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who will be or who was your oldest wedding guest? Tell me your relationship & story. please post ur pix

mrsrobinvalentine, on July 21, 2014 at 10:43 AM Posted in Married Life 0 27
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My grandmother aka Nana, is our family matriarch, she was 95yrs old at the time of our wedding. Now she's 96yrs young. I love my Nana with all of my heart. That's my son at the door escorting her into my bridal suite at the venue. She was 5 minutes late getting there and you know without a doubt, my wedding didn't start without her. Her arrival & attendance was a must. Show your oldest guest & share your stories.


  • Becky
    Super September 2014
    Becky ·

    I don't have a picture on my computer, but my grandma will turn 94 a few weeks before our wedding & has just traveled from Florida to Nebraska for my cousin's wedding & is now headed to Boston for another cousin, then to me for ours in September. She keeps walking, swimming and playing golf to keep her young

  • Barbara
    Master September 2014
    Barbara ·

    My Grandma will be our oldest guest at nearly 92. Here we are back in the early 80s with my sister (I'm the toe head in the middle).

  • Caylin C.
    Master August 2015
    Caylin C. ·

    My dad will be our oldest guest at 81. I'm on mobile so I can't post a picture, but I will tell you he is a very young 80 year old. He's already all excited to figure out our dance.

  • C
    Master July 2014
    csquid ·

    My grandma was my flower girl, she'll be 95 in a few months. She is absolutely the heart and soul of our family and is completely adored. 9 of her 11 children were at my wedding (my father being #10 of the 11). Her and my grandfather started an amazing family and I am so thankful to have such a huge, close family! We have a family reunion every year

  • Koch Bride
    Master September 2014
    Koch Bride ·

    Wow! Robin, your grandmother looks fantastic! I would think she was in her late 70s.

    Well, we do not know for sure if he will be able to attend but my FH's grandfather is 86. His health is poor but he is so sharp. He gave FH the main stone for my ring which has been in his family for decades and was his wife's engagement ring as well. It would mean the world to me if he were able to be there.

  • Tania Lynn
    Super July 2015
    Tania Lynn ·

    Our oldest will be my FH's grandmother. She's 92 and sassy and we all just adore her. First time I met her she pulled me aside, gave me a big hug and said so earnestly it was comical, "I'm so happy to meet you! You are so much prettier than those other girls E has brought home. And you make him so happy! He better not be stupid enough to screw this up..." FH was horrified and I was cracking up. Love her!

  • Emily
    Super August 2014
    Emily ·

    My grandpa will be our oldest guest. He's 93 years young, and has all the energy and vitality of someone 25 years younger. We can't wait to celebrate with him! He will probably be on the dance floor all night. ;-)

  • G
    Expert July 2014
    Gettin'Hitched ·

    I have my fingers crossed that my gma, at 92, will be there. We pushed to get the wedding put together quickly in greater hopes that she will be able to make it. I am her oldest grandchild and the first granddaughter to get married (some of the boys younger than me have already taken the plunge). She is amazing and wonderful and has meant so much to me, I am crossing fingers, toes, anything else, that she is well enough to make it. She will have to travel to get here and her health is declining, so it's all day-to-day.

  • mrsrobinvalentine
    Master February 2014
    mrsrobinvalentine ·

    Ladies, thanx for sharing your wonderful stories. My Nana also, walks everyday (doesn't like driving). She takes care of 4 of her 6 great grandchildren, ranging from 5yrs old to 11yrs old during the school year. Every Summer, she spends in the West Coast (lives in the East Coast), I'm always anxious for her to get back to NJ. thanx again for sharing.

  • Gamecock Mrs.
    Master October 2014
    Gamecock Mrs. ·

    God willing, it will be my grandfather. He is 84. He will have to fly from RI. My grandmother was five years older than he, but she passed in October. I don't have any accessible pictures.

    My other grandmother just turned 77 last week. FH has some older Aunts.

  • Kristine
    Super October 2014
    Kristine ·

    As of now, my grandmother will be our oldest guest. She's 87 going on 28, swears like a sailor, and I have no idea what I would do without her. She's a retired wedding seamstress, and she's an absolute pistol when it comes to keeping the bridal salon in order!

    (Edited, to include a picture of Grandma and her great grandson)

    I've got my fingers crossed, if FH's grandfather is well enough, he will be coming from Colombia, and will just bump Grandma from her honorary position (he's 88)

  • michele
    VIP October 2014
    michele ·

    My FH grandma is 93, still tries to shovel her own snow and trim tree branches

  • mrsrobinvalentine
    Master February 2014
    mrsrobinvalentine ·

    I'm hoping that you ladies will return & add a photo or 2 with your wonderful stories. Here's her being introduced as the family's matriarch. She loves the limelight!

  • Amber
    Expert November 2014
    Amber ·

    Wow 96 looks goooood! You know what they say ;-)

    My oldest guest will probably be my aunt at 81 (dad's side) or my great-aunt at 81 (moms side)

    My grandfather would have been 92 and the picture of health, but he was killed in a house fire last year!

  • Katie
    Super June 2014
    Katie ·

    Our oldest guest was my grandmother. She is 92 and probably the feistiest lady I know. She is very hard of hearing and therefore thinks everyone else is too so she will be " whispering" about someone but actually yelling. She does it all the time at her nursing home and it is the funniest thing ever. Grandma talks a lot of smack, but she can back it up.

  • T-Rex
    Master August 2013
    T-Rex ·

    My family dies young. The oldest member of my family is my cousin, who is 46. The next oldest is my mom's cousin, who is probably 65.

    The oldest was probably my husband's father, who was 78. He was hooked up to oxygen, but he made it!

  • SunshineJenn
    Master August 2014
    SunshineJenn ·

    My surviving grandparents are 78 and 80, but they don't travel, so they won't be attending our wedding (no matter where we had it). The oldest person there will be my dad at 65.*

    *Someone might notice that age difference. Grandparents are on my mom's side. My dad was a bit older than my mom hahaha. Grandma still likes to remind me that she's only 13 years older than my father. Seems to run in the blood, because my mom is not even 12 years older than Lee.

  • Allyson
    Master May 2014
    Allyson ·

    I love this post! So many wonderful family members.

    My grandma was our oldest guest at 87, and it meant so much that she was there for it! She was my baby sitter and best friend growing up! She use to say she wanted to live to see the year 2000. Then she was going to see me graduate high school, then college. Once she'd seen all of that, my wedding was her next goal! She told me a few weeks ago that she'd like to see me graduate law school next year

  • K & J 15'
    Expert October 2015
    K & J 15' ·

    I'm not married yet, and still have a yr and about two months to go. But at my wedding the oldest person I know will be my grandma (sorry no Pic). She will be 90 yrs young. She is one of the most fearless people I've ever met. She is a such a fiesty lady. She can still walk on her own (without help from a wheelchair or walker), and has all her own teeth still. She loves to clean the dishes, and do laundry, and take walks around the block. Her hearing is the only thing she has trouble with nowadays, you need to get close to her to talk with her so she can hear you.

  • mrsrobinvalentine
    Master February 2014
    mrsrobinvalentine ·

    More stories & photos, please

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