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Who is your bridal party?

Jae, on December 14, 2013 at 4:29 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 78
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Let's share a little about our bridal party! My Maid of Honor is my sister and my only bridesmaid is my best friend from high school and roommate from college. The Best Man is FH's best friend, and the groomsman is his son (which I think is really sweet). We're going to have 1 flower girl, my 2 year old niece, and a flower girl escort, my 5 year old nephew. No ring bearer.

Small and simple, just the way we wanted it! How about you all? Who does your bridal party consist of?


  • LillyBride
    VIP May 2014
    LillyBride ·

    Six bridesmaids: 3 sisters, a cousin, a sorority sister (MOH), and a close friend

    Six groomsmen: FH's brother (BM), 2 fraternity brothers, and 3 childhood friends

    No flower girls or ring bearer

  • Nichole
    Super June 2014
    Nichole ·

    My MOH is my only sister and I have 4 BMs, 1 cousin, 2 of my best friends, and my FSIL. The guys are all of FH's best friends

  • KellyT
    Master August 2014
    KellyT ·

    I'm having two MOHs. One is my sister and the other is my best friend. My other two BMs are friends from high school.

    FH's BM is a friend from college. His other GM are his brother and two friends.

  • nicole&mikeM
    VIP November 2014
    nicole&mikeM ·

    Moh- my sister

    4 bridesmaids- sister, best friend, college roomie, and another friend

    best man- FH brother

    groomsmen- my 2 brothers-in-law

    i asked fh if there was anyone he wanted and he said no... so we compromised on the bils. so moh and bm will walk together and the gm will have 2 girls each.

    no flower girl or ring bearer- no kids allowed

  • Staci
    VIP July 2014
    Staci ·

    MOH is my best friend from High School. Bridesmaids are a childhood friend, and my best friend from summer camp.

    BM is my FH's Brother, and his 2 best friends.

    Ring Bearers are FH's Nephews.

    No Flower Girl.

  • Nadine
    VIP August 2015
    Nadine ·

    Haha on my side is

    MOH: my sister natalie

    BM: cousin Sara

    BM: cousin Lisa

    BM: sister in law Patti

    BM: sister in law Julie

    BM: fh sister Hannah

    BM: friend Maria

    His side

    Bestman: his brother Eric

    GM: his brother in law Ed

    GM: my brother Donald

    GM: my brother David

    GM his brother in law Brandon

    Then we have 2 flower girls 2 ring bearers and 2 paiges

  • Meredith
    Super May 2014
    Meredith ·

    MOH - Best friend/sorority pledge sister/former roommate

    3 Bridesmaids - my older sister, step-sister/childhood best friend, and another pledge sister

    Flower girl - my niece

    BM - FH's older brother

    3 groomsmen - 2 best friends, and 1 of his younger brothers

    2 ushers - FH's youngest brother and my older brother

    No ring bearer

  • Ailin&Angel
    Expert May 2014
    Ailin&Angel ·

    MOH- Best friend

    4 BM- 2 of FH sisters and 2 of my closest friends

    6 GM- Fh Brothers and closest friends.

  • Leanna
    VIP March 2014
    Leanna ·

    MOH - Sister

    3 Bm's are friends since I was 9

    1 Bm I met in high school

    1 BM I met in beauty school. We got very close very quickly.

    Best Man : Our oldest son :-)

    The rest of his gm's are friends from high school :-)

  • Mrs. A. Fernandez
    Master August 2014
    Mrs. A. Fernandez ·

    Don't have one.

  • Trisha
    Super April 2014
    Trisha ·

    Bridesmaids: my older sister (MOH), my best friend since I was 2, and FH's sister

    Groomsmen: FH's brother (BM), my tsp brothers, FH BIL, my 2 nephews

    Ring bearer/flower girl: my nephew & his niece

  • Mallory Abroad
    Master October 2014
    Mallory Abroad ·

    MOH - my BFF old college roommate who happens to be my FSIL (FH's younger sister)

    BestMan- FH's best (and oldest) friend

    2FGs - my little cousins (the children of my first cousin who's farm we are getting married on)

  • W
    Dedicated June 2014
    WaitingOnJune ·

    Bridesmaids- Three sorority sisters, other friend from undergard, FSIL, friend from grad school

    Groomsmen- FBIL, my two brothers, three of his friends

    Ushers- FSIL's husband, family friend

    FG- my cousin

    Ring bearer- his nephew

  • 2015Bride
    Super May 2015
    2015Bride ·

    Not sure who the flower girl will be, but my MOH is my best friend from highschool and my three bridesmaids are my two sisters and a really good friend of mine

  • Donna
    Master June 2014
    Donna ·

    Two Maids of Honor - my younger sister and my best friend

    Two Bridesmaids - my older sister and my sister-in-law ( my brother's wife)

    Best Man - FH's son

    Three Groomsmen - FH's brother and two friends

    Two Junior Bridesmaids - two of my nieces

    Four Flower Girls - three of my nieces and FH's niece

    Ring Bearer - my nephew

  • Julie
    Expert January 2014
    Julie ·

    Moh: BFF

    Bridesmaid: cousin

    Bridesmaid: cousin

    Flower girl: moh's daughter

    Best man: FH BF

    Groomsmen: my brother

    Groomsmen: my cousin

    No ring bearer

    Edited for spelling

  • Leanne
    VIP April 2017
    Leanne ·

    Moh is my sister, bm will be my bff if she can come home. Otherwise just having my sister. Gm will be fh's 2 brothers. No ringbearer, our sons are walking our mum's in.

    My older brother I will ask to do a reading and younger brother MC at the rception

  • Jennifer
    Super May 2014
    Jennifer ·

    Matron of Honor- my older sister

    Maid of Honor- my younger sister

    2 Bridesmaids- my step sister & my best friend

    Best Man- FHs best friend

    Groomsman- my Brother in law

    Ring Bearer- our son

    2 Flower girls- my nieces.

  • FutureMrs.C
    Super April 2015
    FutureMrs.C ·

    I have 6;

    MOH - little sister

    BMW - 2 cousins & 3 of my dearest friends

  • Mrs. Owens
    Expert January 2014
    Mrs. Owens ·

    Maid of honor : my friend since kinder (24 years)

    Matron of Honor: my friend since high school (14 years)

    Flower girl: matron OH's daughter 3year old

    Junior ushers: MaidOH's daughters 7 &9

    Best Man: FH best friend from childhood

    GM: his brother and friend

    Usher: my brother

    Ring bearer: my son 5 years old

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