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Where did you get your earrings?

Mrs.Miller, on May 12, 2014 at 11:53 PM

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I want to see your blings ! it is hard to get earring online without actually matching with my dress how did you buy it?

I want to see your blings ! it is hard to get earring online without actually matching with my dress how did you buy it?


  • kristenann
    Master October 2014
    kristenann ·

    @FutureMrsZottolla- what shop did you use on Etsy? Your set is beautiful.

  • N
    Master September 2014
    Now I'm Mrs_M ·

    Reception earrings came from the boutique where I purchased my dress.

    Reception bracelet was handmade by my step-mom who beads.

    Ceremony jewelry (pearls) came from Kohl's on clearance for $9.80! Can't beat that! My step-mom is also making me a matching bracelet.

  • FinallyMrsB
    Super July 2014
    FinallyMrsB ·

    A renaissance faire

  • M
    Master August 2014
    Miss S. ·

    I got my studs from Lia Sophia after going to a party. They are amazing quality for Fake diamond studs and are very sparkly I love them

  • FutureMrsZottola
    Master July 2015
    FutureMrsZottola ·

    @KristenAnn, I got it from terihuang. She is great. takes a little while to ship but she makes everything herself and pays great attention to detail. I have attached the link!

    Silly me, I previously attached my BM's necklaces not the earrings. Here are the earrings.

  • A&G
    Master August 2014
    A&G ·

    The earrings I'm wearing are my something borrowed. My mom matched a pair of her earrings to my necklace (which I knew matched my dress).

  • Emma
    Master October 2024
    Emma ·

    @Future Mrs R, I have the exact same earrings! I got them from David's Bridal.

  • Ali Ess
    Devoted May 2014
    Ali Ess ·

    My mom cannot wear earrings anymore so she has given me all of her nice earrings. I'll be wearing pearl and diamond studs. I am saying that one pair is borrowed and one pair is old, even though they're both old and she gave them both to me awhile ago. =P

  • Atredis
    Expert September 2014
    Atredis ·

    I made myself a few different options with sterling silver findings I bought from Etsy, plus rhinestones from Michael's and fresh water pearls from one of my best friends' trips to the Philippines. I am also making my BM jewelry and that will be their gifts as well using ruby stone beads, marcasite, and initial charms. Can't wait to see them all on the day of!

  • Jen
    Dedicated August 2014
    Jen ·

    Mine are from macys. Good sale and a coupon. I bought my BM from Earringnation on line. Beautiful drop pearls and very reasonable

  • SandM
    VIP August 2014
    SandM ·

    Nordstrom. I'm not doing a necklace because my dress has a lace overlay.

  • ReneeCool
    Super December 2013
    ReneeCool ·

    I have a nice pair of CZ studs that I planned to wear, but DH surprised me with a pair of diamond studs as a wedding gift. I had a lot of bling in my headpiece and sash so I didn't wear a lot of jewelry - just earring, a blingy bracelet (from Charming Charlie's) and my rings of course.

  • Milwaukee_Bride
    VIP August 2014
    Milwaukee_Bride ·

    Bought mine off of - they look amazing with my dress

  • Rebecca
    Super July 2014
    Rebecca ·

    The earrings and necklace came from Nordstrom's bridal salon. I went into the store to purchase it. They can also deliver items to a store or your house.

  • AntRia
    Devoted July 2014
    AntRia ·

    I am having a hard time deciding. I have about 4 choices but here is one I like. I ordered them online at ebay.

  • jillandbill2014
    Expert July 2014
    jillandbill2014 ·

    I don't have to match my dress since it's plain, just some ruching (I will bling it up with a sash) My mom is letting me wear her pearls, my something borrowed, so I'm looking for pearls to go with the necklace. I'm stalking these right now, but can't decide!

  • K
    Beginner June 2014
    KSmall to be ·

    I got mine from JC Penny, and the perfect sparkly cuff bracelet I've been looking for I found at Claire's

  • Ashlee
    VIP October 2014
    Ashlee ·

    @futuremrszotolla i was looking at stuff similar to that! what shop did you get it at?

  • Ashlee
    VIP October 2014
    Ashlee ·

    Nm i just seen the other post! its gorgeous i love it!! is it super sparkly?! thats what im worried about buying off the internet. the bridal salon i bought my dress at has jewelry but the earrings alone were like 250 necklace was around 400 and the bracelet was like 250 came out to close to 1,000! i was like ummmmm cant i find this stuff cheaper?!?!

  • Koch Bride
    Master September 2014
    Koch Bride ·

    All from Kate Spade!

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