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When to send out invites/save the dates with an early room block?

Amy, on August 17, 2018 at 12:17 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
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Mom getting married on June 2, at an event space with a hotel attached. The room block for the hotel ends on March 4th (and they won’t push it back any further). When would you suggest I send out the invites and save the dates? I want as many people as possible to be able to stay on location rather than somewhere else!


  • starsinwaves
    VIP November 2018
    starsinwaves ·
    I’d send out STDs in the normal time frame (6-8 months) and include the hotel information with them. We had a similar situation (room block expired in July for our November wedding) and spread the info via email and word of mouth because we had already sent out our STDs. The full rundown was on our website.

    Also, WeddingWire has a hotel tool that offers special group rates for multiple hotels in your area. So we provided that link for anyone to use if they didn’t book by the deadline.
  • Kelly
    Master October 2018
    Kelly ·
    I would send them at normal time but maybe put an insert with save the dates? For my room block I get an update every week about who is currently booked. Maybe ask if they do that and then when it gets closer you can reach out individually to the people that haven’t booked that you’re worried about just to remind them?
  • Gen
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    Gen ·
    Date twins!

    I would send your save the dates around October or early November because I wouldn’t want them to get lost or forgotten among all the holiday mail! And I agree with pp, I’d include hotel information with the save the dates and I’d put in bold that you must have the room booked by March 4. Then in January/February I’d also call your VIPs who you know will need hotel rooms, to remind them and make sure they book the rooms before the deadline.

    We are sending our invites out at the beginning of March (we have a ton of OOT guests) but if yours are mostly local I’d send invites in April!
  • Neffe
    Master July 2020
    Neffe ·

    Hi Amy! I think you would be okay sending them out during the normal 4-6 month timeframe! You would just need to highlight the deadline for the room block to make them aware! You should also place the information on your website or send a mass email to further update them!

  • BrandiWeds18
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    BrandiWeds18 ·

    6-8 months should be fine. If you have many out of town guests i'd said 7 to 8 months before to give them time to prepare. My wedding is in May and im thinking of sending out save the dates, with hotel info on our website, end of September early October.

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