Rachel & Bryce
September 15, 2012 Married
"Sweet you rock & sweet you roll"

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Kami Exler says:
I am so happy for you both! You are an amazing couple and I couldn't think of a more healthy, happy, and successful marriage than you two! I can't wait for the wedding and I wish you both the best forever and always!
Karen Wiesemann says:
Rachel, so very happy for you as you start this new chapter in your life. It seems like just yesterday you were in high school and Megan was in college and now you are both getting married. Where does the time go. Be happy and always follow your heart!!
Nicolle Hanna says:
I'm so happy for you two! I wish you the best in both of your lives and the happiest longest marriage possible! You two are so cute together and i know you make each other happy!
Amanda Kathleen says:
So happy for you guys!! Nothing but the best is wished for you! <3
KaitLynn McMichael says:
Ray ray! I'm so happy for you sweetie!! I know this has to be a wonderful feeling. I wish nothing but the best for you && Bryce. Love youuu!!
Liberty, TX
Jackie Hermes says:
LeeLee I am so happy for you and Bryce! I have loved Bryce from the first time I met him at your graduation party, he always knew what a blessing it was for him to have you in his life! All you're dreams are coming true and I am so happy to be able to watch it all unfold! Congrats to the happy couple! Love you to the moon & back!
Meagan Neal says:
I'm so immensley happy for you guys! Love you both<3
Megan Friend says:
I will be the first naba girl to write lol. Im so proud of you and happy for you too. You guys are so adorable together and are the ken and barbie of this year. I would also like to say im jealous of you but my day will come but for right now its all about you guys and wanted to say congrats again and love ya both
Ally Kubel says:
I am so excited that my bestfriend since kindergarten is marrying the love of her life. I can't wait to fly down to Florida and experience this amazing time in her life. I am SO happy for you Mrs.VanZale!! I love youuuuu !!!
Andrea Hug says:
Congrats to you and Bryce! I hope you both have a wonderful life together.
Almedina Veletanlic :) says:
May you have a life full of happiness and unconditional love!! You two were also so cute together. I'm so happy for you Rachel! From the first time I met you, til now - I believe you deserve nothing but the best and all the happiness you can obtain! I love you so much and may you have a wonderful path together :) <3
Christa Mehl says:
Rachel i am so happy for you & bryce i wish you both a wonderful life together !!
barbara mehl says:
rachel lee what a fine WOMEN you have grown into , CONDGRADUATIONS TO U AND BRYCE... May you be happy in your life together love you momma mehl
Amela Hadzic says:
I love you American Twin <3 You're one of my best friends & I wouldn't have it any other way. Bryce is so lucky to have someone who is beautiful inside and out. Best Wishes & luck!
Cassandra,Adam and Jayden says:
Nay-Nay..... We are so proud of who you are and the great choices you always choose to make! Even though I'm married in your my baby sister and I love you so much. You and Bryce have so many memories and experiences to create with each other!! We love you guys and are here for you!!
Saint Louis, MO
MaShia says:
I wish you two the best on your endless love journey:) you look so gReat together && i hope this lasts forever, this really is the definition of love at first site.. <3 WishinG nothing bt the best on your biG day && prayers
Catherine Lesyna says:
Congratulations you two! I am so excited! I hope you all are as blessed with a happy marriage as I have been with Justin.
Sherri Lance says:
Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I wish you both an abundance of joy and happiness. Rachel, I accepted a promotion with my company, so my husband and I will be moving to st. Petersburg, Florida in December. That's about 4-5 hours south of Destin, also on the Gulf!
Kelsey Ferguson says:
I wish you two the best of luck in every step you take together!! Marriage is the key to every girls heart & Bryce is lucky to have suh a great person!! Good luck. Hope u fpund your happily ever after!! Xoxo
Robin Haynes says:
I wish you both a lifetime of peace and happiness! Congratulations!!
Kym Bui says:
Congrats to you both!!! I wish you guys the best :) hope you have as much fun as I am planning for your wedding !
Cape Girardeau, MO
Jessica Velez says:
Congrats to the both of you! You will embark on the best adventure of your lives. You both are amazing people and deserve the very best. Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness. God bless you both!
Jessica Velez says:
Congrats to the both of you! You will embark on the best adventure of your lives. You both are amazing people and deserve the very best. Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness. God bless you both <3 J&A Velez
Cailee Brann says:
To my new friends :) I am so excited that I got to meet ya'll both this last weekend and look forward to having a friend to get into trouble with (Addison I think will also enjoy this :) ) Congrats to the both of you and can not wait for your new adventure to start :)