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What did you splurge on?

mellissamarie, on June 11, 2010 at 1:42 PM Posted in Planning 0 32
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What did you splurge on for the wedding? And was/is it worth it?

I would have to say my invites! And I am so happy I did! Well worth it for me!


  • Danielle
    Super August 2010
    Danielle ·

    My dress... well my Mom paid for it, but we totally blew the budget on that. It is totally worth it though!!!

  • Sherri
    VIP September 2010
    Sherri ·

    Transportation....we went with Molley's Trolleys. I love how the pictures look with the old fashioned trolleys.

  • Jessica
    Super September 2011
    Jessica ·

    The food and drink and my dress, everything else will have to be budget lol, but so worth it

  • Mrs. Libragurl
    Master October 2010
    Mrs. Libragurl ·

    My dress

  • *Rell's Bride*
    Super July 2010
    *Rell's Bride* ·

    I am kind of ashamed to say it but I think w splurged on almost everything I think the problem was that we did not have a budget...the only budget I set was for my gown and like Danielle that budget was blown out the window...any way besides the gown transportation, invites, definately the cake (got my cake from Carlo's Bakery...Cake Boss , drinks for reception, reception hall...ummm yeah just about everything!!!

  • *almost*
    Devoted April 2011
    *almost* ·

    My dress, I have to be tight with everything else now

  • JessSquared
    Super July 2010
    JessSquared ·

    My big splurge is the bar. You could open a club with the amount of liquor we've got.

  • Michele
    VIP July 2010
    Michele ·

    Hmmm...I'm not much of a "splurger." I would have to say my shoes, although I got them on sale for something like $40. I say that only because I already had a perfectly good pair I could have worn, but decided to purchase these as a spur of the moment decision type thing.

    But everything else is still right on budget or below!

  • Steppy
    Super September 2011
    Steppy ·

    Ohhhh definetly the dress....blew that budget by $500. i want to cry but at the same beyond excited lol

  • Officially His Mrs P.
    Master October 2010
    Officially His Mrs P. ·

    Catering it a little more than half my budget BUT it included family style service, bartenders, linens, flatware & plates.

    Liquor & the photobooth come in next.

  • the-e-bay-bride
    Devoted October 2010
    the-e-bay-bride ·

    Photographer....she's a little less than half of the estimated dinner/wine costs! Oh Well! Looking back at my wedding photos when I'm old and gray I want to have some HOT pics!

  • Mrs Danie
    Master October 2010
    Mrs Danie ·

    There were a few things that I thought I was going to splurge on that I found totally awesome deals, like my BMs custom hair pieces and our toasting glasses. There are benefits to shopping where you work.

    I did splurge on my shoes, the fabric for my bodice and Mead. My shoes are handmade, suede ghillies and a perfect addition to my dress. I will be able to wear them at renfaire for many years. The fabric for my bodice was a must have. I had the image in my head on what it would look like. I dragged FS all over the fabric district until I walked into one store and it was like clouds parted and angels were singing. I said "I want that one!", I didnt care about the price. And as for the Mead, I really really really want it. IMO it tastes so much better than grape wine. Our venue cant get it so we have to buy it and pay them a corking fee. I totally say they are all worth it.

  • Sharon
    Master June 2010
    Sharon ·

    The Villa ..but we stayed for a week.

    The photographer was next and he was sooo worth it, then the dress (sorta regret the money I spent on the dress, but ah well!)

  • MelKel
    Master May 2010
    MelKel ·

    No real splurges per se. Just spent more than we needed to on food for people who RSVP'd but didn't show up. And that, obviously, wasn't worth it.

  • Beautiful August.
    VIP August 2010
    Beautiful August. ·

    The biggest splurge for us is the photographer and the wedding bands.

  • MaryN*****Thanks for that 5th Star*****
    VIP May 2010
    MaryN*****Thanks for that 5th Star***** ·

    Photography - we ended up with 3 photographers

    2 at the chapel and then another 1 after the ceremony for pics around Vegas. We also bought all the rights to our pics & CDs so we can do whatever we want with the photos: extra prints, enlargements, photobooks, etc.

  • Danielle
    Devoted August 2010
    Danielle ·

    Our flights to our wedding is our biggest *splurge*!!! it's insane how much airfare has gone up in the past year, ugh. honestly, we've gotten the budget under $2500 for the wedding now - so there really wasn't anything that was a splurge!

  • Pik_Z
    Savvy October 2010
    Pik_Z ·

    The food for me it the most important, and the gifts to the parents, MOH, & BM (not having a wedding party) I'm excited about: the new Sony Bloggie. Stupid name but awesome features. I can't wait to see what they will capture at the wedding!

  • S
    Devoted September 2011
    Sarah ·

    We haven't spent any money yet but we have a budget. Our biggest expense will be the food and bar but that is the most important thing to us.

  • Veronica
    Expert August 2011
    Veronica ·

    We haven't splurged yet, but we are definitely planning on splurging on pics (or I am at least...hehe)!

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