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Where did you get your earrings?

Mrs.Miller, on May 12, 2014 at 11:53 PM

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I want to see your blings ! it is hard to get earring online without actually matching with my dress how did you buy it?

I want to see your blings ! it is hard to get earring online without actually matching with my dress how did you buy it?


  • AntRia
    Devoted July 2014
    AntRia ·

    I am having a hard time deciding. I want to wear something vintage but non-traditional. Here are my two choices I am deciding on.

  • Katie
    Super June 2014
    Katie ·

    Charming Charlies - they're just simple " pearl" studs. I also got my bridesmaids their jewelry from there.

  • songbird
    VIP March 2014
    songbird ·

    Nordstrom. Part of the Nadri line.

    I tried several different options (Nordies, Macys, BHLDN, Ann Taylor, CCharlies) and ultimately liked these best.

  • Julie
    Expert September 2014
    Julie ·

    Earrings from oojacquelina on etsy, and I forget where I got the bracelet.

  • diane
    Dedicated June 2014
    diane ·

    @songbird, those are pretty! I don't see this on the nordstrom website though, can you post the link, please?

  • Saw022
    Devoted July 2014
    Saw022 ·

    I got mine at Payless half off! they are pearl mixed with tiny rhonestones.

  • songbird
    VIP March 2014
    songbird ·

    @diane: I went on the Nordie's site and couldn't find them anymore

    They are by Nadri. The closest style I could find on the Nordstrom site was in the 'Legacy' line.

    I did a little search and found them on another site. This site also lists the style number just in case you want to look in other places.

  • Antoinette
    Devoted August 2014
    Antoinette ·

    Sorry no pic right now but I got my earrings, necklace and matching ring ( for the other hand) at jcp.

  • Hayley
    Super July 2014
    Hayley ·

    Groupon! They always have cool stuff!

    I got 14k rose gold earrings for $30.

  • OfficiallyMrs.Bentley
    Super May 2014
    OfficiallyMrs.Bentley ·

    PureRain on Etsy. Quick shipping and great items!

  • Zoey
    Dedicated August 2014
    Zoey ·

    Got these Nadri earrings in silver tone (not this exact color) from Nordstrom Rack. It matches my ring.

  • Liana
    VIP November 2014
    Liana ·

    My inlaws bought mine for me from Tiffany & Co. It's Greek tradition for the immediate family members to get the bride and groom jewelry for the engagement. They're beautiful! Can't wait to wear them.

  • Jaimee G.
    VIP January 2014
    Jaimee G. ·

    I bought them from Swarovski. My colors were pink and ivory so these matched perfect.

  • Rubi
    Devoted June 2014
    Rubi ·

    Rhinestone jewelry

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