Anne Miller and Michael Davoli
August 2, 2009 Married

In the fall of 2005, Anne went to a Jeff Tweedy concert with a married couple she was friends with. The lights went up, they turned around, and her friend said: "There’s two nice Jewish boys, let’s say hi." One of those boys was Michael. The five of them exited the theater together for a bar. Michael wasn’t feeling well and left — but gave Anne a big hug on the street corner. He thought she was cute. She thought he was very forward.

Several months later Michael didn’t just move to Albany — he moved into the floor above Anne in her downtown apartment building. The day he moved in she offered to watch his dog on the stoop. He got locked out one night, and she ran upstairs during a commercial break to jimmy his lock with a credit card. A few weeks later her friends invited Anne and Michael over for Chinese food and a movie. The new neighbors talked so much they forgot to start the movie.

At the time, Anne covered the murder and mayhem of the Schenectady County courthouse — and had a mouse problem she couldn’t handle. After solving her mouse problem Michael commenced electronic flirting. Anne flirted back.

They shared their passions in travel, music, baseball, food and the outdoors from Machu Pichu, Peru to the Baseball Hall of Fame inductions
in Cooperstown.

Michael proposed outside Camden Yards in Baltimore April 2008 (after the Orioles beat the Yankees), but they decided to wait until Anne finished her classes and they had a ring before announcing their engagement. At Shea Stadium’s Subway series this summer, as their friends watched and the crowd sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," Michael gave Anne a ring.

(Again the Yankees lost. Anne takes this a good sign. Michael, not so much.)