Autumn and Devrim's Wedding
July 18, 2010(Married)

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Alper Baysal says:
Wooow.. Vayyy.. What a cute web page like Devrim.. Devrim gibi yakışıklı bir web sayfası.. Autumn don't think that I'm a gay like Devrim :o)) Hhha haa.. we are bridegroom side(ıf you doesn't understand thıs joke please read "how we met" section).. Autumn benide ilk etapta sakın gay sanma.. hhha haa.. biz damat tarafıyız(bu espiriyi anlamadıysanız lütfen "how we met" bölümünü okuyunuz, normalim - El hamdürillah).. When I saw You&Devrim at Doha at Your Bithday, I though that what a smart, nice couple at the desert of ME.. Seni ve Devrimi ilk defa Senin yaşgününde gördügümde ne sevimli çift hemde bu allahın çölünde diye düşünmüştüm.. Now I'm so happy to see you to reach one of the important gate of life.. Şimdi sizi hayatın önemli bir kapısına ulaştıgınızı görmekten çok mutluyum.. This is a contract of life and don't forget he is good in commercial subjects especially for contracts.. Bu bir hayat kontratı ama unutma Devrim ticari konularda iyidir özellikle Kontrat konularında.. I wish to you whole life happiness and healthiness with Devrim and small kids (off course near future) for my self and on behalf of my family Ayşegül and my son Yigit.. Sana ve Devrime ve (tabiki yakın gelecekte ufaklıklara) bir ömür boyu mutluluk ve sağlık dileriz benim ve ailem Ayşeğül ve Yigit adına.. Please return back from Croatia with beatifull photos for me also, may be I will go next year.. Lütfen Hırvatıstandan benim için güzel fotolarla dönün merakla bekliyorum belki senye bende giderim.. Happy Wedding Ceremony.. Happy Honeymoon.. happy life together.. Mutlu bir düğün.. Mutlu bir balayı ve birlikte mutlu bir yaşam dilegimle.. Alper - Ayşegül & Yiğit.. Your friends from Doha and now Saudi Arabia (Multilocatıonal Friend..!)Alper Dohadan şimdide Suudi Arabistandan Arkadaşınız Alper (Çok lokasyonlu Arkadaş..!)
Jennifer says:
It is happening!!! I am so excited to celebrate with both of your amazing spirits! it will be a beautiful day! Congratulations! Tebriklar!
Pinar-Baris says:
What a bright couple. See you at the wedding!
Eric Clapton says:
Best wishes to this lovely couple. See you at the wedding.
Merve & Taylan says:
Dear Autumn, We saw you couple of times at birtdays in compound of Baytur when Devrim brought you and think Devrim is so lucky that he found somebody like you. Even we do not know you very well, we felt that way. Now I am very happy to see this website announcing your upcoming marriage. As I am married for two years, I still can feel this emotion and get really excited when friends of us marries eachother or finds their halves! We wish you all the best. PS. Will it be possible for the ones that wont be able to come to wedding ceremony like us to see what happened during the wedding ceremony? Beleive me this website develops more curiosity inside so I would like to follow whats going on over there:)
Murat Gungor says:
The more and more I look at your site, I feel sooooo happy for you guys. I will try to do everything in my power to be there! Wish me luck that I have a good boss, who will allow me to take half a day off! Love you both dearly.
Yavuz Sultan Selim says:
Neredeyse tüm yazanlar Türk olmasına rağmen, herkesin İngilizce yazması psikolojik bir vaka mıdır? Yoksa sayfanın İngilizce olmasından mıdır? Yoksa "Autumn da anlasın garibim" düşüncesiyle mi yapılmıştır? Anyway, Allah happy-mesud eylesin.
Nilufer Konuk says:
Hi Autumn and Devrim, it is very wise of you to prepare a wedding file like this. I'm so glad to see that you came all the way up to wonderful. Hope to see you in Ankara, inshallah!
Yeşim EREN says:
Best couple ever! What a beautiful idea to share all the stuff like this on a website. Congrutulations and wish you a happy living ever after together...
Emre ALTINTAŞ says:
This web-site is as good as your marriage, you thought all details, great job ;) i will change the names and i will do everything in my own wedding what you planed :)) see you in happy :)
Alper Veyisoglu says:
i must say i was quite surprised first i saw you have prepared such a site. neverthless, the more i read, the more i realize i started to miss you around (yep, both of you) and thanks to any kind of destiny which have put your ways together.
Özgür Aksoy says:
Forgot one thing to write in the previous entry: MA$ALLAH :)))
Özgür Aksoy says:
I love you both:) Hope to see you soon! Wish the best. Hugs & Kisses...
Ayşe Özdemir says:
Hi Autumn and Devrim. I'm one of Emek's friends. A few minutes ogo Emek sent me this site's link and i looked your photos. You are so sweet,i have the same wish with Emek, aging on one pilow :)
Dala Ghandour says:
Such a beautiful website...My favorite part is how you met and I am so happy that I was part of it! I remember how Devrim was talking with excitment about the jail experience and how Autumn was listening amazed :)) I wish you all the best and I am sure that the wedding will be a magical moment as both of you are!!!With all my love
Devrim's mom says:
ı have 2 child before but now it becomes 3. thank you Autumn, we become a large family with your family. be happy all time...
Emek Erboyacı says:
ı loved very much this websıte :))) my mum and ı were happy, we love both of you. aging on one pillow.
Pelin Ariner says:
What a fun website! I loved all the little jokes and you guys make a lovely couple. I wish you both infinite happiness and a wonderful wedding.
Marisol Baca says:
Yay! I'm so excited for you both. Love and kisses!
Irene (Devrim's American Mama & Autumn's Stepmother) says:
I'm very happy for you both and wish for you "Mnogaya Lieta"...Many Years....of happiness.
Autumn's dad says:
Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Love you!
Autumn's mom says:
Such exciting times for you both...Love you