Daniela & Joshua
May 8, 2010 Married
Our Wedding Website
 Thank you for all the support and love everyone! :) We can't wait to share our special day with you 

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Ray Bazonski says:
After watching little 3 year old Simons talk I linked here. I Don't know you personally, but as my brother and sister I do. May you both continue to be like moldable clay that can adapt to the various influences in and outside the marriage bonds so as to be formed into another pleasant, useful, desirable vessel to each other, others and of course Jehovah, his son, organization and others.
Lara G. says:
Congratulations you two :) I miss you so much Daniella! Josh you have one beautiful, good hearted, girl! Such a cool website, I leave your website open so the music can play haha love it!
Brandon and Chevonne Batts says:
You two make such a beautiful couple. Congrats on your marriage and may Jehovah bless you both for all eternity.
Jami & Stepen Moran says:
It's your Wedding Day So perfect and fine, With all your friends round you To have a good time. And we wish you much happiness Starting your lives as one, Always give love to each other With lots of laughter and fun Congratulation !!!!
Russ & Maureen McIntyre says:
Congratulations you two!!! Thank you for including us on this special day. Remember every moment as if it was the first. We hope the best for you and may Jehovah bless you in everything you do. We love you guys! Luv the site.
Moray & Cindy Whitehead says:
Moray and I are so very happy for you both. We are almost at 25 years of our marriage and it is absolutely wonderful. When you find that someone special like the two of you have, all the bad things in the world just fade away because no matter what happens you will always have one another. We wish you both the very best and all of our love!!! Always keep Jehovah close to your hearts right next to each other!! ♥
Ewa&Uros Jovanovic says:
Once in a while,right in the middle of an ordinary life ,love gives us a fairy tale -Unknown A wedding Day Wish for love and happiness Always Congratulations!!! Lots of love to you both We can't wait to see you both in May.
Kim Johnson says:
It seems like only yesterday that Joshee', Stephen and Aaron were just little boys. Now you' re all grown up and getting married. You've always been like another son to me Josh, and I'm so happy you've found such a sweet girl to spend the rest of your life with. May Jehovah bless you both as you prepare for your special day. Brent and I look forward to seeing you and Daniela and sharing in your celebration. Lots of love.
Alice & John Panneton says:
John & I are Joshuas' Great Aunt & Uncle from Virginia Beach, VA. Joshua's Nana is my BEAUTIFUL sister. Anyway, we are sooooo very HAPPY for you Joshua that you found Daniela. You are such a beautiful couple. John & I wish you all the happiness that there is in the world and a fantastic life. Love to you both, Aunt Alice
Joshua & Daniela says:
Hello Everyone :):) Thank you so much for all of your supports and love! We look forward to seeing everyone on the big day and we hope everyone can make it!
Rick & Karen :) :) says:
Congratulations Daniela & Josh! If all works out, we look forward to sharing your happy day as you join your hearts before Jehovah! Lots of love to you both!
Disa Johnson Tucson, Az. says:
Josh & Daniela, I'm so happy for you both. What an amazing gift in finding that special someone to share life with. May Jehovah always be the bond that strengthens your marriage. I can't wait to see you both in May.
Cintia Bureau says:
Congratulations! you both look great! May Jehovah bless your arrangements, and future marriage for ever. It makes me very happy to see "my daughter for 15 minutes" getting starting a new live full of love and joy.
Karen & Dave Williams says:
Josh & Daniela, Congrtulations! Theres nothing better than to find that special person to spend the rest of your life serving Jehovah with. If I can offer any suggestions, always pray together and make Jehovah part of every decision you make. Y'all make a beautiful couple :) cool website
Leslie Lumpkin says:
Hi Josh, Brent & I want you to know how happy we are for you! Your Mom has been keeping us updated on all your great plans and your engagement was possibly the most romantic I've ever heard of... With all our Love and Wishes for a Beautiful Wedding - Brent & Leslie Richmond, VA
Ellie Heffelman says:
Congrats Joshua and Daniela I am so very happy for you. Have fun planning your wedding, I'm sure it seems far off but before you know it you'll be looking back. I'm thrilled for the two of you. Your website it sooo cute.
Kathy Bradley says:
Josh, I wish you and your beautiful bride-to-be all the best. After looking at your wedding website photos, I can definitely see the love in both of your faces. Wishing you all the joys that marriage can bring! Love to Both.
Hugs & kisses, love Mom (Paige) says:
Received the wedding invitation yesterday,love the pearl accent it is perfect. 88 days to go & you will be Mr & Mrs.;) Love you both so much ~
Diana Trainham says:
I cant wait to see yall again and meet the rest of your friends and family. I am so happy for the two of you. Congrats again guys. The day will be beautiful and the memories after. Diana
cindy says:
beautiful website :) i'm so happy for you guys and wish you much love and happiness as you serve Jehovah side by side as husband and wife. can't wait to see the wedding pictures. congratulations joshua and daniela!!
Nanny ~ says:
My dearest Daniela & Joshua, I wish you all the happiness in the world, but most importantly that you continue to walk with Jehovah and may his blessing always be with you ~ Love Nanny
Heather Mowbray says:
I am so very happy for both of you! Joshua, you have grown into such a mature, loving and spiritual man and I am so proud of you. Daniela, you are a beautiful and caring young woman with a spiritual heart. I know you will both be very, very happy together. I look forward to being a part of your lives. Much love, kisses and happiness to both of you. Can't wait to attend the biggest celebration of the year! Love, Heather
Stephen Thomas says:
Daniela your fiance sure is good-looking! I'm pumped about the wedding, can't wait to see you both again.
Stephen Thomas says:
Daniela your fiance sure is good-looking! I'm pumped about the wedding, can't wait to see you both again.
Clint & Alexis says:
This site is awesome! You did a great job..love the music! We're so happy for you guys. We know how in love you two are and how happy you are together and we're so glad to have you as friends! Can't wait until the wedding..enjoy every minute of it! Love you guys :)
Shaun & Jessica Wagner says:
The website is so cool, which we had stuff like this when we got married. We love you both so very, very much.
xoxox Paige ~ says:
Words can not express how happy I am that you & Joshua found each other~ I love you both so very much. Everything is coming together, it is so exciting. love the wedding site what a perfect way to capture all your memories.
Daniela says:
Tanya: Yup i found the classical tune from it ! I thought it was so cute ! Mom and Crystal: Thanks so much for being there for us :) We love you guys too !
Tanya says:
I love the website!! You two are such an amazing couple. I can't tell you how happy I am for the both of you. Love you guys...can't wait for the big day! P.S. Was that a classic rendition of kiss the girl from the Little Mermaid? Haha I love it!
Aaron + Crystal Brewster says:
Beautiful Wedding Website! Cannot wait for the big day and all the events before that! Wishing you the love in the world....
Greta Stanislawek says:
Hello Danielka and Joshua, The music is making me cry! But i am so happy for you guys, i am very excited with the prepration for your wedding! Love you guys!