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Ashley and Scott currently reside in Asheboro, North Carolina. Their wedding, which was hosted at a friend's farm, took place on June 1, 2013 and had an "Around the World" theme.

Take a peek at their cute engagement photos and proposal story.

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Photo: Rivkah | Fine Art Photography

Ashley and Scott first met at the starting line of the Krispy Kreme Run in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 4, 2012. They ran the 5-mile race together, stopping at the 2.5 mile mark to eat a dozen doughnuts each. This gave them an opportunity to set up their first date.

“It was a surprise, which turned out to be glow-in-the-dark golf at a gold course, complete with a picnic!" Ashley said.

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"Scott is from South Yorkshire, England and had been studying here in the U.S.A for the past three years," Ashley said. "I'm an American Army brat from all over the place. I lived and traveled in several countries, went to school for worship music ministry and photography. We just fell in love so effortlessly and beautifully."

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Scott planned a scavenger hunt while he and Ashley were in New York City for Christmas.

"We both had gone to NYC several times, but this was the first trip with each other," says Ashley. "Once we were under the tree, I thought he was getting the next clue. Scott said how much he loved me and was so happy and thankful...he said he wanted to give me an early Christmas present. I didn't expect a thing. He pulled out a ring box, got down on one knee and then asked if I would be his wife and marry him. I was ecstatic and replied with some variation of 'YES!'"

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Photo: Rivkah | Fine Art Photography

Ashley's engagement ring has a 14k white gold band and a diamond halo setting surrounding a round-cut emerald.

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Photo: Rivkah | Fine Art Photography

"Proposing to the love of your life is once in a lifetime, so make it a once in a lifetime occasion," said Scott. "That doesn’t mean spending masses of money or traveling to crazy places. But find out [their] dreams and make them come to life in your own creative way."