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Whitney Teal

Although I've spent more than a decade riffing on everything from suburban politics to celebrity hairstyles, helping couples plan their wedding day definitely takes the cake. A proud alumna of Howard University's journalism program, I've written for Parents.com, The Huffington Post, xoJane and Essence magazine. When I'm not writing, I'm debating the merits... of Drake, obsessing over frozen yogurt or plotting my next international adventure. View More

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Bridal Hair 26 Modern Hairstyles for Black Brides

Updos, loose curls, kinky buns, locs — modern hairstyles for Black brides are taking classic wedding hair to new and beautiful heights.

Bridal Hair 21 Natural Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length

Natural wedding hairstyles are perfect for women rocking gorgeous locks of any length. Check out this gallery for inspiration on inspiration for your wedding day.

Planning Basics Choosing the Best Wedding Dates with Numerology

Trying to set a date for your big day? Find the best wedding dates with numerology, a practice that assigns meaning to numbers and could bring you good (or bad) luck.

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Traditions 7 Greek Wedding Traditions & the Meanings Behind Them

Learn the meanings behind these symbolic Greek wedding traditions so you can weave traditions from the old country into your big day.

Speeches & Traditions 6 Greek Wedding Dance Vids to Inspire Your Reception Moves

Rompi Rompi to Mavi Mavi, kick off your shoes and get ready to review classic Greek wedding dance moves.

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