on Monday and he proceed to call me a liar that he showed me the belt on the computer but that me and my entire bridal party was drunk and didn't remember! Look just do your self a favor and don't even go to this store it is one headache after another and it's not worth it!!!!!

Profile Picture Sarah, 7/18/14, 7 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

Since day one I've had a great experience at Bridal & Veil. I found THE dress on the first day!!! The entire staff was very helpful in answering my questions and letting me see all the dresses the I liked. They have a wide selection of dresses, so this was no easy task. The have a seamstress there, which is awesome. I'm going in for my last dress fitting this week and am very excited to see how it all comes out.

Ask to make an appointment with Francelli. She has GREAT customer service skills and listens to the client needs. You will not regret it! :)

Profile Picture Samantha, 6/28/14, 3 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

Although the ambiance is not impressive, we were surprised at the large selection of weddings dresses and the great prices. We even saw bone of the dresses at a high end salon for much more! My daughter found a gorgeous dress at a great price, the tailoring was excellent, and everything arrived on time. Definitely worth shopping here!

Profile Picture User3604582, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

Service was professional and prompt, and my dress was lovely. They have a huge selection of gowns to choose from, and are very helpful in determining what would look best on your body type. The seamstress was very accommodating, and made sure everything fit and looked perfect. I would recommend San Diego Bridal and Veil without hesitation!

Profile Picture User4258388, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

I haven't received my dress yet, so I can only comment on experience when selecting the dress and the value. Love my dress! I spent the weekend searching at 5 different boutiques, however it wasn't until Bridal & Veil that I was able to breathe a sigh of relief! Loved the whole experience, it doesn't have the bells and whistles you may get at other shops, but you can't beat the selection!

Profile Picture Lindsay, 2/22/14, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

Cynthia Alvarez is a amazing great person and sweet I have shopped at many bridal stores before I came here , she knew exactly what kind of dresses to pull that would be the most flattering on me .The shop is amazing! I am a very picky person I feel important and appreciated here. I also got my bridesmaids dresses here .

Profile Picture User2451055, 2+ years ago, 5 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

I found the perfect dress here. They have a great selection and the price was totally reasonable. I had some issues with the length of my dress so be clear when you order it. You have to double check everything here. However, they were more than willing to help me out and the seamstress is wonderful. All in all, very happy with the results.

Profile Picture Cathryn, 11/9/13, 5 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

While I was super scared to buy my dress here, it was one of the few shops in San Diego that sold Maggie Sottero. I was pleasantly surprised with the service. All the girls that work here are great. The store itself needs a serious overhaul. I really want to rip off the disgusting carpet and air the place out a bit. Ksenia sold me my dress, and was wonderful. Everyone in there assisted with my fittings and pick up, and they were all awesome.

The seamstress seemed pretty talented as far as I could tell (this is hopefully my first and only wedding dress to be fitted) and she is very sweet. However, there were a few things I was not thrilled about. They used cheap clear buttons on the dress for the bustle that I felt looked somewhat tacky...thank god my veil covered some of them. She also bustled my chiffon dress on the outside. Every book I read said chiffon is to be bustled underneath (probably so you do not see clear tacky buttons). However, she said it was the only way she could bustle it. I am trusting the seamstress's instinct that perhaps this was to help the dress maintain a beautiful silhouette (???).

In the end, I loved my Maggie Soterro dress, and was happy that my dress was ordered correctly, arrived on time, was not lost in the store, or any other nightmares that I had read about from other brides.

Profile Picture Tiffany , 9/28/13, 11 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire

I looked at many places to find my wedding dress, the prices here are quite high. My budget was under $1000. Many of the dresses were above that price so it's a higher budget store but I found my gorgeous dress, problem was that it was 8 weeks before my wedding and we had to rush delivery, an extra $200 they charge on top of the dress. I was freaking out and didn't have the extra money so they worked with me and paid for the rush delivery, which was very nice. I was suppose to get it in 5 weeks and it came in 2-3, company had it in stalk already. The staff was nice and helpful but you can't take pictures in the store which sucked, so you have to sneak them. Not like someone is going to remake the dresses, geez! When i picked up the bag they " didn't have anymore garment bags" so gave me my wedding dress in a blue bag. COME ON!!!! well sounds like they say they have no more garment bags as I called a couple weeks later and a month later and heard the SAME STORY! " they are out of stock" BULL i'm mad i got my most precious expensive dress in a freaking BAG! and still haven't got a garment bag that cost $10 there in 4 months! other then that the experience was good.

Profile Picture Brittany, 7/28/13, 7 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)

I went to Bridal and Veil because they carried a designer I really liked (Luna Novias). I was thrilled to find a dress after trying on a lot at David's Bridal without being absolutely excited with anything. I am about 5 feet tall and 100 pounds so all the dresses I try on have to be pinned in the back. At Bridal and Veil I tried on a Luna Novias dress and fell in love with it! Only problem was it was a size 12 but the style was from 2 years ago so they gave me a discount. The saleslady (Cynthia) assured me that the seamstress there could take it in to my size and she gave me a price quote. I felt a little deceived because the way it looked pinned was different than the way it looked after it was altered. Also keep in mind this was 3 alterations later! The price I paid in alterations was higher than what she quoted me but it was too late, there are no returns/exchanges after you buy. I felt the price I paid in alterations was the same as a new dress! When I tried it on the first time I liked the way Cynthia bustled it, but when I had my first alteration she didn't explain to me that there are many ways to alter a dress and she didn't tell the seamstress the way I liked the bustle. When I picked it up after the first alteration the bustle looked terrible! It didn't fit the style of the dress at all. Luckily I had a picture of how it was before and Cythnia and the seamstress talked/argued about it and finally the seamstress gave in to do it the way I wanted it (she didn't agree with it). It was a stressful process and I am thankful I started my alterations a couple months in advance since it took 3 alterations to get it the way I wanted it. In the end I loved my dress but I went through a lot of stress/worry to get it that way. I feel that they aren't very honest and they should know that this is most brides first time doing this and they didn't provide the necessary assistance (for example the issue I had with the bustle) .

Profile Picture Nicole, 5/11/13, 5 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)