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What are you guys all doing for pew decor? Update!

Julie, on September 19, 2013 at 7:26 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 21
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Just in case I change my mind again. Have been doing that a lot with this part of the planning. Just can't seem to settle on anything.

For the altar I'm going to put 2 tall glass vases with white rose pomanders on top. and on the stairs I was thinking to do some grapevine balls with maybe a few roses in them, because I'm using grapevine balls at the reception.

So I wanted to do something coordinating for the pews but not sure what. The first picture is of the chapel and the second of what I was thinking of using and putting roses inside, but they'll be a darker shade of brown.


  • F
    VIP May 2014
    FutureMrs.Combs ·

    I'm doing the tulle bows and flowers.

  • Christina
    VIP March 2014
    Christina ·

    I am doing flowers in a mason jar hung with ribbon on every other chair - these will be repurposed during cocktail hour on the tables. We are also doing scattered cream and blush rose petals on the outsides of the aisle and will have a small (~5 ft tall) dogwood tree on either side of us at the alter.

  • Jennifer
    VIP November 2013
    Jennifer ·

    Bows that will be every 2 or 3 pews, I forget which. I just got them back yesterday from my friend who knows what she was doing and made them and I LOVE them. They are this lovely fall pattern on the ribbon.

  • ItsGoodToBeKing
    Master February 2014
    ItsGoodToBeKing ·

    Only the first 3 family rows (6)

  • Katie
    VIP May 2014
    Katie ·

    This is what we're doing. I'm beyond obsessed with them!

  • mscountry
    Master July 2014
    mscountry ·

    We are most likely using hay bales instead of chairs so nothing.

  • Denise
    VIP May 2014
    Denise ·

    I'm going with either one of these (the ribbon will be a solid color and coordinate with our colors). Our weddings @ a Marina but we're doing a beach theme. Hoping these won't be to costly.

  • MNA
    Master April 2018
    MNA ·

    I'm actually thinking about doing some pretty sparkle tulle burgundy bows, and putting some satin ribbon roses in the center of them.

  • Lauren K
    Super September 2013
    Lauren K ·

    Pomanders Fmil made. They are fabric balls made to look like flowers. They have ribbon to hang them from our aisle chairs.

  • HISballerina
    VIP October 2014
    HISballerina ·

    Hoping for something like this... With black and white stripe ribbon to hang it on the pew.

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    None. The pews don't need anything, and our church is pretty enough. I couldn't justify the expense or time.

  • Julie
    Expert October 2013
    Julie ·

    Paris, I've thought of not doing anything either.

    The church has bows with flowers they let people use, but I'm not a big fan of them. The church is really gorgeous though.

  • Rosebud27
    Devoted October 2014
    Rosebud27 ·

    I'm not having any. We are getting married in a Cathedral and don't want to spend money to add any thing to how beautiful it already is.

  • ... just add coffee
    VIP October 2013
    ... just add coffee ·

    Not a thing!

  • LaurenVictoria
    Super October 2013
    LaurenVictoria ·

    We're filling metal lanterns with gourds and pumpkins, and either tying them with twine to the outer seats or just placing them on the ground.

    like this

  • Julie
    Expert October 2013
    Julie ·

    The ones you guys all posted are awesome. Thanks for the ideas.

    We did the baby's breath for my sisters, it was simple but so pretty. We folded squares of burlap into a cone, put some baby's breath and tied with a ribbon. It was perfect.

  • mrsrobinvalentine
    Master February 2014
    mrsrobinvalentine ·

    Wow, that never cross my mind nor was it included in our budget. I'm hoping that the venue has something in place. Now I have to give them a call. This is why I love you WW brides, you guys keep me on point, smooches ladies

  • Mrs. Shanon V
    Master May 2014
    Mrs. Shanon V ·

    We're leaving ours alone. The chapel has tin pressed ceilings and stained glass windows. I actually adore it all the way it is! Hurrah for one less thing to do!

  • Monique  Wilber
    September 2019
    Monique Wilber ·

    Wow. Your chapel is lovely enough, you don't really need anything, in my opinion!

  • Gamecock Mrs.
    Master October 2014
    Gamecock Mrs. ·

    We are getting married in the picture below, so we aren't allowed to, and I wouldn't want to. I would do something simple to reserve the space for your family and leave it at that. Ribbon or sheppards hooks maybe.

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