Offering reliable, prompt, professional service throughout the Northeast, 802 RESTROOMS is the portable restroom provider company you can depend on. Whether you’re planning the wedding of a lifetime or this year’s most popular event or need emergency restrooms for your employees and customers or  you’re starting a construction project , we’re your portable restroom professionals.

802 Restrooms is a division of One World Environmental - which also owns and operates Uncle Bob’s Septic Services, Patriot Portable Restrooms, and Grease Commander – environmentally conscious companies that specialize in portable sanitation and the servicing and repairing of residential and commercial wastewater, waste oil and grease treatment and collection systems.

We are a veteran and family owned company with over 25 years of wastewater service and portable sanitation experience. We use only non-toxic and environmentally friendly products in our portable restrooms and all wastewater we collect and transport is properly processed in a wastewater treatment plant.

802 Restrooms delivers the newest, most luxurious and  cleanest portable restrooms in the Northeast.    Our luxury restroom trailers are equipped with AC, heat, surround sound stereo systems, and some have fireplaces.  Our portable event and construction toilets are standardly equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser, 4-roll toilet paper dispenser, mirror, urinal, and coat hook. LED motion-activated lighting is available upon request. We also carry the widest selection of freshwater flushing portable restrooms, special needs and family friendly portable restrooms, hand washing stations, and construction trailer holding tanks.

For luxury restroom and emergency/long-term trailers, we service the entire Northeast.  For our portable toilets and sinks, we typically service within 50 miles from Bennington, VT. 

If you’re in charge of coordinating your event’s or construction site’s portable restroom rental and service, call us for a free rate quote and for guidance on the number and style of portable restrooms that may best serve your guests or employees.

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Regions serviced: Burlington, Concord

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20 Photos
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