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Wedding CAKE - ideas for small weding and GRAND cake!

Elena, on November 8, 2010 at 11:29 AM Posted in Planning 0 18
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So, I insisted on getting exactly what I wanted, 4-tier cake, even though my wedding had only 20 people.

First of all, anything less than 4 tiers wouldn't look grand

Second, I have decided to go with narrow tiers rather than wide ones, so there won't be actually that much cake.

The layers were 2", 4", 6" and 8". Although bakeries don't really do 2" layers, I have insisted and I am glad I did. The cake turned out beautiful and very grand - even though it wasn't wide.

Colors of the wedding were Yellow and some accents of Royal Blue.

Oh and if you are doing wedding in Hawaii - pick the bakery I picked - Aloha Bakery - just mind-bugging... SO tasty! All guests actually had at least 1 piece (some 2-3), even after the dinner!


  • FMW ~ BatLlama
    Master May 2011
    FMW ~ BatLlama ·

    Gorgeous. I was wondering where you've been!

  • Elena
    Super August 2010
    Elena ·

    Crazy life after the wedding.. Finally got to reviews! I was in the middle of house search/closing - took me 3 months, but moved in 2 weeks ago! At this point, sleep is overrated. Lol

  • Britt's Mom
    November 2010
    Britt's Mom ·

    Love the cake and your dress is stunning! It is your day. You have to stick with what you really want and simply ask. It amazes me how willing people are to work with you if you just ask.

  • Nicole
    Master November 2011
    Nicole ·

    AWWWWWW...it's sooo pretty! I love how you used the square vases underneath with flowers inside. This is lovely!!!

  • Elena
    Super August 2010
    Elena ·

    Yes! For contemporary look, I didn't want a standard cake base (which is also costly by the way) - purchased 9 square vases, placed flowers in them and LED light. Gorgeous for night look as well!

  • JJ
    Master December 2009
    JJ ·

    How cute! Petite grande!

  • C2ShiningC
    Master April 2011
    C2ShiningC ·

    Gorgeous! Great idea!

  • Shannon C
    Master May 2011
    Shannon C ·

    Very beautiful cake.

  • C
    Dedicated December 2010
    Clytie ·

    Stunning! We're not sorry that we're going to have more cake than we need in order to have the proportions we want, but this is a great solution to the 'problem.'

  • Rosie
    Master June 2011
    Rosie ·

    I love it! Long time no see, Elena...we've missed your inspiration-finding skills. Glad to hear you're (tired but) doing well! Gorgeous, gorgeous pics.

  • Mrs Cupcake
    VIP January 2011
    Mrs Cupcake ·

    Wow how much did you spend on it? Now you make me want to get a cake but I think it is too late, it is like 8 weeks away :/. Beautiful cake!

  • Elena
    Super August 2010
    Elena ·

    Hey "Rosie" - thanks for welcoming me back! Got so swamped.

    Hey "Miss Cupcake" - not too late! It's still a lot of time! The cake was the BEST cake I've ever tasted (and so all other guests) - costed only $350 - which is to me not much, considering it's taste, quality, design, etc.

  • Mrs Cupcake
    VIP January 2011
    Mrs Cupcake ·

    Wow that is a lot but the cake does look good

  • Tracy
    VIP September 2011
    Tracy ·

    I'm definitely putting this on my watch list, I love the "base." And the cake is stunning, too!

  • Former MDLS now Mrs. K
    Master October 2010
    Former MDLS now Mrs. K ·

    That cake is gorgeous and I love the colors! I did the same thing with my base too and I'm glad I did because it was unique although the glass base alone was $65 (the circular portion). It won't let me post a pic of mine.

  • Me&MrJones
    Expert September 2011
    Me&MrJones ·

    Congrats!!! The cake was beautiful!! I really like the cake stand made of candles!

  • Elena
    Super August 2010
    Elena ·

    TO: "Former MDLS now Mrs. K"

    The base was included with the cake and it was just square white wood - but I purchased square vases (candleholders) for $1/each and LED lights for $1/each. I had flowers from my flower arrangement.

    TO: "Miss Cupcake"

    The cake was Butter Cream with White Pearl border and large handmade flowers. Each layer was very tall. It was actually for 60 servings! It had 4 different cakes and 4 different fillings. It was worth every penny - probably more, it was that good! I kept eating it for the next 5 days.

    I am certain that a similar cake can be created with a smaller budget, if you skip handmade flowers (or maybe smaller/more simple).

    The price breakdown was: $240 - cake; $40 - delivery charge; $55 - additional sugar (flower/pearl) work; $15 - tax.

  • .
    Super September 2010
    . ·

    Beautiful pics/cake!!

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