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SpringBride2018, on December 4, 2017 at 10:36 AM Posted in Style and Décor

We are starting to put together our centerpieces! (no pictures as of yet)

I was wondering what you all are doing for your sweetheart table! Are you doing the same thing as the centerpieces on your other tables? We are planning on having different size vases with floating candles. Something similar to this. What would you recommend we do for the sweetheart table?



  • Talia Willner
    Talia Willner ·

    Many times, my couples re-use their bouquets as centerpieces for the sweetheart or head tables to get the most use of them. We just put them into vases or lay them down on the table facing the center of the room.

  • edecker
    Super May 2020
    edecker ·

    For our sweetheart table I have a big foam letter R (FH's last name) that I will be poking fake flowers into for a big flowery R deco, my bouquet in a vase with smaller vases around it with small singular flowers, and then a sequin table runner I think. I'm a big flower girl instead of candles, but I love your inspo pic! Cant wait to see how they turn out!

  • SpringBride2018
    Super April 2018
    SpringBride2018 ·

    @edecker, that sounds awesome! I know our table won't be very big, but I don't want it to look emtpy either. I may use my bouquet to fill empty space like @talia suggested

  • Natalie
    Super September 2017
    Natalie ·

    We used the same table runner so it blended but just put my bouquet into a vase for our centerpiece. It was perfect!

  • Future Mrs M
    Super June 2018
    Future Mrs M ·

    We are doing a head table and between each man and woman will be the bouquet of the woman.

  • Jill
    Expert August 2018
    Jill ·

    I'm just reusing my bouquet like a pp said. There will be an empty vase there waiting. I'm also thinking about one of those mr&mrs signs, but I haven't purchased one yet.

  • Sarah
    Savvy May 2018
    Sarah ·

    @edecker where did you get your foam letter?? I was wanting to do the same thing but i cant find a foam letter big enough

  • Adriana
    Expert October 2017
    Adriana ·

    We did candles as well. This is what we did on our table. The letters were painted gold. And we used ivory candles.

  • C&N
    Super October 2017
    C&N ·

    We had my bouquet and a sign, but otherwise it was the same as the others. We also had a loveseat instead of the traditional chairs.

    Photo before the plates, my bouquet, and full setup were there.

  • SpringBride2018
    Super April 2018
    SpringBride2018 ·

    Thanks everyone! My bouquet will be pretty big so I'll likely do something similar

  • Nikki
    Super May 2018
    Nikki ·

    I think it'll be pretty much the same arrangement as my guest tables in the same mercury glass compote bowl. I'm debating adding an extra table so our guests aren't super squished... so I'd use it for that & just put my bouquet at our table so I don't have to pay for another centerpiece. We aren't doing a standard scheduled dinner, so I don't really care what our sweetheart looks like since we might not even sit there. It'll look something like this but in all whites & champagne roses & possibly a couple succulents for the grey/blue. (These are also doubling as my ceremony flowers so I'm really into repurposing things)

  • KamSapphire26
    Just Said Yes November 2019
    KamSapphire26 ·

    I'm doing King and Queen signs with Disney incorporated into it

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