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3 Reviews for BlackStock Vineyards and Winery

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3 BlackStock Vineyards and Winery Reviews
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BlackStock offered a beautiful venue with great wine, and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect view and weather. However, it wasn't without its quirks.

When we originally decided to use the venue, we spoke with four different people that were the "events coordinators," and the last time we spoke with someone, there was no on-site coordinator - just the manager. This posed a problem as each of the persons didn't have any of our records to review. Thank Heavens folks from TK said to make sure we had a three-ring binder of everything as we just opened up our binder when we needed to answer questions (again.)

We opted for the premium wine pour for four hours. When you have a wedding at a winery, you must choose a wine pour for your guests. We wanted to make the most out of it and chose the best option. Our wine pour started around 6:35 p.m. or so and lasted (according to our guests) until around 10 p.m. Of course last call was announced at 9:15 p.m. There was one wine pourer for roughly seventy guests (slightly less not counting the few children.) At one point, there was a line eight deep for people waiting for wine. Luckily, our guests were only close family and friends so they didn't mind. What I was told by several guests is they thought it was kind of tacky for a winery to be doing half-pours and then trying to sell the guests the wine they produced. Some of our guests didn't mind at all and ended up buying bottles of wine, but others just thought it was tacky.

No one took care of the head table. The groom had to leave the table during dinner to get wine for the head table. While this isn't a big issue, it's something that should be considered in the future.

A thorn in my side was the mandatory coordinator fee (we paid $500 as that was the fee when we signed our contract, but as of date, it has been bumped up to $750.) This fee is the "use of the bridal cottage" (wish they had some bottles of water in it!) "setting up of chairs," and "prior to, rehearsal, and day of coordinator." When we were there, Dianne's Delightful Weddings was the coordinator for our wedding. We thought things would be great due to what she told us at our rehearsal, but they were anything but. Our minister stepped in to actually conduct the motions. He mentioned that after the ceremony, he sought out the owner of the winery to lodge a complaint about Dianne, the Coordinator and said he had never worked with someone so rude an unprofessional. When we were married, she congratulated us by MY MAIDEN NAME!

While I won't admonish BlackStock as a venue, just remember to keep records of everything even if it's small little phone or e-mail conversations. Print out the event guide/contract you agree to as important info can and does change pertaining to vendors, etc. at the wwinery.

BlackStock truly offers a beautiful venue for weddings, and the few tidbit issues we had minor compared to other problems we had.

Profile Picture Shelby, 8/27/11, 8 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Blackstock Vineyard and Winery is a beautiful location for a wedding and the wine is good. However, I give my reccomendation with some words of caution:

1. The floors are very dirty inside the winery. Be sure to ask them to thoroughly sweep the floors, especially if you have a long dress on. My dress had streaks of dust on it by the end of the night (and it had to be brushed off before I walked down the aisle).

2. The deck where the ceremony and reception is held is nice, but be careful about the floor. A nail sticking up from the deck caught and tore my dress as we recessed out from the ceremony.

3. Check and double-check all fees. We were hit with a surprise $150 beer-pour fee two weeks before the wedding (and we supplied our own beer!). They have since hired a coordinator specifically for their weddings and the problem with clarity about all fees is supposed to be fixed, however I would still be cautious.

4. If Manna is still their reccomended caterer, DO NOT USE THEM. They are unprofessional, difficult to work with and we were very disappointed with the appearance of some of the food and cake they served.

Overall, Blackstock is a beautiful place for a wedding and if you're careful, you will have a wonderful experience.

Profile Picture Becky, 10/4/08, 5 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Absolutely the most beautiful place to have a wedding. Especially in the fall! The wine is spectacular too! And for your planning needs, contact Events by Design!

Profile Picture Shea Michelle, 11/17/07, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue