Super October 2013

*update: pics in comments* First fitting tonight! And my mom is awesome :)

LaurenVictoria, on August 26, 2013 at 2:40 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 17
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I have my first dress fitting tonight! Ah! I will post photos later.

Also, my mom didn't realize my fitting was tonight. When I spoke with her yesterday I mentioned it, and she told me if she had known she would have come with me. She lives 3 hrs away. She asked me if I had anyone to go with me and I said no.. (I hadn't asked her because she's actually been here several times over the past few months helping with wedding stuff and I felt bad asking her to drive here for this too). Well she told me she wanted to come anyway, so she's driving here today to go with me I can't even begin to explain how much I love and appreciate her.


  • JustMarried'14
    Master September 2014
    JustMarried'14 ·

    Supportive moms are priceless! so Happy she will be with you.

    I can't wait to start dress shopping!

  • Brianna
    Super July 2014
    Brianna ·

    Yay exciting, can't wait to see pictures. How nice of your mom, it is always great to have such supportive people in your life.

  • D1
    Master October 2013
    D1 ·

    Great mom! Have a great time at your fitting!

    I am lucky that my mom lives in town. She was there when I picked out the dress, at the presentation when it came in. And again when I went to my first fitting!

  • VivaLaVal
    Devoted September 2014
    VivaLaVal ·

    I have the same issue. My mom lives 2.5 hours away so I don't expect her to come down for every little thing. I found a dress that I wanted to get her opinion on, so she drove down last Thursday and bought it for me. We celebrated with a bottle of wine and pizza and had a sleep over. She left Friday morning. It's awesome to have supportive family! Yay!!! I hope your fitting goes well!

  • LaurenVictoria
    Super October 2013
    LaurenVictoria ·

    I promised photos! It took me a little longer than I had thought to get them uploaded because we had to use my mom's camera and she didn't bring her usb cord with her, but here they are! Ignore my not so great hair day lol.

    Also as this was by first fitting this is with the dress pinned, and in the second one she had pinned the bustle.

  • MrsC
    Super September 2013
    MrsC ·


  • Brianna
    Super July 2014
    Brianna ·

    You look amazing!!!

  • Nay
    Master August 2014
    Nay ·

    That dress is GORGEOUS!

  • Michelle
    Master April 2013
    Michelle ·

    That's beautiful and your mom is amazing for driving that far. I'd say one day drive up and surprise her for lunch just the two of you to thank her for everything since she's gone out of her way!

    Lol mine didn't even dress shop with me. She said her allergies were bothering her. They're finally under control after like 3 specialists lol.... She did help me with flowers ( real ones ) and we had certain ones we had to put in the other room and not use in the flowers she was carrying hahaha.

  • Mrs.Rebeiro
    Master April 2014
    Mrs.Rebeiro ·

    So beautifull!

  • K & A
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    K & A ·


  • N
    Devoted September 2013
    Norcal Bride ·

    My mom lives 2 hours away also. I went to my fittings by myself, but then a good friend who lives an hour away came down with her two daughters to go to my final one and learn how to bustle my dress! I recently moved 2 hours from my old place to move in with my FH. He has his own business, and I was able to work from home so it made more sense for me to move. I have had to adjust to life away from close friends and family. It's getting better, and I have gotten a lot closer to his family and best friends wife because of it.

  • LaurenVictoria
    Super October 2013
    LaurenVictoria ·

    Thank you everyone!

    It was so nice to have my mom there with me, and just to be able to hang out with her for a day. I'm very close with her and my Dad so I miss them!

  • Lindy13
    Super October 2013
    Lindy13 ·

    You look beautiful! And yay for an amazing mom! They are the best I feel lucky to have a great one too...sad she lives almost 5 hours away.

  • TooManyMistys
    Master June 2014
    TooManyMistys ·


  • Laura
    Master November 2013
    Laura ·

    Moms are the best My parents drove 3 1/2 hours for my first fitting. It was on a Saturday, so they stayed the weekend. My second fitting is on a Wednesday. My mom took Wed and Thurs off work so she could come to that too. She rocks!

    Your dress looks amazing on you! Congrats!

  • M
    Devoted September 2014
    MB ·

    Very pretty!

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