April 13, 2013 Married
Laura & Erik
Love doesn't make the world go round. Love makes the ride worthwhile.

The Bridal Party

Maid of Honor

Laura's sister, Lisa Adams

Lisa is one of my favorite people. She is my only sister! And if it wasn't for her I would never have met Erik -- something I am sure she will mention in her maid of honor speech. I am looking forward to wedding planning with her. And I hope she will sing (she has an amazing voice) at our wedding reception.



Laura's sister-in-law, Aly Adams

We became fast friends when Aly started dating my older brother, Greg. I feel like she is another sister and I love having her part of the family. I was excited to be in Aly & Greg's wedding in 2010 and I was smart enough to bring her along dress shopping because she pointed out the dress I said "yes" to!



Erik's sister, Sarah Stiansen

I asked Sarah to be part of my bridal party on the same day Erik, Sarah and I went down to see Bonnet Island Estate. I am so excited to be getting another sister and I hope Sarah feels the same way. I will be looking to Sarah for advice on living with Erik.



Laura's oldest friend in the world, Tami Gioia

Tami and I have known each other for 22 years, and grew up three houses apart. I remember playing Girl Talk, splitting a tuna sandwich and fries at Wolfies, sneaking into bars in Hawaii and being in Tami's wedding. Even though we don't get to see each other as much now, I couldn't imagine my wedding without her.


Flower girl

Laura's niece, Jaclyn Adams

Although my adorable Jaclyn might steal the spotlight, I couldn't leave her out of the bridal party. I want the cutest baby in the world to be there on my big day because I know just looking at her will make any wedding day stress go away.


The Groomsmen

Best Man

Erik's best friend, Scott Volpe

Scott is like a brother to me. I feel like a part of his family and I’m sure he feels like a member of mine. We’ve had so many good times growing up together that I’ll remember the rest of my life. Spending those eight Sundays in East Rutherford a year with him are easily the best days of the year (besides my wedding day since Laura’s reading this haha), and I look forward many more in the years to come.



Erik's friend, Jay Kranjac

We began hanging out when we started playing street hockey in elementary school and Jay's been a great friend ever since. I’ve enjoyed having Devils tickets with him these last couple of years despite the fact that I have to listen to his bad jokes and horribly biased analysis during the games. Road tripping around the country seeing different cities and ballparks has been a blast and I look forward to seeing the last handful of stadiums with him.  



Erik's friend, Sean Santagato

I’ve known Sean since freshman football and we are still playing to this day, even though we are a lot slower and less athletic in doing so. I’ve always enjoyed watching playoff games at his house and talking ACFL. He should forget about moving to Caldwell already and just buy that house across the street to start the "friend block."



Erik's friend, Brad Daniell

Although Brad's been away the last couple of years serving in the Army, we’ve always stayed in touch. We go back a long way and he's always kept the same positive, goofy personality. It’s impossible not to have a good laugh when talking to him. I’m looking forward to when Brad's out of the service and back home.



Laura's younger brother, Matthew Adams

It’s been great getting to know Matt. I know he's made Laura very happy that he’ll be so close to us going to school at Montclair (although he probably doesn't want to hang out with her). Matt, let me know whenever you want to go to a Devil game and I’ll steal Jason’s ticket for you.



Laura's older brother, Greg Adams

Along with Matt, it’s been nice getting to know Greg this past year. Maybe one of these days I’ll pick up golf so we can play and you can thoroughly embarrass me out there.