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15 Creative and Hilarious Groomsmen Photo Ideas

Just because you're wearing a tuxedo doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun.

groom and best man fist bump at head table - william innes photography

Just because you're wearing a suit or tuxedo doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun. That's what weddings are all about anyway, right? We have photographic proof that it's okay for the groom and groomsmen to let loose, especially when the time comes for group portraits. In fact, a little bit of goofing off usually results in some pretty priceless moments.

See our favorite creative and laugh-out-loud groomsmen photo ideas here!

groomsmen pyramid -jennifer van elk photography

Kudos to these guys for creating a human pyramid long enough to snap a photo, because it's harder to do than it looks!

groomsmen carrying the groom - thirteenth moon photography llc
Thirteenth Moon Photography

This group looks like they're ready to carry the groom straight to the altar.

groomsmen jumping photo - lark photography & video

We have to admit that we're pretty impressed by this perfectly-coordinated jump. Bonus points for the heel clicks!

groomsmen carrying groom on their shoulders - lexi photography

Three cheers for these groomsmen who celebrated the groom by carrying him on their shoulders.

groom and best man fist bump at head table - william innes photography

A fist bump behind the bride and maid of honor: simple and sweet!

groomsmen taking selfies - monique hessler photography

For the tech-savvy group, snapping selfies is a fun twist on traditional groomsmen portraits.

groomsmen holding bouquets - off beet productions

We're not exactly sure how these groomsmen got their hands on the bridesmaids' bouquets, but it's safe to say that they are totally owning the spotlight.

groomsmen in kilts kneeling with bride - abbey grim photography

There's nothing wrong with treating the bride like royalty on the big day, and we'd say that this kneeling pose does the trick (the kilts don't hurt, either).

groomsmen jumping with fall leaves - sweetcheeks photography

What do you do on a beautiful fall day? Play in the leaves, of course!

groomsmen kissing bride on the cheek - stories wedding photography costa rica

This trio didn't hold back on showing their love for the bride. So sweet!

groom wearing batman mask - hundreds of moments photography llc

Groom or real-life Batman? We'll never know!

wedding party surrounding bride and groom - apaige photography

We can definitely feel the love in this group photo—can you?

groomsmen wearing superhero t-shirts - ivonne carlton photography

Superhero socks are a popular groomsman accessory, but take it to the next level with hidden superhero t-shirts.

groomsmen holding spray paint cans - gloria ruth photography

For the groom's sake, we hope that those spray cans are empty!

groomsmen riding a bike - allori photography

Have some time to kill before the ceremony? Take a ride around the venue on a surrey bike!