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October 11, 2013 Married
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Best Man

Meet Jonathan, aka Jono, aka Jono’s fat. Jonathan is my younger brother and the easy selection to be the best man. Throughout our lives we’ve shared both happy and challenging times. Above all, we specialize in laughter. We truly can kill hours laughing both with and at people. It’s just what we do! This wedding shall be no exception. With that said, the best man and I issue this simple warning: trip, slip or otherwise embarrass yourself at your own peril. As you begin to regain your balance and stand back to your feet, Jono and I will be there most urgently to laugh and announce what just happened to all our guests, friends and loved ones! Cheers! 





Meet Phil, aka Fritter France, aka Turtle. Phil has always been one of my wisest buddies.  We became great friends in High School through our involvement in our band, MV8. Sometimes he’s been more like a personal advisor. He’s never steered me in the wrong direction. This is especially true when it comes to fashion. I’ll forever remember the times when we were roommates and I came out my room for a night on the town thinking I was dressed to impressed. Phil would very quickly say, “Dude, that looks TERRIBLE!” Hey, that’s a real friend in my book! !




Meet Josh, aka J-Clark Stay Sharp, aka E-Z Cleazy.  There is never a shortage of salesmanship with this guy. He would passionately argue that skittles really pour out at the end of a rainbow. The next time you saw a rainbow, you would really stop and think- this guy might actually be right! Josh is a long time friend and frat brother but doesn’t realize that I am still plotting my revenge from the night he kicked my bathroom door down and snapped a thrown picture of me and sent it to my phone during an econ class. Sleep with one eye open bro! 




Meet Brian, aka B-nizzle, aka B-lip. B has been there countless times for me. Beyond being a reliable friend, he is my personal comedian. When a High School music teacher during a music rehearsal quoted, “Jason- for the first time, I can’t trust you!” Brian immediately deflected the attention from me by letting out the most contagious scream laugh anyone has ever heard. Laughter spread around the room like a wild fire and the teacher humbly shrugged his shoulder and walked off to his office! 





Meet Sean, aka S-dot aka Sean Carter. Sean and I became great friends when we pledged the highly esteemed Greek letter organization- Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. I did not know that Sean was interested in the organization but I’m not surprised that he was attracted to the organization that was leading the campus in academics, community development while sending several alum to law school, medical school, business school, etc. The past year, Sean and I have been roommates. It’s been a thunderstorm of clowning and corny after-work jokes. Sean’s most random moment is when he broke the silence in a car full of frat brothers by informing everyone that if he were a bird, he’d have to be a hawk because he could not “be no punk bird.” We still have no clue what that means!


Brandon M.


Meet Brandon Moseberry, aka B-Mos aka “I used to average 20 points in P.E.” Brandon and I have been great friends since high school, lived together for a few years in college and stayed in close contact while we attended our respective law schools. I will NEVER forget the day, Brandon played a little roommate prank on me. I had a terrible day. I came in and Brandon and his now wife Carly were chilling watching TV. I can say now that I wished they weren’t there so I could be upset by myself! I hardly spoke to them, sat down at my desk and opened my laptop. I put in my password and was graced with a new home screen featuring a picture of a topless Brandon laying on my pillow doing a cheesy model smile. The picture had a heart border and the title caption of the picture read, “Roomie Love”. I could not help but laugh. What a clown…




Meet Keyonn Pope aka Pope aka Old Guy. Keyonn was a year ahead of me in law school. He was always willing to reach back to the younger class and give advice about tackling the challenges of law school. We kept in contact after we graduated and have become great friends. While Keyonn is a hip guy, I often get a kick out of his often old school diction. He is my friend most likely to say, “the sun shines on the dog’s butt every once in a while!” Keyonn is also one of those people who seem to have a connection with someone in any given circle! I once told Keyonn I read a book about poet from Middlefart, Denmark. Keyonn replies, “Oh Middlefart. Yea man, I went to school with the engineering director over at lower Middlefart State University!” (Of course I made this up. The point is he has mastered the art of networking and knows someone anywhere you go! Middlefart is an actual city by the way...) 


Brandon L. 


Meet Brandon Loggins aka B-Logs aka co-counsel. Brandon was one of the reasons I pledged Phi Rho Eta. I was impressed with his campus involvement and law school ambitions. We ended up going to law school together and were blessed to be put in the same section. We were constant support for each other. Brandon has a certain flare for the dramatic when it comes to being professional. Brandon was one of the few undergrad students I knew with his own student business cards. He was quick to bust one out whether it was for business or to impress a romantic interest. You should have seen his face when they announced on the first day of law school that we could order 500 free personalized business cards! Brandon (and his sister Shondra) are the most punctual people I know.  When Brandon says he’ll pick you up at 7:30, he means 7:00 and often arrives to clubs in time to help the DJ set up!!!




Meet Isaac Fletcher aka Ike aka Fletch. Isaac is a longtime friend. We share a long family history. In fact, our mothers are the closest of friends. Even our grandparents are longtime friends. Isaac and I are both musicians and share good laughs at off rhythm church clappers and unacceptable missed notes.  When we were younger we used to create and record our own WWF pay-per view specials. The most epic involved a royal rumble between Viper (Jonathan) and Poisonous Tree Frog (Isaac). The match was going according to plan until the opponents fell in a crack between the bed and Viper let out the most alarming and high-pitched scream ever. Viper was rushed to the ER and Poisonous Tree Frog was winner by default!  




Meet Louis Halsell aka Lou Dog aka sendoff. Louis pledged the fraternity a semester after I did. We became great friends through the organization. Lou is one of those guys who will bend over backwards for his friends and family. I will warn you that you have to beware of his trademark “sendoff”. For example, Lou arrived to a step practice late one evening. He looked as if something was bothering him. At the end of practice Lou informed us that he was late because some guys robbed him and took his bike. We were instantly furious. He said he knew the guys and knew what dorm they lived in. After debating whether we should call the police or handle it on our own, we decided just to drive by the dorm and see if his bike was near the dorm. As we prepared to leave, Lou stated, “ I’m just kidding. I don’t even have a bike!” I never understood how we fell for his fictions so many times, but you have been warned!