September 20, 2008(Married)
Drew & Chelsea's Wedding
We're Finally Married!!

Our wedding party is made up of many of our family and friends who have made our lives special:

Carrie Tootchen is the maid of honor.  She is the fiancée of best man Seth Seidman.  Carrie, Seth, Chelsea, and Drew have spent some great times together and make it a point to see each other often.  Carrie is also a University of Maryland alumnus. 

Seth Seidman is the best man.  Drew has known him since elementary school.  Seth also attended UMD and even roomed with Drew during their sophomore year which was when he met Chelsea.  Seth was an avid fan of local band O.A.R. and as a result Drew and Chelsea have become huge fans as well.  The O.A.R. show at the Recher Theater in Towson, MD in October 2000 was actually Drew and Chelsea’s first date. 

Katie Stanton is the matron of honor.  She is Drew’s sister, and married to groomsman Andrew Stanton.  Katie recently completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland and is now a teacher in Howard County, MD, where she and Drew grew up.  Drew and Chelsea often hang out with Katie and her husband.  They all share UMD football season tickets and enjoy spending time together whether it be road tripping to bowl games, going on ski trips or hanging out at each other’s homes.

Andrew Stanton is a groomsman.  He has been married to Drew’s sister Katie since April 2006.  Andrew and Katie were high school sweethearts and Drew and Chelsea have known him for a very long time.  Andrew attended University of Maryland, UniversityCollege where he studied computer science.  In fact, Drew and Chelsea’s engagement took place on a trip to Las Vegas in celebration of Andrew and Katie’s college graduation.

Clara Yoder is a bridesmaid.  Chelsea worked with her husband, Eugene, while at Shuttle-UM.  However, she did not meet Clara until Carrie and Seth invited her and Drew to tailgate with the Yoder’s at Maryland football games.  Clara is an avid cook (and seamstress!), and she, Chelsea, and Carrie enjoy cooking various dishes for themed tailgates.  Clara also hosts an annual holiday cookie exchange party that Chelsea really enjoys.  Clara is also a
University of Maryland alumnus. 

Dan Sebring is a groomsman.  Drew has known him since elementary school.  He attended York University of Pennsylvania, but he and Drew have continued to keep in touch, and he moved back to the area after college.  He currently lives in Baltimore, MD, and works with Carrie.  Dan is actually responsible for introducing Seth and Carrie.  He also tailgates with everyone at Maryland home football games.

Liza Vensel is a junior bridesmaid. 
Chelsea has known her and her family her whole life.  Drew met Liza at Thanksgiving when she was six, and they have bonded ever since.  Drew and Chelsea have been taking her on at least one vacation every year for over five years, visiting places such as Florida, Tennessee, and Ocean City, MD.  They make it a point to stay in touch throughout the year, and always look forward to their next summer trip.  Liza enjoyed Ocean City, MD
so much that Drew and Chelsea have purchased a timeshare week, so that she may come back every year.

Alex Morris is a groomsman.  He is Chelsea’s brother.  Alex is currently a senior at the University of Maryland where he is studying Criminology and Criminal Justice.  He plays percussion in the University of Maryland Marching Band, and also carries on the Morris legacy at the Hoff Theater.  Chelsea tried to convince him to drive for Shuttle-UM, but he doesn’t like to drive in circles.  Alex and Drew share some common interests, including TV and video games.

Micara Marino is the flower girl.  She is Drew’s cousin’s daughter.  Drew and Chelsea have both known her since she was born.  Micara lives in Connecticut with much of Drew’s extended family, and Drew and Chelsea enjoy visiting them often, as well as seeing them at the beach every summer.

Sebastian and Christian Holdridge are the ring bearers.  They are Drew’s cousins.  They live nearby in Bowie, MD with their parents and sister, Hayley.  Drew and Chelsea often see them at family events throughout the year, such as Easter and Christmas.  Drew and Chelsea are very excited to have both brothers serving equal special roles as part of their big day.

Erik Cannon is a chuppah escort.  He is one of the few friends that met both Drew and Chelsea at the same time.  Drew and Chelsea were both a part of Erik’s New Years Eve nuptials to Michael McCarthy in 2005.  Drew and Chelsea have enjoyed some very fun times with Erik over the years including trips to Ocean City, MD and "Desperate Housewives" season premiere and season finale viewing parties.  Drew and Chelsea are very excited to have Erik as part of their wedding celebration.  

Michael McCarthy is a chuppah escort.  He is married to Erik Cannon.  Drew and Chelsea have known Mike since he and Erik first started dating in 2003.  Mike and Erik own a house together in BaltimoreCity where Mike is a practicing family law attorney.  Mike and Erik are always on the go and sometimes it takes quite awhile to ’pencil in’ a time for everyone to get together, but Drew and Chelsea always look forward to a trip to Baltimore to see Mike and Erik.   

Jay Cummings is a chuppah escort.  Jay is a resident of Drew and Chelsea’s former apartment complex at 450 Massachusetts Ave in the Meridian building.  Jay is the Assistant to the Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine.  Drew and Chelsea met Jay and his partner Paul at the weekly “Margarita Sunday” event that was hosted by their neighbors on the roof of the building.

Paul Poulin is a chuppah escort.  He lives with Jay at the Meridian and is the store manager of the Brooks Brothers clothing store in Washington, DC.  Paul is originally from New England and enjoys visiting his family when he is allowed to take vacation (March through September).  Paul is also an avid skier and Drew and Chelsea hope to arrange a ski trip in the future.  

Todd Gillette is an usher.  He grew up across the street from Drew.  He went to SwarthmoreCollege, but moved back to the DC area after college.  He currently lives in Arlington, VA and attends GeorgeMasonUniversity for graduate school.  As busy as everyone is nowadays, Drew and Chelsea don’t see him very often, but always have a good time when they get the chance.

Andrew Spaulding is an usher.  Drew has known him since middle school.  He joined the army reserves after high school, and also attended the University of Maryland.  After a year of teaching, he returned to the University of Maryland for graduate school, and is now living in North Carolina.  Andrew, Todd, and Drew hung out often in middle and high school, often playing video games.  Like Todd, busy schedules keep Drew and Chelsea from seeing Andrew very often, but we do our best to stay in touch.

Pat Schneider is an usher.  Drew has known him since high school.  He was Seth’s roommate in their freshman year of college at Maryland, and Pat, Seth, and Drew hung out often.  Pat’s efforts that year included stepping in on Drew’s behalf after an unfortunate event involving a fountain.  He was also responsible for Chelsea working at Shuttle-UM, as he first drove and then worked as a mechanic there, where he failed in his duties to forklift train Drew.  Many of Drew and Chelsea’s best stories involve Pat in some way.  He is currently serving in the military in Qatar, but everyone hopes to have him back in time for the wedding!