Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is a truly magical experience. We’re offering our expertise to help make the planning process fun and stress-free for you from beginning to end. From decor inspiration to vow help, we’ve covered it all in our articles.

Bridal Hair

12 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair You'll Def Want to Steal

To help you decide on your wedding-day hairstyle, we compiled the top wedding hairstyles for long hair that we've seen real brides pull off for their own weddings.

Trends & Tips

The Hottest Wedding Trends on Pinterest and How to Pull Them off IRL

No Pinterest fails here! Those wedding trends you've been dreaming about CAN become a reality — just take a cue from these real couples.

Bride & Bridesmaids

10 Rehearsal Dinner Dresses and Outfits to Slay the Night

Trying to find something stylish to wear to your rehearsal dinner? We've got you covered. These rehearsal dinner dresses are great for every type of occasion.

Marriage Proposals

The Top 3 Dating App Deal Breakers

While online dating can be a great way to meet a new significant other, there are certain deal breakers you need to look for before you swipe.

Wedding Party

The 8 Best Ways to Communicate with Your Wedding Party

It's essential that you're able to clearly communicate with your wedding party members to ensure a smooth planning process. Here are some options when it comes to how to make that happen.

Rings & Jewelry

These 9 Minimalist Engagement Rings Prove That Less Can Be More

Bigger isn't *always* better. If you're looking for a sparkler that's simple yet stunning, don't miss these minimalistic engagement rings.

Planning Basics

How to Serve Weed at Your Wedding

If your state has given marijuana the green light, here are some expert-approved ways to make weed a part of your wedding.

Married Life

8 Signs Your Marriage is Stronger Than You Realize

Whether you've been married for years or days, there are certain traits of a strong marriage that are important to know.

Married Life

5 Expectations You Shouldn't Have Going Into Marriage

Marriage isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Here are five marriage expectations that you need to let go of before you say "I do."

Marriage Proposals

How to Create an Online Dating Profile that Truly Represents Who You Are

If you're ready to dive into the world of dating apps, it's time to create an online dating profile. Here's how.

Places to Celebrate

These 9 Barn Wedding Venues on Long Island Are Pure Rustic Goals

Not feeling the ballroom scene? These farm and barn wedding venues on Long Island are ideal for a laid-back, rustic celebration.

Bride & Bridesmaids

8 Celebrity Wedding Dress Look-Alikes from 2018

Star-obsessed brides who fell in love with this year’s celebrity wedding dresses will do a double take when they see these gowns.

Bride & Bridesmaids

8 Bridal Jumpsuits for Your Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner & More

Looking for a killer outfit to wear to your upcoming bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding reception? Rock one of these oh-so trendy bridal jumpsuits.


5 Sex Convos All Couples Should Have

While it can be awkward, these conversations about sex are must-haves for any couple in a relationship.

Planning Basics

6 Ways Wedding Planning Has Changed Since Your Mom (and Grandma!) Got Married

Weddings have changed a great deal since our parents and grandparents got married, from budget to venue to attire and more. Here's how.


5 Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer When Meeting Your Partner’s Family for the First Time

Meeting your partner's family for the first time is a big deal. Here are the questions you should be ready to answer to start things off on the right foot.