Rhoda and Mark's Wedding
Mark's Wedding :: August 15, 2009(Married)
The Philippines is a country rich in traditions that were originally introduced by Spanish missionaries. At a traditional Filipino wedding, Primary and Secondary Sponsors play an integral role in the ceremony. Primary sponsors are present to witness the union of the couple. The sponsors symbolize guidance and support: a group of individuals that the couple can refer to in time of need.

While some of the principle sponsors have a “silent” participation during the wedding ceremony, three sets of Secondary sponsors play active roles - The Veil, Cord, and Candle Sponsors.

Veil Sponsors
Veil Sponsors place a white veil over the bride's head and the groom's shoulders.  The Filipino veil is like a large Spanish tulle mantilla and is deeply symbolic of two people clothed as one. The whiteness of the veil symbolises purity.

Spanish missionaries introduced this practice in the early 18th century and is similar to the Orthodox Jewish custom of draping a prayer shawl (tallith) over the bride and groom. Traditional Jewish weddings are often performed beneath a large white lace canopy (chuppah) which symbolizes the home the couple will build together. Further, a canopy implies hospitality; a home without walls, enabling easy access for guests to shelter from the sun.

Jonathan "Papa Bear" & Karissa "Pepper" Aguilar
Family Friends of the Bride & Groom
Cord Sponsors
Cord Sponsors drape a decorative silk cord (yugal) in a figure-eight shape over the couple's shoulders, rather like a lasso but with the reverence given to a rosary. The figure-eight is like the infinity symbol, meaning everlasting love.
Janina Victorio-Soriano
Sister-in-law of the Groom
Jason Bananal
Cousin of the Bride
Candle Sponsors
At the beginning of the ceremony, the sponsors light two small candles on each side of the Unity Candle. These candles  express the silent promise that the couple will continue to provide light and warmth to each other for life.  They will be used later in the ceremony by the bride and groom to light the Unity Candle.
Karen Laureta
Cousin of the Bride
Ronald Narciso
Cousin of the Bride