October 12, 2008(Married)
Sally and Ghislain's Wedding
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Kabangu-Wa-Katanga, Papy says:
Depuis Bunia, c'est aujourd'hui que je visite ton site web... Interessant mpe ba encouragements ya trop parce que tu t'y es mis..... Ba félicitations ya mingi
Sonya Peyton Barnes says:
Congratulations Junior and Sally. Sending you my blessings from Mississippi. I worked with Junior at Circuit City for about a year and a host of us became good friends. I wondered what had happened to my dearest friends from DC/VA/MD and lo and behold I reconnected with Junior. Have no idea were the rest of them are at. But I am happy for the two of you. May the Lord continue to bless the two of you and your marriage
Afiandem Fossung-Wiblishauser says:
I may be the afternoon farmer, getting to see this amazing website and read your beautifully inspiring story this late. But I insite on congatulating you both on the job well done. And I wish to remind you that the good Lord that put you together will bless you and your family every step of the way. Our prayers are always with you and Christian and I wish you both, the best of what you wish yourselves throughout. Love always, Sally Mah and husband, from
Kabangu -Wa- Katanga Papy says:
A l'occasion de la cérémonie de votre mariage, ma famille se joint à moi depuis Bunia en RDCongo pour vous présenter toutes nos félicitations. Que le Bon Dieu vous bénisse abondamment dans toutes dimensions. Je suis donc à Bunia ou je travaille avec la Monuc depuis 2003. Bien de bonnes choses,
Rol and Nic Bole says:
Sally and Tim, you have a wonderful story. God has blessed you both and he will continue abundantly. You have found love in each other, it is a wonderful gift to share with your partner. All the best in Marriage.
Michael Ananga says:
Oh, boy! I guess better late than never! Tim mon fragin et Sally ma soeur du coeur...what can I say; I am indeed happy for both of you...and I hope the good Lord protects your home and family as both of you move forward in matrimony. Might be in DC come January '09 for the inaugural, and most def, will holla! Much love!
Nahsang says:
Your story is such a sweet one. I wish you both Gods richest blessings as you undertake this journey together xxx
Nahsang says:
Your story is such a sweet one. I wish you both Gods richest blessings as you undertake this journey together xxx
Eddie Nzala says:
All the best wishes!! Tim you're a good man.
Bisi Njob says:
Dear Sally & Tim: May God shower you both with countless blessings. I pray for you both to enjoy many years of love, peace, joy and happiness. Lyrics to "The Anniversary Waltz" Composer Dubin/Frankl. "Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed We vowed our true love though a word wasn't said The world was in bloom, there were stars in the skies Except for the few that were there in your eyes. The night seemed to fade into blossoming dawn The sun shone anew but the dance lingered on Could we but relive that sweet moment sublime We'd find that our love is unaltered by time."
Nji and Josiane Wamucho says:
Congratulations Sally and Tim on your wedding. We wish you all the best. Marriage is a beautiful thing...let the good times roll and always cherish every moment you spend with each other.
Miranda and Asu Etti says:
Sally and Tim, CONGRATULATIONS. Love is a beautiful thing and we are glad you two are able to share it with each other. May the Lord richly bless your union. Love you both.
ngum nicolyn avwontom says:
papi & viviane says:
congrates our beloved ones, what God has put together, no man can put apart. we are happy for u both and may the Good Lord grand u all love, peace and everlasting happiness. ur time has finally arrived enjoy. remain bless
Ngum Ngafor says:
Abu Mah, congrats to you and your hubby. May you have a life of bliss together. I can only imagine how uncle Peter will be bragging wherever he is. Have a wonderful wedding day!
Nayah Ndefru says:
Hey Tim! You found yourself a good woman, a real treasure. Your life will be Blessed because you have not only found a wife, but favor from God. Congratulations, I am so happy for you both. Best wishes for a wonderful life together. Love Y'all!!
Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin says:
Mah....it's been amazing watching you grow up! As a little girl,you were every parent's wish for a daughter,every brother's wish for a sister,and every sister's wish for a role model!!!And even with all these pressures,you've blossomed into a beautiful woman from the inside out,never letting anyone down! You truly are an inspiration!!!! Congratulations to you my dear.May God in His infinite mercies continue to bless you and Tim beyond your wildest imagination! C Ya 2morrow!!!
Abu Fri Ndiforchu says:
Abu Mah, your grand soeur sending loads of LOVE from Los Angeles. I am sooo proud of you. And I know God has blessed you abundantly. I pray he continues to shower you both with all what you wish for yourself. I won't be there to give you my best wishes. But know that I am ecstatic for you and pray it all goes well. Love you dear, Jackie Ndiforchu (Fri)
Le Patriarche,Roger Shakembo says:
On behalf of all of us,who,have been supporting your union,I have this to ask you:"Please don't let us down".
