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Where did you register?

Lacie23, on September 7, 2013 at 7:05 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 14
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My FH & I are from a small town with not many choices to register so I was curious where all you guys are registering or if anyone has ever registered with online websites?


  • Mrs. M
    Super August 2013
    Mrs. M ·

    Bed, Bath & Beyond. It has online availability

  • Mrs. M
    Super August 2013
    Mrs. M ·

    Bed, Bath & Beyond. It has online availability

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    Most likely Macy's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Amazon.

  • A
    Master April 2014
    Aleykit* ·

    Target and The Pampered Chef.

  • Annamaria
    Devoted November 2013
    Annamaria ·

    We registered at Kohl's and they have online availability.

  • mscountry
    Master July 2014
    mscountry ·

    I am using you pick items from any site and it adds. Way easier then having 3 on different sites

  • Jennifer
    VIP November 2013
    Jennifer ·

    Target and Kohls. Both have online availability and in store.

  • Mrs Drakthal
    Master September 2013
    Mrs Drakthal ·

    Macys, Target, and BedBath and Beyond

    Macy's is our serious registry with dishes etc

    Target is our fun registry camping equipment and Legos

    BedBath and Beyond has all those things you want but would never buy for yourself

  • Mrs. C
    VIP September 2013
    Mrs. C ·

    Aleykit718-Oh! I Love the Pampered Chef idea! I didn't know you could do that.

    We registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl's and Target.

  • S2B Mrs. Davis
    Expert December 2013
    S2B Mrs. Davis ·

  • HalloweenBride
    Master October 2013
    HalloweenBride ·

    Target and Macy's. His family is only buying from the Macy's which kinda sucks because the stuff we really need is at Target but I guess we did register at Macy's just for them.

    No problem with the registries really except I don't like how many items Target had in store that aren't available online. It will make it more difficult for my guests since they're all over the place and I'm worried some of the Target stores near them won't have the same items.

  • HalloweenBride
    Master October 2013
    HalloweenBride ·

    Future Mrs. C - FSIL registered at Pampered Chef, they don't have a real registry system but if you have a good consultant they'll do it all for you!

  • KM
    Master March 2015
    KM ·

    Pottery barn and Macy's. I just want a few kitchen appliances and nice linens and towels

  • Abby
    VIP May 2014
    Abby ·

    Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target. All have online registry management tools.

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