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Pan, on November 9, 2011 at 6:46 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 33
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Soooooo just had a friend trash my dress because it isn't a "real" Vera Wang dress. She likes this blog Which is the thin I blame for this situation. I really do not like that blog, because the blogger is such a snob all the time while pretending to understand and sympathize, even support brides on a budget. I hate dress snobs. You can afford Vera Wang made of 100% silk? Good for you. Now leave me alone to enjoy my polyester dress in peace please. This is one of those girls who spends $400 on a Coach Wallet she really can't afford, because God forbid she pay bills if she has to use a cheap wallet.


  • Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
    Master October 2012
    Marie S. (aka Princess Leia) ·

    I think it was a brilliant marketing move by Vera no different than her clothing line that she offers at Kohl's. At the end of the day she is not only a fabulous designer but a brilliant business woman who recognized that her Name was a household brand. She took that and ran with it and made herself even more money in a down economy. If she sat around designing dresses/clothes for brides that have the couture budget she would slowly go out of business.

    So many designers are doing this - when I was a kid Ocean Pacific (OP) was the shit to wear - you could only buy it at specialty stores - now it's at freakin' Walmart. Isaac Mitrah - now at Target. And the list goes on.

    I'd wear that Vera Wang White Label just like I do her Kohl's everyday wear with Pride and tell your GF to STFU.

  • Pan
    Master March 2012
    Pan ·

    That's pretty much my reaction. I don't care what it's made of or if she stitched it herself or not. I love my dress, and it looks darn good!

    I didn't buy it for the name brand anyway. I do really like Vera, but that's more coincidence. Certain designers have a certain aesthetic to their design, and I really like hers. Half my clothes are Simply Vera and LC Lauren Conrad. I like their colors and the way their clothes look. I think everyone ends up with a brand they just wear a lot of. I love that I can wear things I like without spending all of my money on one item. I like the "low tier". DB included.

    She's really a lovely girl, but sometimes she's so shallow I want to shake her.

  • MrsO
    Master May 2012
    MrsO ·

    Pan X, half my clothes are LC as well. I bought a few of her shirts and absolutely loved the look and fit of them that now it seems her brand is the only brand I've been wearing. In the past few months, I think every new piece of clothing has been LC and I'll have many days that my entire outfit will consist of her haha

    I love clothes that don't break the bank, and I could never imagine spending 400 dollars on a purse or pair of shoes. My wedding dress was a splurge for me considering my usual spending habits on clothes. However I fell in love with my designer and my dress and figured that if I'm going to splurge one time, it should be on my wedding dress, the most important piece of clothing I'll ever wear. I just happened to have to spend a couple thousand for the dress of my dreams. If someone else can find the dress of their dreams for a couple hundred, more power to them!

  • Tina
    Expert May 2012
    Tina ·

    You know the way I look at it, is who cares whose label is sewn on the "inside" of the dress... I bet most of your guests aren't going to know who designed your dress, but they will know that you will look gorgeous and stunning in it! The label doesn't show, YOU do!!!

  • Jennifer
    Devoted September 2012
    Jennifer ·

    I giggled when that blogger said that not every bride could afford a $7k dress, someone with a 7k dresses has a dress that is more expensive then my wedding!

  • That one chick who's married to that one dude
    Master April 2012
    That one chick who's married to that one dude ·

    Honestly, I don't understand why she did the comparison. They are different style dresses. They may have similar qualities, but it's not the same dress. People have different taste. I wouldn't even bother with your friend's opinion.

  • Mrs. S™
    Master October 2011
    Mrs. S™ ·

    You're a great person. I hate snobs period. Particularly the type that buys brand names that they cannot really afford.

  • Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
    Master October 2012
    Marie S. (aka Princess Leia) ·

    Pan - when I was younger I would indulge from time to time with something that was clearly not in my budget like your friend - but my thing was shoes. I had tons of shoes from Payless but a couple that were big, big bucks. To me it made working my ass off back then well worth it. What's funny is now that I'm old I'm the cheapest biach out there, if it ain't on sale or doesn't have a coupon I don't buy it even though I can afford it. LOL

  • KKCB
    Super August 2012
    KKCB ·

    Ugh. Annoying. I'm sure that your dress is more than fabulous!

  • Cydney J (Cydney M)
    Master October 2011
    Cydney J (Cydney M) ·

    In the blog the blogger compares a real Vera to the DB Veras...and in all honesty, I think the DB Veras are prettier.

  • Carrie
    Master December 2011
    Carrie ·

    As someone who works at a luxury label I find the article to be weird. She must be a huge fan of Uncle Karl over at Chanel. Plenty of designers have done the same thing Vera Wang's company has done (bridal and RTW). My biggest beef with DB is that they are extremely overpriced for the product itself - they are charging that price for other reasons.

    ETD: I love how she acts like all synthetics are somehow inferior to natural fibers. Sounds like she needs some fiber science courses...

  • Yardiegirl
    Master September 2012
    Yardiegirl ·

    Forget that chick! You love your dress and I'm sure it looks fabulous! I hate people who spend their bill money on someone's name's just so ignorant

  • J
    Master November 2011
    J&R ·

    Snobbery = bad attitude over common sense. When I see people with their $1500 purses driving their grossly overprice cars and wearing $3000 shades, I don't think "wow she must be rich and powerful". Instead I think, "a fool and her money are soon parted". Same goes for the male version.

    And I agree. Snobbery is something I have no stomach for.

  • Stacy
    VIP June 2012
    Stacy ·

    I absolutely could not see spending thousands on a dress.. thats crazy.. I'm having trouble accepting my $400 dress. I still think thats alot to spend

  • Sarah
    Expert December 2011
    Sarah ·

    In almost all cases I like the DB dresses that are on the blog over the Vera dresses...

  • Karen Guyt
    September 2019
    Karen Guyt ·

    J &R S. - love it! Even if you COULD pay more, why would you, especially if you love the dress? Save the $$ for more important things than a dress you'll wear once. House, education, children, car, medical expenses all come to mind....

  • L
    Just Said Yes October 2009
    Louise ·

    Pan X. - My reply wouldn't fit here, so if you'd like to see my personal response to your comment, feel free to follow the link.

  • R
    VIP March 2012
    Robyn ·

    Well honestly I know i hate most of her bridesmaid dresses.. the model they picked didnt have any color and she blended in with the background so much and NEVER smiled.. sorry this has turned in to my rant.. YOU NEED TO ENJOY YOUR DRESS NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS SAY..No on will remember if it is fully made of silk within a week of your wedding.. wait I dont know what any of the fabric that was used to make any of the wedding dress I have been to.. Enjoy your vera Wang Dress!

  • J
    Master November 2011
    J&R ·

    FWIW, Louise T., it doesn't appear that anyone here has read your blog, just commenting on snobbery generally.

  • A
    Super October 2011
    Abby & Karla ·

    So here are my 2 cents... I don't care about labels or spending crazy money for them... but I don't frown upon those that do... to each their own... I read her article and I didn't think she was being snobbish about it... I actually thought it was quiet good. As far as your friend trashing your dress... that's just wrong! Is she really a friend though, if she was able to do that?

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