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We're Married!!!

Jessica, on July 30, 2017 at 6:30 PM Posted in Planning 0 29
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We said our "I do's" yesterday and it was so beautiful. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was amazing and went on without a hitch, the reception was so much fun and everyone had such a wonderful time eating, drinking, dancing, talking, and laughing. We spent today relaxing and reminiscing on what a wonderful day it was. So many good memories were made we are heading to our honeymoon in NYC tonight and staying for the week. More pics will come later!! Congratulations to all other couples who had weddings July 29th as well!!! Wishing all of you a lifetime of happiness!!


  • Jessica
    Super July 2017
    Jessica ·

    Our outdoor ceremony was amazing.

  • Shannon
    Expert October 2017
    Shannon ·

    Congratulations! You look lovely! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness

  • Jessica
    Super July 2017
    Jessica ·

    Riding with my grandpa in his antique car to the ceremony. My new favorite pic of us

  • Cuervo
    Super January 2019
    Cuervo ·

    You look stunning!


  • Oct2018Bride
    Super October 2018
    Oct2018Bride ·


  • Jessica
    Super July 2017
    Jessica ·

    Instead of doing a unity candle or sand ceremony, we did a unity spice blend called the blending of 7 spices,. We both love to cook and try new recipes and use spices and seasonings in our food. So doing this spice blend ceremony was more fitting for us. We plan on using the spice blend later in out future meals.

  • The Bride
    VIP May 2017
    The Bride ·

    I love that pic of you and your grandfather! Congrats!

  • August bride
    Super August 2017
    August bride ·


  • Jan N.
    Super November 2017
    Jan N. ·

    Congratulations! Wishing you great joy in your life together!

  • Smidge
    Devoted September 2017
    Smidge ·

    Congrats! The spice blending is so unique

  • A
    Dedicated March 2018
    April ·

    Spice blending is very unique. Congrats

  • Erica
    VIP August 2018
    Erica ·


  • Mrs.Lim
    Super September 2017
    Mrs.Lim ·


  • Kimberly
    VIP March 2018
    Kimberly ·

    Wow, looks like a fabulous day!

  • T
    Dedicated July 2018
    Toya ·


  • FutureMrs.Smith
    Super February 2018
    FutureMrs.Smith ·


  • gettingDehmered
    Devoted August 2017
    gettingDehmered ·

    Congrats! Love you and your grandpa pic!

  • Vanessa
    VIP November 2017
    Vanessa ·

    Ahhhhhhh grandpa! Cherish that picture forever! You look gorgeous! Congratulations

  • Ann
    VIP November 2017
    Ann ·


  • Javanna
    Dedicated September 2020
    Javanna ·

    Gorgeous congratulations very pretty pictures

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