Tara & Gary
April 28, 2012 Married

The Wedding Party



Corinne Sheehan - Maid of Honor

Corinne is one of Tara's maids of honor and best friends.  They've known each other for a couple years now and met when she started dating Omar Cantu, one of Gary's best friends and groomsmen.  They have so much in common and are so much alike it's uncanny.  Corinne has taken her maid of honor duties very seriously and Tara is glad to have her at her side on the big day!


Danielle Patrick - Maid of Honor

Danielle is also one of Tara's maids of honor and best friends.  They've known each other since college and have been through a lot together.  There's not a day that goes by without them talking and lots of laughter.  She has been so helpful with the planning by giving Tara ideas and suggestions.  She is also a wonderful mother to her adorable son Jackson whom we lovingly call "the chunk".  


Amanda Williams - Bridesmaid

Amanda has been Tara's best friend since high school where they played varsity doubles tennis together ("Hanz and Franz").  They get along so well that they've never had a disagreement.  Tara often find herself missing Amanda since she currently lives in Arizona, but everytime they see or talk to each other, it's as if they pick up exactly where they left off.


Merci De La Cruz - Bridesmaid

Merci is one of Tara's best friends.  She's known Merci for about a year now and met when she moved back to Houston from Dallas.  She is now engaged to Quad Heinicken, one of Gary's best friends and groomsmen.  Tara knew they would be great friends when she randomly bought Tara an A&M tumbler even though she is a die-hard UT fan and alumni!


Lauren Birden - Bridesmaid

Lauren is one of Tara's best friends and has known her since college.  Lauren is a truly caring individual and will drop everything to help you out. Her heart is always in the right place and she is a bundle of fun!  She's a friend who goes above and beyond and Tara is lucky to have such a great friend next to her on our special day.


Charles Gallagher - Best Man

Charles is Gary's older brother.  Throughout the years, they have enjoyed various activities together, including hunting and fishing. This is Charles' first chance as a best man so we will see how he does.....expectations are minimal. Charles is married to Shala and they have an adorable, fun-loving son, Charlie Gallagher. 


Chris Timmons - Groomsmen

Chris is one of Gary's best friends.  They first met working together at the Taste of Texas and have remained friends even after living together.  They enjoy hunting and hanging out. CT has an adorable baby girl and a lovely wife.....nobody can figure out how he pulled that. His daughter is blessed that she got her stunning looks from her mother. This is the best picture we could find.


Omar Cantu - Groomsmen

Omar is one of Gary's best friends.  The first time they met was at a boxing match at Omar's house where Gary took money off Omar.....which he has been trying to get it back ever since. They enjoy watching UH sports and playing golf together. Omar would also like Gary to take him hunting, but Gary does not want to get shot.Omar thrGary met Omar through 


Quad Heinicken - Groomsmen

Quad is one of Gary's best freinds. They enjoy endless hours of UH related sports together. Gary feels if he is not watching UH sports with Quad, then he is not fully watching UH sports. Gary will also have the honor of being one of Quad's groomsmen in his upcoming wedding when he marries the beautiful Merci De La Heinicken.


James Green - Groomsmen

James and Gary have known each other since going to high school together at Bellaire.  He was also roommates with Gary for a few years and they too enjoy a close relationship.  Gary values James' friendship, often saying that James is the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back.......even though nobody wants to see Green without a shirt. Sorry for the picture. This is the best we can find.