Dino says:
Congrats Sally, I really enjoyed reading your story. May God continue to bless you both as you take this next step.
Diane Daiga says:
Dear "Small Maamie" & Tim, "When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize." Proverbs 31:10-11 What a beautiful journey it has been for you both! One that has certainly taught you how to be patient, selfless, compassionate and loving! As you look forward to professing to the world what you have already promised to one another in the wee hours of the night, I simply wish you all that you wish for yourselves. I’ll leave you with some borrowed words of wisdom to use as needed. So remember that "A marriage is not a 50/50 compromise. It takes both husband and wife giving 100/100." Unknown… All the best… "Big Maamie"
Imma & Roland Patcha says:
Dear Sally & Tim "Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love, and they blossom when we love the one we married." May God continue to shower down His Blessings on you two and may your love for each other continue to grow stronger each day. Congratulations!!!!
Wensa says:
I'm so happy for U, je regrette de ne pas pouvoir être des votre mais j'attends un dvd de la céremonie Mes amitiés.
Ben says:
Sally: Accept my very warm regards and best wishes on taking this step in your life. I wish you plenty of health and happiness now and in the future. Peace & Love Ben
abu kanu says:
congratulation to you both, i only wish the bese and better for both now and forever.
Ms Jua Jackie says:
Sally and Tim congratulations on choosing to seal your love before God. I wish you only the best of blessings and lots of warm loving memories to keep you living till... All my best wishes
Bernadette & Bernard says:
Sally and Jr. so finally wuna see ting wey me I be don see since 1997!!! Wunna make am I suffer oh? I am sooooooo happy and proud of you two. You have both found the one who makes your heart still. See you on your special day in my tuxedo top and skirt! LOL!! :)
Kareen Fondzeka says:
Congratulations to both of you on your union. May the good Lord continue to shower you both with his blessings now and after in your married life.All the best.....cheers
Constance Njombua says:
Mah Morch, I am so lost for words to express how happy I am for you. It seems like just yesterday, we were growing up into young women, not knowing what life had for us and what God had installed for us; but now I honestly know that God is the greatest because not only has he kept us friends through the years, but has brought a wonderful, kind, patient and devoted man into your life who not only adores and makes you happy; but whom I am so priviledged to know as well. Tim, you are a great guy and one of the best things that has happened in my friend's life. The bibble says,'The law of the lord is perfect, converting the soul; the fear of the lord is clean, enduring for ever: Psalm 7 & 9. Sally and Tim, love is hard to find, but true love is a precious gift that is so, so rare to have. Congratulations; I wish you only the best in your matrimonial home and may God bless your union
Romeo says:
Tim and Madam, Congratulation! I will be there! Have a happy weedding and many many blessings!
Apu says:
Hey Sally and Tim, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you both, and I pray that you have a wonderful life together... Tis a one way road, and I believe God will continue to guide you guys, for u guys have a three-fold cord!!! Wishing I could be there to celebrate with you guys... will still do so though, all the way from Congo!!! Oh thats the small Congo by the way, not your new home Mah!!!!! Lots of love
Yvonne Chindia-Fomengia says:
Wish you all the best. Let God be the only third party in this union. Congratulations.
anne forsac says:
sorry Ghislain for the previous wrong spelling of your name
anne epake forsac says:
congratulations to you both. take care of my lesan sister chislain, for she is one of a kind. much love to you both and can't wait to be a witness on your special day.
Fifi Tadzong says:
Mah and Tim, congrats. As you started your relationship with the Lord, I pray you two stay close to Him. The bible says he how finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. May favor be your portion in Jesus' name. Tim you are blessed for Mah is the BEST. Wonderful story.
Abong Mundi says:
I wish you a love-filled wedded life and all the best for your future together...
Tabiwang Arrey says:
Sally and Ghislain, what a wonderful story.I guess u guys now know that the heart has it´s own brain and ways of functioning. good u 2 were alive enough to feel and listen to ur hearts.Wish u 2 the very best.
Roselyn,Leslie and Jayson Chie says:
Hey i know its been a while u know what i mean,but we want to say CONGRATULATIONS to you guys on your day and may GOD bless you guys .And may your day be every thing you dream and more .hey am realy happy for u sis.
Marie-Gisele Amougou says:
my!!! what a beautiful story.You know, God is blessing your life and working his purpose by pouring out more than you can imagine and loving one another dearly.Congrats to you two and may God continue to pour his blessing to you guys.Love you guys.Ta co epouse....lol..
Cathy & Deo Shembo says:
Sally and Tim, We're very proud of you and we pray that The Lord smiles at you and bless your union as He did ours. God bless, We look for to be there just for you.
