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Conquer the seating chart

Your WeddingWire Seating Chart makes creating your floor plan and seating your family and friends simple.

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Find the perfect place for everyone on your list

It's easy to decide who's sitting where by mapping out your custom floor plan and assigning your guests seats with your WeddingWire Seating Chart.

Create your floor plan

Add tables, a dance floor, DJ booth and anything else to visually mimic your event layout.

Seat your guests

Your WeddingWire Seating Chart automatically syncs with your Guest List so all you have to do is drag and drop guests into their seats!

Share your Seating Chart

Easily print, email or export your WeddingWire Seating Chart in a visual or list format to give to your partner, planner or venue.

May I just say.. I absolutely LOVE the WeddingWire seating chart planning tool... This has been THE BEST planning tool I've found.

- Jamie, Pennsylvania | Wedding 7/16/16

This website has an insanely user friendly seating chart. It allowed me to edit and personalize each table and add seats and subtract seats.

- Hilary, California | Wedding 3/25/17

The seating chart on WeddingWire was a lifesaver and was done in no time.

- Deb, Connecticut | Wedding 6/30/17

Get started

Deciding who’s going to sit where can be overwhelming, but our wedding Seating Chart tool makes it easy. We’ll help you set up a floor plan, seat your guests and share the chart with your VIPs.

Stage the venue

Foam boards and thumbtacks won’t be needed. With our wedding guest seating tool, you can drag and drop tables to mimic your reception layout. This will help you visualize where the tables will be, and where guests will sit at each table.

Create the seating plan

How do you make sure all your guests have seats? Our Seating Chart tool lets you sync your guest list with the floor plan. Watch your seating arrangements take shape by placing everyone in the seat of your choice.

Spread the word

Lots of people will want to glance at your wedding guest seating plan. Easily print, export or email everything to your fiancée, planner, venue, or anyone else who may need it. They’ll have it in their hands in a few clicks.