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Wedding Weekend

Caitlyn, on May 2, 2019 at 5:10 PM Posted in Planning 1 10
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What are you doing about events over your wedding weekend? Are you having welcome drinks and going-away brunch? 95% of my guests are from OOT and I think welcome drinks make sense, but I'm not sure about Sunday brunch because people will be traveling back home at various times. Just curious!


  • Courtney
    Rockstar December 2019
    Courtney ·
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    The Day Before:

    Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

    After dinner drinks

    The Big Day! Afterwards a few of us may got bar hopping downtown

    The Next Day: lunch with FH's OOT family before leaving on our min-moon.

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  • Summerbride77
    VIP July 2019
    Summerbride77 ·
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    We have 95% out of town guests as well. My aunts are hosting a bridal luncheon the day before and they evening my FH and I are hosting a welcome party at brewery near the hotel (very casual). We decided to skip a formal breakfast the next day, people are coming and going and we’re hosting a lot of events that week as our wedding party and parents start arriving four days before the wedding.
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  • MOB So Cal
    January 2019
    MOB So Cal ·
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    We included all OOT family & friends for daughter & SIL's rehearsal welcome dinner (ended up being about 40 people from the 100 wedding guests). We considered a brunch the day after, but guests were traveling at various times, so we let it go. Honestly, FOB and I were exhausted, and the B&G were perfectly happy stopping by in the early afternoon between when they checked out of their wedding night hotel and when they left to go back to their home. We were all relieved we did not plan something for the day after.

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  • Kelly
    Champion October 2018
    Kelly ·
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    We did a welcome party the night before but opted out of a day after brunch because I knew 3 days in a row of events would be too much for me. Family members got together for brunch on their own and my husband and I just didn’t attend.
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  • earias
    Champion December 2017
    earias ·
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    We had a semi-DW so everyone traveled anywhere from an hour up to 2 hours. We had a welcome dinner the night before and a farewell brunch the morning after. The brunch was open house style so we were there from 9:30-11 a.m. and our guests could drop in anytime during that time to eat and visit with us.

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  • L
    Lady ·
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    All of those things are fine if you want them, but absolutely not necessary. I personally think the welcome drinks or open rehearsal and the day after brunch are a little much and I definitely did not want them.

    Since people will be leaving sporadically I have seen some people just say "bride and groom will be at X place (or just hotel breakfast if there is one) from 10-12, feel free to stop by before you leave". That way you don't have to pay for everyone 3 days in a row but ppl can stop and say goodbye or chat for a bit if they would like.

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  • Quinta Nikkole
    Dedicated May 2019
    Quinta Nikkole ·
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    Thursday when most people are going to be here we are going to my nephew's tball game. Then we will have a rehearsal. Then I'm going to go home and cook spaghetti for the people staying at my place and who ever wants to hang around and drink.
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  • Jessica
    Expert October 2019
    Jessica ·
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    We have our venue for the weekend. We'll be having a very lax rehearsal dinner Friday evening. As well as decorating what we can. Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome. Wedding is on Saturday. And Sunday we're having an afterparty at our house for anyone who wants to come.
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  • Heather
    Expert April 2020
    Heather ·
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    I chose against "welcome" anything because we will be having a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, so I didn't want to do all that in one day. So we are most likely going with a breakfast the day after the wedding for FH's family (which only his parents and one aunt and uncle are local, everyone else OOT). I will be putting a small card with their STD that has our website link and let them know about the breakfast the day after, but putting time and place as TBD. But if you think the welcome drinks will work better, then definitely go for it!

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  • Kristin
    Super November 2019
    Kristin ·
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    We are doing rehearsal Friday at 4, dinner at 6 (to which all 60 OOT guests are invited-it might be a regional thing idk 🤷🏼‍♀️) and then we are letting everyone know we will be at the bar hanging out if anyone (local or oot) would like to join us. My parents, his parents, FH and I will also be hanging out in the breakfast area Sunday morning for anyone who wants to come by and eat with us or just say goodbye before leaving.
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