Ayla & Corey
June 14, 2014 Married


        Once upon a time there was a guy I thought I couldn't stand and to me, somewhat resembled "Donkey Kong" LMBO. Never would I have thought that after our first date we'd be together everyday since. This man became the guy that brought me flowers at work and made me special dinners. The guy that got me a random flower to match my outfit for the day and made me laugh without trying. A man that consumed my mind constantly that I couldn't wait to spend everyday with. He created my smile and filled my heart with a love I've never known. Now I couldn't imagine my life without him... He's my heart, my soul, my voice of reason, my other half, my everything.  Through the good, the bad and the ugly, he's always been right beside me. I'm proud to say he's MINE.



        Anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge and hate when someone says "you cant do it". So when I came across this spoiled young woman who tried her best to have a problem with me and was supposedly in love with her current boyfriend...Cocky Corey was in full effect. My intentions were to prove that nobody is too good for me and she wasn't all that she thought she was. In fact after the first time I hugged her it was evident that I was right. Nobody could be too good for me if she wasn't because she was the best woman I could ever have. No she wasn't all she thought she was...she was so much more. My new goal was to cherish her and help her realize that her true worth is beyond measure. She became my partner, my lover, my friend, my teammate and everyday we defy physics by carrying each other at the exact same time. It hasn't always been easy and it has taken alot of work and prayers which is why our foundation is so strong and our future is so bright. I am blessed to say she is MINE.