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8 Wedding Flower Trends That Will Blossom in 2021

We asked industry experts to share their predictions for the most popular 2021 wedding flower trends. Get the scoop here.
By Samantha Iacia

It's safe to say that we could all benefit from looking at beautiful, colorful things right now, and the 2021 wedding flower trends do not disappoint. Even though weddings these days are taking on all different shapes and forms, flowers are still a major part of many celebrations (thank goodness for that!). From bouquets to attention-grabbing ceremony backdrops, flowers are the perfect way to breathe life, color, and energy into your wedding day. Whether you're eloping, re-planning a wedding that was previously postponed, hosting a small get-together in your backyard, or anything in between, here are the wedding flower trends you'll want to know for 2021. 

Boho Chic Dreams

White and Neutral Wedding Flowers

While color will play a major role in the 2021 wedding flower trends, couples are also going back to the basics for their bouquets, centerpieces, and other arrangements. "Using all-white flowers in a natural, organic fashion seems to be quite popular as of late," says Brooke Avishay of Orange Blossom Special Events in Van Nuys, California. "We’ve had a lot of clients request black and white color palettes with earth tone nudes and accents."

The color white represents balance and peace, so it makes sense that couples are embracing this calming hue after everything that happened in 2020. To go along with this trend, floral designers and wholesalers have started bleaching leafy plants in lieu of using traditional greenery. (One example: this wedding cake adorned with bleached Italian ruscus and palm leaves.) The washed-out look is equal parts bohemian and ethereal. The end result gives you the free-spirited look of a loose arrangement without the overload of color that greenery can sometimes create. For the richest effect, use flowers in various shades of white or ivory, and then add texture by using greenery and other botanicals, like pampas grass or bunny tails.

Katrena Wize Artography

Planning and floral design by Onieé's Engagements

Statement Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

Smaller weddings and Zoom weddings are here to stay—at least for now—but that doesn’t mean couples will be skipping out on gorgeous floral designs. In fact, over-the-top arrangements will be one of the most popular 2021 wedding flower trends, since they’re a great way to enhance a celebration not only in person, but also on camera and video. 

"Since couples are opting for microweddings, they are getting the chance to give bigger attention to their altars," says Jawana Onieé, owner and principal designer at Onieé’s Engagements in Greensboro, North Carolina. "This includes large rectangle and/or moon gate structures with full floral coverage, as well as huge floral installations, ceiling installations, and flower walls." Statement ceremony backdrops and other floral arrangements will be especially noteworthy for virtual weddings because of how well they set the scene for guests who aren’t physically present.

Slyvie Rosokoff, Bethany Small Photography

From left: Design by Jove Meyer Events and Vintage Meets Modern Event Rentals

Spray-Painted Flowers

This fun wedding flower trend is another idea that we can't wait to see more of. Florists and event designers are using brightly colored spray paints to amp up otherwise ordinary blooms and arrangements, giving them an added burst of whimsy and flair. Baby’s breath is one of the most popular ways to get onboard with this 2021 wedding flower trend, since it’s affordable and holds its shape without drooping or falling apart during the painting process. Anthuriums, pampas grass, palm leaves, plumosa ferns, and succulents are a few other options that look amazing when painted. Use vibrant pastel colors, like powder blue, lilac, and pink, for a cheerful aesthetic, or stick to metallics for an earthy, bohemian vibe.

Sage and Scarlet Photography

Dried Flowers and Greenery

Once reserved for vintage and rustic wedding styles, dried flowers and dried greenery are gaining traction when it comes to bohemian, minimalistic, and even classic aesthetics. Dried lavender, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and daisies are just a few options you can use to dress up your floral arrangements—mix them in with fresh botanicals, like roses, pampas grass, lunaria, proteas, or eye-catching banksia flowers for the most of-the-moment look. "From centerpieces to escort cards, many couples are finding creative ways to incorporate this trend into their decor," says Etsy trend expert Dayana Isom Johnson. "Even better, these florals can serve as special keepsakes for both the couple and wedding guests for years to come." 

LUCE on KettnerKate Van Amringe Photography

Wildflower and Nature-Inspired Arrangements

"There's a time and a place for the traditional, tightly bound centerpiece and bouquet, but it's not 2021," says Ashley Lachney, owner and lead planner of Alston Mayger Events in Kelso, Washington. "Whimsical floral is here to stay. Textures like eucalyptus or pampas grass, bleached ferns, and sweet blooms channeling your favorite wildflower are making their way into more and more wedding florals as we see designers inspired by loosely-gathered centerpieces and bouquets."

The reason behind all of this? It’s likely a result of the shift toward informal and intimate weddings, thanks to social distancing regulations. Couples are embracing the whimsical, lively look that perfectly imperfect floral arrangements can convey—stylish and planned, but also lighthearted and not too serious. Locally grown and seasonal flowers are another 2021 wedding flower trend we expect to stick around. Not only are they readily available for last-minute elopements, outdoor weddings, and civil ceremonies, but they add to the laid-back vibe that many couples are embracing. Flowers like delphinium, poppies, zinnias, Queen Anne’s lace, sunflowers, and blue thistle are a few favorites.

Callie Hobbs Photography, Ally & Bobby Fine Art Photography

From left: Design by Emma Lea Floral and Stephanie Shaul Events

Encased Florals

Your wedding flowers are already going to be the statement pieces of your day, but by encasing the arrangements or loose petals in an acrylic or glass vessel, you'll make them feel like museum-worthy details. Use one of these arrangements to create a unique table number, dress up the cocktail bar, or as a centerpiece that will truly wow your guests. 

Indie Pearl Photography

Floral design by Supposey

Sun Palms

Say hello to the new statement floral. We're predicting that sun palms (the bright orange and pink leaves pictured here) will be one of the top 2021 wedding flower trends, whether you're going for a bohemian look or something more tropical. These fan-shaped palms are naturally a light beige but can be dyed or painted in almost any color you can imagine, which makes them easy to incorporate into a range of wedding styles and color palettes. If you already love monstera leaves and pampas grass, consider using sun palms instead for a more unexpected addition to your wedding bouquets or arrangements. 

Alliey and Co.

Edible Flowers

This idea also happens to be one of our favorite 2021 wedding cake trends, and there are so many different ways to embrace it during your special day. We know that the idea of actually eating flowers might seem a little odd, but it's actually something that has been done for centuries. The Victorians are known to have used edible flowers to flavor and decorate their desserts, but you might not realize that many modern-day recipes also include flowers—for starters, salads, fancy cocktails, and even ice cream. Lavender buds, dandelions, marigolds, honeysuckle, pansies, chamomile, and roses not only look and smell beautiful, but you can eat them, too! Always double-check with a professional caterer about the types of flowers that are safe to consume (most importantly, confirm that they haven't been treated with chemicals and are prepared properly). Even if no one ends up eating them, it's a memorable conversation-starter.  

Samantha Iacia

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