Kuli Mundi et Georges-Ruben Gounmadje says:
Dear Sally and Tim, CONGRATULATIONS!!! FELICITATIONS!!! What a lovely couple. What an amazing story. We are so happy and proud of you. May laughter continue to fill your home and may God bless your union.
Sandra Jules says:
Wishing you both the best during the preparation, on the wedding day and your lives as a couple.
Cathy Fofung says:
Dear Sally and Tim, CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you all the best.
Yvonne Ndeh says:
My dear Sally beauty & Tim, Congratulations on ur upcoming wedding. May God bless ur union & grant u all the desires of ur heart. Make Him ur foundation & build ur faith in Him. I love the website. Very informative & to the point. All the best. Love u guys & Congratulations yet again. Yvonne.
Irene K says:
I wish you the best. This is a one way road, you better make her happy as long as you live. God bless you both.
Judith N. says:
Abu Mah and Tim, what a lovely story. I don't know the trick to stay happily married but I'm sure that if you guys love each other, pray and stick together, your union will be blissful. Love you guys and see you on the DDay. Congratunobia!!!!
T. N. AKUM says:
You guys look magical!!! Sally, i trust you know the tricks to a successful marriage...whatever else you encounter beyond your capacity to handle look to the skies and trust the solution is on its way... Ghislain, du courage frangin, tiens bien les rênes...la raison est la tienne. CONGRATS!!!
Nguh Awahmukalah says:
Sally and Tim your boy Kuchaman and the family,you know, i'll say it's a pleasure knowning you two and all i can say is love each other and take good care of one another.You both are lucky.Tim let this be the last time you take my 'wife'.Haha... love you guys.
Melly Ntalu Kitenge says:
Sally and Tim, I am very happy for you. May the Lord keep on blessing your union! Congrats!!!
Sally and Tim congratulations! I pray the good Lord continues to bless you in your marriage! I look forward to witnessing this special occasion. CONGRATULATIONS!
Pamela Neteh says:
Love birds.What God has put together no man can put asunder.So flag your wings and fly.My prayers and best wishes always with you.See you on your dream day.Congratulations for the big step.
Mais...Invit na ngayi eza wapi????
Carine says:
Congrats Sally and Tim. You make a perfect match!!! May God bless you both on the path you've chosen. Best wishes. Longonya!!!
Ijang Yunga says:
Dear Mah and Tim, Congratulations and may our good Lord continue to bless your union.
Nzo Mungu Esq. & Family says:
All the best in life with warmest wishes as you both look forward to a shared future of love, friendship, and wonderful closeness that is Marriage. CONGRATULATIONS Sally & Tim.
Awazele Fossung says:
The good LORD led you to finding each other; may HE remain the rock behind your every decision, and may the LOVE that has kept you so together all these years, continue to grow, stronger each day. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES for a wonderful family life.
Laura Ngaba Tinzoh says:
Dear Sally, Dear Ghislain, I feel so touched reading your stories and going through your Wedding Site. You have built your Love on the stongest foundation. I wish you both all the best for the future. As you move towards your day may the good Lord guide and direct you and see you through. Place your Trust in the Lord and you shall be happy.God bless you both abundantly. Greetings from Germany, Laura Tinzoh Ngaba
Martha Pufong says:
Congratulations to you both. Mah, Mapu would have been so proud of you. Wish you the best.
Woyen and Fai says:
Congrats Sally and Tim (Jr). You two have a wonderful story, really enjoyed reading it. Wish you both the best as you plan the big day, and many blessings in your marraige. Keep God always center. God bless!
Jayne Ekema, Kenya says:
Mah & Ghislain, I pray for God to watch over you both and Jamil, to take special care of your small family and make plans to prosper you and multiply your fruit. I may not be there physically, but my darling Mah...after having been ur "mami" through all these years, I want you to always know how proud I am of you and love you lots!!!
Tambe and Ngwi Ayuk says:
Mah and Tim, where do i begin. Well you both know that i wish you both nothing but the best and will always be here for you. So Tim take care of my sister, and like wise Mah. Love you both and the Best for the future ahead.
Mimi Ngay says:
Love the stories...I was like "ahhhh...how cute" LOL...But i have known y'all for so long, u look so cute together...Looks to me like a match made in heaven...My only advice...God first, friendship second...coz after love, despite love and all through love, please remain friends!!! Be blessed mightily!
Liza Ekole says:
Best wishes in ur forh coming occassion and also goodluck as you work hard to make your big day materialise into reality.Congrats. Liza EKole ....Michigan
Mbinkars says:
Our dear Sally & Tim, We have been looking forward to this day and we are still looking forward to celebrating it with both of you. We are proud of both of you and we are wishing both of you a long lasting happy life together filled with laughter and happiness. May the good Lord always take control of your marriage and please always turn towards him first whenever you have a problem. Lots of love from the Mbinkars