Cleopatra & Bill
OCTOBER 27, 2012




"I LOVE being around my parents! Might not be a common thing for a 20-something to say, but I've always felt this way.  To say they are the BEST parents in the world would be a huge understatement. I thank God everyday for my parents.  .  they've molded George and me into the people we are today and we will be eternally grateful."--Cleo

"Im so lucky to have another mother and father. They are not only my new parents, but a new part of the family to love and hug for many years to come. I look forward to creating memories forever."--Bill



"Not many people can say that they are blessed with TWO moms and dads. I am so lucky to have another set of parents!" --Cleo

"I have to say my parents are not only the greatest, but I look up to them as great leaders of my family and the community. They have helped take care of our family and are always looking for ways to improve our lives. They have always been there for us and I thank God everyday for what great parents I have."--Bill


PAUL & ZOE ZAMBETIS, Bride's Grandparents

"Affectionately called 'Yia' and 'Bop', my grandparents are apart of my earliest memories. I am so excited to be celebrating this special milestone in my life with them!"--Cleo

"So wonderful to be apart of my Cleopatra's family, especially knowing Yiayia and Papou Zambetis. They are truly genuine and loving people who have passed down traditions to their children and grandchildren (my lovely fiance Cleopatra and my future brother-in-law, George) and I'm very thankful to be apart of that love and tradition."--Bill 


DESPINA PAPAKRIVOU , Groom's Grandmother

"Yiayia has played an integral part in Bill's life and ultimately helped shape the man he is today. She is truly an inspiration to us all."--Cleo

"The one and only yiayia I have. She has been the backbone of my life, took care of my sister and I and watched us grow.  She left Greece many years ago to take care of us and I am the man I am because of my yiayia's love and sacrifice. I thank God everyday that she is here to see Cleo and I and the love we have for each other."--Bill


JERRY & EFFIE HIONIS, Bride's Godparents

"Hands down..the most loving and giving Godparents out there. My Nouna was more a big sister to me growing up.  .  . she was always at every game, concert and my kindergarten hookey-low (thats right, a Hawaiian show my class put on!). My nouna was in the front row and I will never forget that."--Cleo

"I am a Yankees fan.....even though they are Philadelphia Philies fans, Eagles fans and Flyers fans, i have to say LOVE conquers all."--Bill


VICKIE FOSTER, Groom's Godmother

"My Nouna has always checked and made sure my path in life was always going in the right direction. It gives me great joy to know that the she is proud of the path that I have chosen with Cleopatra."--Bill



GEORGE FOSTER, Groom's Godfather

"My Nouno has always given me great advice about life, which I have appreciated. I look forward to the day he meets my Cleopatra."-- Bill