May 4, 2013  (Married)
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Funny how things happen....Reggie and I actually meet on a night out on the town with friends. I was with my cousin and we were having a great time on a girls night out. She asked me who was that guy that kept looking at me and asked did I know him. I said no and in humor asked which one because its a lot of them looking. LOL!  We laughed and as soon as I turned my back he approched me. We talked for just a second, exchanged numbers. I told my cousin that I would not take him seriously because I like having me time . LOL

We later talked and over several conversations he was so shocked that we had more in common than anything. We had several dates. I eventually introduced him to the kids and  my family ,they instantly feel in love with him! Things eneded up taking off more than we expected.

Within the course of 4 years things have been a wonderful life experience . Its not always roses or perfect but its just right for us. There are so many ups and downs to life and relationships you ask God to reveal and Im so glad that I waited on the Lord. It feels so good to be in love and to have someone love you just for you. Not only as a companion but most importantly deals with your past &  looks foward to your future. I feel so blessed to have someone here on earth as a better half to love me and the kids so much. I thank God that we are equally yolked and God desinged us for each other.  God has truly blessed us! We cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife!