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Why you no stick to registry?!?!

Maggie N, on August 11, 2013 at 7:46 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 17
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Disclaimer: this is all in good fun! I am so grateful for all presents we have received!!!

But that being said, people, there is a reason we made a registry! Because as cute as that deviled egg plate is that you gave me, I do not have room for one in my cabinets! And I know you know I love wine so it's a good idea to give me a fancy wine opener right? Nope, we already have two- that's why we didn't register for one! Oh people..... Any other vents on why you didn't register for specific things??


  • kahlcara
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    kahlcara ·

    Most of the things we've gotten that weren't on the registry were things that we'd use. someone got us a personalized cutting board that says "the [FH's last name] kitchen" and then across the bottom it has our names. I love that. I didn't have a registry set up for my shower (my mom surprised me with it in March), and while she and my FMIL had a fairly good idea of what we needed and told most of the people there, one relative got us a grill press (we don't own a grill), wooden placemats that are so delicate they scratch one another when scratched ( we don't have room) and stone placecards [seriously doubt we'll ever host something that fancy]. luckily my mom returned that stuff for me and we got credit at BB&B which will help us get another set of dishes.

  • Future Mrs H
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    Future Mrs H ·

    One of my gifts were wine glass charms, a bottle of wine and a wine she got the wine chiller from the store we were registered that and had them add it on the registry so people knew it was bought already. Which was great, we do love wine as well....but we have no wine glasses!!! wouldn't it be better to get the wine glasses and charms? LOL very thoughtful and I never returned it ..even though we don't have room for it. I was reading the instructions though and to use the wine chiller you need 2 full ice cube trays and a pitcher of cold water....umm shouldn't the chiler be able to keep the wine cold without that effort? LOL

  • Future_Lobos
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    Future_Lobos ·

    I had this same rant two weeks ago.

  • Amanda
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    Amanda ·

    Luckily so far we've mostly gotten gifts from our registry. We did get a random set of plastic cups and a glass fruit bowl from TJMaxx from someone, which was a little strange. Like, I totally understand if you're on a budget (we are too!), but there are TONS of useful items under $15 on our registry you could've chose from!

  • Future Mrs H
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    Future Mrs H ·

    You are crazy lucky Amanda! I think maybe 7 people followed our registry and then 80% of the those non-followers did not include gift I was stuck wwith 3 of the same pyrex dish I gave one to my mom bc she needed new stuff LOL

  • Briggitte Dix
    October 2019
    Briggitte Dix ·

    A lot of the older people that attended our reception and shower ended up purchasing things that were not on the registry. The good thing is you can always return it! lol

    Sometimes people don't buy off the registry because all of the inexpensive items are gone, so I went out of my way to make sure there were plenty of items under $10. Some people will just do it anyways... so I would lookup the brand and find out where I could return the item if it was something we couldn't use.

    My husbands family is big into fancy parties and entertaining so I returned a ton of silver platters and crystal candle sticks/dishes.

  • HalloweenBride
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    HalloweenBride ·

    I haven't gotten any gifts yet, but I've always wondered why people do this? Maybe the like thinking about the gift a bit more? But I always really think about WHAT I'm going to purchase off the registry. For example: FH wanted to purchase random crap off FSIL's registry to total the amount he wanted to give. I suggested we buy another place setting of her china because she didn't have them all yet. He called his mom, and she said the same thing.

    But I really hope we don't get anything that's not on our registry and if it is, I hope I can use it. FSIL did get some random things (Like a bible from one lady and Woman Porn from another) which her husband was like "What?" but of course she was gracious.

  • TooManyMistys
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    TooManyMistys ·

    Usually if I don't stick to the registry is for personalization as well Or a bunch of smaller things I know that can be used.

  • LaurenVictoria
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    LaurenVictoria ·

    I took the liberty..

  • Maggie N
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    Maggie N ·

    Yes!!!!!! Thank you Lauren!!!

  • LaurenVictoria
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    LaurenVictoria ·

    Haha, I couldn't resist

  • Chelle
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    Chelle ·


  • Goodbye
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    Goodbye ·

    We were encouraged to register for our engagement party, which we did. Now everyone in both of our families know that I bake (I create custom cakes/dessert tables, etc.), so I found it really odd that a guest bought me a bunch of Paula Dean utensils and kitchenwear from the Dollar Tree (measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatulas, dish towels). I wish they had spent the $10.00 on something we had registered for and needed.

  • Trena
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    Trena ·

    We got a few things off our registry. Most of it was fine, but for the people who didn't know us well who did it, it was bad. I'm an interior designer, with very modern, classic tastes. We got some "canisters" that look more like hand painted ash urns. But so ugly that DH said he'd hate to have his ashes on one. Speaking of, we need to make a goodwill trip....

    Because most of the stuff we didn't like, people got from who-knows-where. At least a couple of the things were bought at random boutiques from other towns. So we can't return any of it. It's kind of funny actually, how the people who included gift receipts for us were the ones who bought off our registries. The people who didn't, we want to return their stuff, and have no clue where they got it.

  • Mrs. A
    VIP November 2013
    Mrs. A · shower isn't for two weeks and a couple of ppl went rogue. We registered for stainless steel pots and are getting non stick. I didn't register for non stick cuz I already have afull set. I also saw a dutch oven. I dodon't know what that is but I guess I'll find out!

  • Private User
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    Private User · someone that got 12 cutting boards for her wedding...I couldn't agree more. Please stick to registries, or at least look at them to see what is already being purchased.

    We got several items that are really not our taste. We'll either re-gift them or take them to goodwill. Space is really a problem for us in a 2 bedroom apartment, so it's just kind of unfortunate that we have a lot of weird specialty items that we didn't ask for and don't have space for.

    A few off the registry gifts did turn out great...some of those cutting boards, I really love, my brother got us a beautiful salad bowl, and we got a personalized cookie jar that's very cute (though we don't make cookies really, but it's still cute)...we got a beautiful painting from husbands father.

    I'd say unless you know the bride and groom really well, shop on the registry.

  • Just Reenski
    Master December 2012
    Just Reenski ·

    I as an individual am incredibly difficult to shop for. My husband defaults to buying me Superman stuff to stay safe-ish. I know there have been ladies here who have gotten super sentimental gifts that obviously weren't on the registry and loved them. We are not those people.

    We got a large PUR water filter thing -- YES, we truly would love to have more filters for it, not another cutting board when we barely cook as it is. Or ceramic baking pans when you know I haven't made a cake in years. We really wanted the filters.

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