September 18, 2011 Married
Chris and Whitney
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Bridal Entourage

  Maid of Honor
TaRaja Davis

TaRaja and Whitney have been friends marking back to High School where they attended Professional performing Arts School. Strangely enough, their day of unite stemmed from TaRaja constantly being mistaken for Whitney's twin by students and even faculty. "Who is this Whitney?" quickly became the question that needed to be answered... and it was... at a performing arts meeting called in the schools auditorium Whitney was ironically seated right next to her. Since then the two have been on of the same and live up to their mistaken title as "twins".

Cassandra Joe

Cassandra and Whitney first met at Christian Cultural Center's First Annual Youth Fashion show. Little did they know that 8 years later they would soon be sister in laws. Cassandra and Whitney's bond began to develop on a trip to Albany to see a John Legend concert with Christopher and Maurice where they all equally shared laughs and their love for music. Aside from being a free spirit and having the ultimate "go getter" attitude Cassandra is admired by Whitney for her stregnth, independence and her gift of song that God has placed in her life.

Chevon Smith

Chevon met Whitney in Five Towns College where they both attended as Theater Arts Majors.  In Chevon's sophmore she and Whitney landed roles in a student project  "Vagina Monologues". This is where the bonding began. Often after long nights of rehearsal the two would ride on the train home together and talk about anything that would spark up a pleasant conversation. In the end, the two renamed each other as sisters and have kept a close bond ever since.

Dajana "Daji" Acevedo

Dajana was introduced to Whitney at a gathering for a farewell party for a mutal friend. Shortly after, they exchanged BBM pins and began talking almost daily and developed a friendship. Dajana and Whitney love getting together when they have the chance to get together for shopping dates and just spending some "girl time".  Dajana also assisted in picking the engagment ring, outfit worn to the surprise engagement party and bridesmaids dresses. Needless to say, shes quite the helper with shopping decisions!

Danea Robinson

Danea and Whitney attended Five Towns College together. Whitney can always count on Danea to share her love for the theater. During freshman year, Danea and Whitney were in all the same classes and not being friends just wasn't an option. After all, everyone else in the Theater department were all a little too theater-ish for both of their tastes. After completing a scene partner project together, they instantly became close friends and Danea reassigned Whitney as "Hill-billy".


Best Man
Ferdnand "Fred" Motely V

Fred and Chris have been close friends since the seventh Grade. Their introduction into each others life started when they came close to blows, one Septemeber afternoon; after the school bell of course. From this day, of what is still referred to as a "misunderstanding", they became life long friends. They have been adopted into each others families and have built such a strong bond that they have been introduced at times as "my brother". Regardless of where Chris is in the world or the extravagant trip Fred has just taken, they will always be able to pick up from the same spot. As they mature and grow into strong men, the bond they share stays the same. Their bond is so unique that they only refer to each other; not by name, but simply "Brotha".

Brandon Hill

Chris and Brandon have known each other almost as long as Whitney and Chris. Although Brandon entered into Chris' life by default, thanks to Whitney, Chris was quick to adopt him as a brother. Chris and Brandon share a lot of the same qualities and both find it easy to identify with their personalities. Their ultimate common ground: being the youngest. From hair cuts to stories of school Brandon looks up to his new adopted brother-in-law and is eager to officially welcome him into the family. As for Chris, he has already stepped into the roll of "the example" and is, daily, inflicting new "examples" on Brandon.

David Joe

David And Chris have had a bond so special that only David's beating Chris at yet another game would break it.  David is many years older than Chris but, growing up, David had much time to devote to his younger brother. They have a special type of brotherly love that can't be explained in a simple phrase. From secrets to games  to moves to stories, this brotherly bond can only get stronger with time.

Gamiliel "Gami" Torres

Gami and Chris haven't known each other as long as many of the Groomsmen. Their acquaintance was made while Whitney worked with Gami as his supervisor. One evening, Chris came to pick up his lovely lady and met Gami, instantly finding a much valued friend. Since then, Chris and Gami have had time to become close and engage in what Whitney would like to call, "bromance".
Maurice Chambers

Maurice and Chris have been friends since the beginning of Chris' high school years. They first met when Maurice attended the church in which Chris played in the band. They instantly became great friends while Maurice helped Chris enhance many of his musical talents and inspired many of the moves Chris made in his career. As their families drew closer, so did the bond they shared. Their common Ground is one that, as time goes on, will continue to get more common between them. This is another form of brotherly love that is just as special as if they'd grown up together.