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What are you wearing for the rehearsal dinner?

Kay, on April 23, 2016 at 11:46 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 23
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For those who are going out somewhere for the rehearsal dinner, have you chosen an outfit yet? Would you wear white?


  • OG Kristen
    Master October 2015
    OG Kristen ·

    I don't have any great pictures, but I just wore a black, white, and red dress that I already had. Our rehearsal was quick since it was cold that day and our rehearsal dinner was at a bar so I wasn't looking for anything fancy.

  • Soon2BMrsB
    VIP October 2016
    Soon2BMrsB ·

    I haven't selected mine because I feel like it's too soon. I love all the cute little white dresses, but white is not typically flattering on me and mine is in fall so I worry I may be cold. I'm sort of thinking jeans and a tshirt.. but that's just my inner couch potato talking. I'll figure it out eventually, but it probably won't be white, I'd go with maybe one of my wedding colours or black instead.

  • Jana
    Super April 2016
    Jana ·

    It's hard to see in my pic, but I used RTR and I loved this dress. Our colors are pink and gray so I wore a pink dress.

  • Rebecca
    VIP June 2016
    Rebecca ·

    I bought a really pretty champagne and ivory dress from White House Black Market that I will be wearing!

  • Kimi
    Master August 2016
    Kimi ·

    Ours is going to he very casual, in the backyard. I'm going to wear my Bride t-shirt, because I'd never wear that out in public.

  • Kelsey
    VIP December 2016
    Kelsey ·

    Ours will be a welcome party at the hotel, it will be fairly casual. I wear a lot of dresses anyway, so i'm thinking either a casual off white dress or one of those adorable tulle skirt and chambray shirt outfits, since i can think of very few occassions where that look is appropriate and most of them are wedding-related

  • Melanie
    Expert June 2016
    Melanie ·

    Terrible photo but it's my wedding colors.

  • JSmith2U
    Master March 2016
    JSmith2U ·

    I wore a tshirt and jeans. I was exhausted and it was at a pizza restaurant.

  • Cupcake
    Super July 2016
    Cupcake ·

    My MOH got us all t-shirts with our roles on them to wear, so we are keeping it pretty casual.

  • Susan
    VIP September 2016
    Susan ·

    Ours is going to be super casual. We are asking everyone to wear their favorite sports team attire. We have all Michigan and Illinois people..so it should be fun. We are ordering pizza or going to a sports bar for dinner.

  • Yourlilfig
    VIP August 2016
    Yourlilfig ·

    I'll wear dress pants and a nice shirt. I'm not a dress person at all.

  • C
    Beginner September 2016
    Christine ·

    I've heard people say/seen on some sites to avoid white for rehearsal dinner for yet another reason that escapes me. Most of these rules are hogwash and I think it could look nice to wear white, but the one thing the wedding police and I agree on is that you don't have to wear white.

  • cjs_mommy_337
    Super July 2016
    cjs_mommy_337 ·

    I have no idea what I'll be wearing as of yet.

    Devoted July 2016

    I bought a white vintage tea length dress off amazon for only $25. It was super affordable, fits like a dream and is very appropriate for our rehearsal. FMIL is hosting it at a local B&B and having it catered.

  • MrsMcDougall
    VIP May 2016
    MrsMcDougall ·

    I think I might wear my blush sequin dress that I got for my bachelorette. Or maybe the white dress I wore for my bridal shower. Either way, something I already have.

  • mimitrue
    Master January 2016
    mimitrue ·

    I wore jeans and tshirt and flip flops haha. Ours was super laid back and relaxed and the last thing I wanted to do is buy another dress.

  • I am Mrs. rjd
    Super September 2016
    I am Mrs. rjd ·

    Not anything real fancy. Either slacks and a short sleeved top or a simple dress of some sort. I haven't started obsessing over it yet!

  • Belle
    Super May 2016
    Belle ·

    Ours is going to be super casual, but yeah, I think I'm going to wear a white dress. I have a cotton one and a crochet lace one that are both pretty casual and work-appropriate (if I wear a sweater over the cotton one, since it's strapless). I don't get to take the day before the wedding off work, so I'll be driving straight to the rehearsal from work.

  • Sydney
    Expert April 2016
    Sydney ·

    I think i am going to wear the black dress i wore in our engagement photos.. i haven't fully decided yet. I also have a white dress from my shower..I will deicide this week

  • B
    Savvy July 2016
    Beverly ·

    I haven't decided yet, but it will either be this or

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